Day 92

12.11pm – Tim and Greg are playing soccer in the backyard. Vesna is sunbathing and scared they will accidentally hit her with the ball. She whinges she doesn’t want to move or be hit by the ball. Tim puts extra bean bags around her to stop balls rolling onto her. But Vesna is not happy – balls can still hit her. Tim says it’s lowering the chances of a ball hitting her. Vesna says its so embarrasing she is being barrackaded. There are lots of beanbags and outdoor stools around her. The boys continue playing soccer once it is safe for Vesna. Tim tries to hit the ball near Vesna, Greg slips on it and then hits a ball onto the wall surrounding Vesna. She says she is now leaving, but Tim says they were doing it on puprose. Vesna goes inside while the boys keep playing soccer. Vesna joins Melanie in the sauna. She asks how Ves’ life is, and says she has prepared herself to leave tonight. She doesn’t know how she’d handle next week – the last week… the boys would be going crazy. Vesna says there would be a lot of pressure and nervous feelings… you’re down to the last three.

4.38pm – Big Brother annouces its time to feed the animals (an obvious post-production voiceover). All housemates help out, except Vesna who drags along. Greg runs around the yard with the alpaca. Tim gets to goat to jump up on his back. The goat does, and Tim balances it on his back. The second goat tries to get up too. Tim stands up and the goats jump up, wanting to be on top of his back. Tim bends down for the second goat to have a go.


8.04pm – It’s time to go… Melanie. She screams and jumps up and down. Gives Greg a hug first, then Vesna and Tim. They walk her to the eviction stairs as Melanie screams and says she is very excited. The HMs wish her good luck and to have fun. Melanie runs up the stairs fast. Vesna says “great I’m stuck here with you both”. She chuckles at sharing the house with two boys. The remaining three go outside to listen to the crowd. Vesna says “bloody final three eh?”. They share canned drinks, and toast to each other for next week. Vesna says “this is mental I’m still here”. She reminds them they will see everyone in just one weeks time. Tim says its another case of the “3 point curse”. Melanie was only nominated after Tim’s 3 point deduction .. and she was evicted. Vesna jokes “you’re so selfish Tim”. Tim says after 3 months it is getting tiring. The HMs are called to the lounge by Big Brother. Vesna calls “bye Mel seeya next week”.

9.01pm – Melanie’s video goodbye is played to the housemates:

Tim – I think that we have got along from the start I think you’re a nice guy, you’re geniune and you like to please and thats not a bad thing. I am very young nad you’ve taught me some valuable things I can take away. There were times when you did frustrate me and vice versa but in a way you’re just like me, very ambitious and determined.

Vesna – This past week has been really good for our friendship. We will go out on various occasions and plan our birthdays. Keep your head up and smile and keep going and keep going with your exercise. Eat healthy. Chocolate occasionally. Love you very much.

Greg – You are very much a contradiction. You have this business side that is determined and then you have this other side that is very boyish and you’re the 23 year old.. there’s chicks and more chicks. I don’t know if we have this shyness about us but I definately thought this week’s task brought us together. I wish that we could have got ot have a friendship quicker than we did. But it makes me look foward to the outside developing our friendship.

Have fun in the next week. Make sure Big Brother gives you a good deal (with toilet paper).

Vesna asks Greg what he was doing looking at her during the message. Vesna says she was looking for his expression and didn’t like him staring back. Vesna says he has been in the house for 3 months and she barely knows him. Vesna says they have to look after her this week – “its going to be a tough week”.


9.25pm – Housemates are in the lounge after the video message. Vesna questions her friendship with Greg. She senses he gets frustrated with… she stops to think of how she can say it without offending him… frustrated with himself that he doesn’t open up a lot. Greg knows its an issue but doesn’t need to be reminded every minute. Greg says its not a good feeling for people to say they didn’t get to know you. Greg doesn’t like Vesna making those sorts of comments and he feels he is giving all he can in the house. He doesn’t just speak and say things for the sake of it – like Vesna who doesn’t think before she talks. Greg says if you don’t have anything positive to say you don’t say anything at all. Vesna says they are two people who just pass – they have no connection at all, and she feels Greg hates her. He says he doesn’t, but he has said many times she annoys him by screaming and becoming snappy suddenly. He doesn’t like rudeness and sometimes she is very rude. To come in and deal with it is hard. Vesna says its just when she is in the kitchen. Greg says that it not a proper excuse, and she can’t deny this issue has been brought up many times before. Vesna says she isn’t going to spend her time in the house stressing over Greg not opening up in the house. Greg admits he might have problems detecting her sarcasm. The two sit silently for a moment.

10.09pm – The housemates come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Inside are their bags. Vesna also tells BB they have no toilet paper and they were hoping that BB could find it in his kind kind self to give them some toilet paper. BB reminds the housemates items such as toilet paper must be earnt. Tim proposes they will give the house and garden a massive clean – the other two agree. BB says cleaning is in their own interests.. what else would they propose? Vesna says something entertaining. Tim says they could put on a play. BB says good idea.


11.21pm – Vesna yells action to start the play. It is set in a hair salon owned by Vesna’s character “sparkles”. Tim’s character, a blokey guy, comes in for a haircut and is having some life problems. He just had traffic accident just now. He was turning right and this “bloody idiot” pulls out out of nowhere… a merc or some fancy car. He comments Sparkles is very gropable. The idiot in the merc also hit another car, a green one. Vesna gets violent with Tim’s hair, and he says its slightly painful. Greg laughs from the sidelines. Afterwards Sparkles charges Tim’s character $150.

Next is Greg’s character Giovanni. He is camp and has his pants pulled right down, tshirt pulled right up, flaunting a fluffy scarf. He says a car ran into his Merc! Giovanni got so angry he got out of his car and kicked a green car nearby. Giovanni’s haircut is finished and he leaves, paying $190 on his AMEX.

Next, a counstable comes in, played by Tim, who asks Sparkle if she has a green car. She does, and the counstable informs her it has been involved in a traffic accident. Sparkle screams out Vesna-style, and when the counstable asks Sparkle to come outside, she falls on the couch screaming in a Vesna tantrum. The play ends and the housemates bow for Big Brother.

The housemates go into the diary room and find toilet rolls with their names written on them. BB says the play will not earn them a Logie, but they will have toilet paper. Vesna says she feels like an idiot most of the time she’s in the house. The housemates go into the lounge room and all the houseamtes say the play was really good.

11.45pm – Vesna comes back to the diary room. She explains she had a feeling of “wow”. First it was getting into the house, then surviving all the evictions and now being in the final three. Its a huge acheivement for her. She is becoming confident that everything is ok. She is confident she will be one of the final 2. BB asks her how it makes her feel. She says it is dizzying. She is wondering if she could possibly stay in the house. BB reminds her that everyone must leave the house sooner or later.

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