Day 94

12.41pm – Housemates are sunbathing and Nadia comments it’s quite warm. Tim says “imagine what its like in summer”. Tim then asks “is that a snake?”. Nadia jumps up screaming and Tim laughs. Vesna says there are no snakes, a snake would never get into the house. Tim has previously convinced Nadia the house is surrounded by blood sucking bats. Nadia sees a magpie and asks if it is one of the bats Tim was talking about. Tim says no – the bats are out at night and can suck your blood without you even knowing it – like a mosquito. Greg explains he used to be a “swoosher” at Sydney airport. His job was to swoosh Kangaroos and Koalas from the runway so planes could land and take off. Tim says he would carry a rifle to school as a young child to shoot kangaroos and koalas if they get in the way and tried to attack you. He says they play in numbers and had to be shot sometimes. Everyone took rifles to school. Vesna says they are lying, Greg chuckles. Nadia says “oh my god!”. Nadia says she will ask to leave now. Tim jokes “make sure you take your rifle out there”.

1.17pm – Vesna has prepared some lunch, but only with a staple budget. Tim says she has done a great job with the food.

45 minutes later – Vesna and Tim start rowing about doing the dishes, and the cake fight last night. Tim comments they had to do a lot to get the cake out of hair and bed. Vesna can’t believe Tim is being such a prick this week. Tim says he has tried so hard to discuss this with her and she continues to “do it”. Vesna wants to know what “it” is. Tim says she shouldn’t have thrown cake last night. Her ability to switch from happy to angry and silly is annoying and Tim can’t handle it when he’s tired. He doesn’t get pleasure from being agressive and rude – last night she was exceedingly aggressive. Tim didn’t find it funny one big. Vesna is silent as she looks down at her plate.


2.38pm – Tim is closing the bedroom door so he and Vesna can talk inside privately. Nadia wonders what that was all about. Greg says he doesn’t know – probably just one of those chats with Vesna. He explains Vesna goes up and down. Meanwhile Tim is explaining all the arguments being caused by Vesna – it’s a pressure cooker. They are getting on each other’s nerves – its going to happen. Tim has tried to do the best to welcome Nadia and wanted her to feel happy. Vesna says its difficult and she can’t ask any more of the housemates.

3.48pm – The housemates all go to feed the animals. Tim tries to trick Nadia about seeing a snake again but she doesn’t fall for it. Vesna introduces Nadia to the Alpaca but Nadia gets scared when she learns the Alpaca spits. Greg says Nadia should walk to the Alpaca. She walks around with Greg, and he warns the Alpaca will run on the way back to the pen. As warned the Alpaca runs back to the pen and Nadia laughs and screams. Vesna says Nadia has a lot of guts. Greg tries to scare Nadia for a second and they all scream. Tim is now showing Nadia his trick where the goats jump onto his back. Greg does it too. Nadia says they can go to the circus. Greg and Tim seem to have a goat balancing competition going on.


4.56pm – Housemates are quite sleepy, and start snoozing on the lounge. Big Brother annouces that Tim and Nadia, who are trying to sleep, must go and wash the windows in the garden. Vesna explains its because they were sleeping. Nadia says she doesn’t even wash her own windows, and won’t do the Big Brother windows. Vesna laughs. Nadia gets up and has some bread and butter with Vesna. Tim goes outside to wash the windows. Big Brother annouces that Nadia must assist Tim. Nadia says she won’t do it, much to the entertainment of Vesna who laughs. Nadia asks Tim if he needs help, he says no. Nadia sits down with a drink before Big Brother calls her to the diary room.

In the diary room BB says by agreeing to enter the house, Nadia has agreed to the house rules. Nadia waves her finger at Big Brother and says she will do rules but will not do cleaning. She reminds BB she is not a housemate, but rather a visitor. BB says she is a visitor AND a housemate. Nadia’s response is clear: she will not do the windows. Tim meanwhile is cleaning alone. Nadia asks BB if she can leave the diary room. BB asks if she will be cleaning the windows. Nadia says she will be going outside. BB asks what she will be doing outside. Nadia says she will be an assistant to Tim. Nadia comes outside and asks Tim which windows he has cleaned. Nadia grabs a bucket and lets out a big growl. She hits the windows with the cleaning brush and says “now I’m a scrubber”.

7.14pm – Vesna is lying on her bed looking sleepy. Big Brother says the main glass doors must be cleaned. Vesna sighs and says at least give her something useful to do. Nadia, Tim and Greg are in the spa and Tim explains that Vesna must have been sleeping. Vesna cleans the windows quickly and goes into the diary room. She asks BB why he made her wash them. He says they were dirty. Vesna says no she was sleeping – are they going to make her clean every time she closes her eyes. Vesna says there is nothing to do or eat in the house, they are only on staples. BB plays dumb and asks why they are on staples. Vesna says they are on staples because BB treated her like an animal during the task and she broke their chains. Vesna asks BB if she can sleep, but BB just says “that is all”. Vesna storms back into the bedroom and lies down on her bed, eyes closed. Greg comes in and asks if she’s ok. Vesna is upset she only fell asleep for 5 seconds and BB made her clean. Vesna says BB is just out to get them. Greg lies next to her and offers to cook dinner tonight. Vesna cries and says there is nothing to do in the house. Greg says they are going to have a sauna and then will work out something for dinner. He leaves the bedroom while Vesna continues crying.


9.16pm – Nadia has come to the diary room. BB asks how she is getting along with the other HMs. Nadia says she is comfortable and at ease with the HMs – they are wonderful. Meanwhile Greg is planning to scare Nadia when she comes out of the diary room by hiding under a blanket. In the diary room Nadia says something about each housemate:

Tim – very intellectual, very deep in his thoughts and beliefs. Almost like a geek but a cool geek. Very nice.

Greg – eye candy, big muscles and lovely to look at. Again quite young. A fun guy. Lovely.

Vesna – something that I’m not intimidated back but there are similarities in our personalities. Dominating and in your face and loud. Underneath she is quite vunerable and insecure most times.

Nadia says overall she is very surprised. She then comes out of the diary room and Tim distracts her for a second while Greg jumps out of the blanket and yells. Nadia screams and laughs, and grabs Tim.

1.53pm – Nadia is asking Tim if he could spend the entire time in the house with her. He thinks so. Vesna asks if her and Tim are very similar. They both love seafood. Tim says they both have two ears. Nadia says she feels really comfortable with them. Tim says its because they are very Australian, but Vesna doesn’t think so. Tim says she just disagrees for no reason “NO TIM!”. Vesna says they’re at the stage where they’re quite loose. Tim comes into the bedroom with extra blankets and Vesna explains she hates the extra blankets. Vesna says no one needs them. Tim jumps into bed with Greg and Nadia and starts hugging Greg. He starts joking that Greg missed Tim in his bed. Greg starts wrestling and pushing Tim away, which also pushes Nadia. Vesna tells them to stop. Randomly Tim says “I wish we had chickens”.

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