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Days 90 and 91

6 August 2005

Posted by Tim

Day 90

9.37pm – The All Stars are leaving the FNL games. The housemates are immediately told to put their chains back on, and return to the house. Vesna screams “noo”. The HMs chain up in the doorway and walk back to the house. Inside they find pizza and potato chips. Melanie and Vesna scream in excitement. Melanie wants to eat straight away. She is excited about the salami on the pizza. Tim says they should get plates but the girls are already eating off the pizza boxes. Tim and Greg drag each other to the kitchen to get plates. Melanie says “Big Brother I love you”. Big Brother annouces they must remove their chains. Melanie screams in excitement and Greg claps onto the table. Big Brother says he didn’t finish. They can remove their chains… and swap partners.

10.35pm – Vesna is in the sauna chained to Tim. She asks if she looks sad. Tim says not all the time – but sometimes she looks angry. Tim says she takes the good with the good and should take a little of the bad. Vesna says she finds all the HMs that if something changes they put on a happy face even if they aren’t happy and she finds it hard to do that. Tim says people aren’t just trying to cope – there is a little of that but its just that they can hack it better than Vesna. Ves says she just wants her life back. Tim says its only a big problem when what she’s doing impacts on everyone else eg. when she becomes angry and abusive. He explains its a loop where people get angry with her which means she becomes even more angry.


12.41am – Greg and Melanie are in the kitchen. Mel is talking about how guys are not attracted to her. Greg says they are intimidated by good looking people. Meanwhile Vesna is talking to Tim, saying Mel is cosying up to Greg – or vice versa because Mel has blonde hair. She says Greg is trying to figure out how to pick her up. Melanie is asking Greg if he was interested in a girl what would he do. He says maybe a little eye contact. Vesna asks Tim if Greg needs a lot of guidance with women. Greg asks them what they are talking about. Vesna says nothing and Tim says get on with cleaning the dishes. Mel and Greg knock some dishes and Vesna screams out if they stacked them properly “Ms Model!”. She is being sarcastic and Tim joins in with the yelling.

2.23am – Greg and Mel are in the diary room together. Greg says all BB’s “friends” are gone now (the All Stars). Greg says they let the All Stars win because they need the money because they are so skinny. Mel agrees. The two agree they were shocked at seeing other people… they didn’t really concentrate on winning this week. Greg asks BB who he was rooting for. BB says he is always neutral.

2.35am – Housemates are going to bed. In an unsuspecting moment Greg hits Tim on the bum. Tim is making up his bed because he gets cold because he’s so thin. Vesna starts telling him to hurry up and laughs about it – a lot! It becomes a cackle. The lights go out. Greg wonders if the All Stars felt sorry for them for losing. Mel doesn’t think so. Vesna saw it is Wes, Paul and Jess’s eyes. Some of the All Stars smiled at Vesna a lot. Mel and Greg talk about how they loved the night.


Day 91

1.29pm – Vesna really wants to sunbake but she must walk around with Tim while he does the washing. She says there is no need for it but Tim says she should just be patient. Vesna continues whinging, saying Tim is “making my life hell”. She screams. Tim says she is letting her emotions get the beter of her. Meanwhile Greg and Melanie watch on and laugh at the two. Tim throws some water out of a bucket which tugs on Vesna’s arm. She screams saying “I can’t believe you did that!”. Melanie says she knew the two wouldn’t get along with each other. Vesna leans on an outside wall and lets out some grunts of frustration. Vesna screams that Tim is only rinsing one item at a time. She then turns around, sighs a few times and then counts down from 10, hoping Tim will be finished by the time he finishes. Melanie says she wouldn’t be able to hack his habits. Greg reminds her that Tim is only doing it on purpose.. and its hilarious. While pressing the clothes Vesna starts throwing her chains against the press screaming “I hate these chains I hate them I hate them I hate them”. Tim says its not helping her doing this. He has discussed this so many times he doesn’t feel guilty for bringing it up – she complains for no reason.

Vesna says she is no longer talking to Tim, but reminds him not to put her clothes next to his on the drying rack. She spends a few minutes saying “no”. And repositions her clothes saying she needs them dry because she might be evicted tomorrow where Tim doesn’t. Tim eggs her on saying “I really think you need to have some time to yourself”.

2.11pm – Housemates have been given a task to build a tower. The team with the tallest tower will win a takeaway dinner. Of course the teams are who is chained to who. The housemates run to grab their building materials – which unsurprisingly are mostly cans for a particular potato chip who are sponsoring Big Brother. With 2 minutes to go Mel and Greg are much further than Tim and Vesna, who are arguing on how to do this. When they finish Tim says Vesna is unbelievably hard to work with. Mel and Greg win the task – just in time because their tower collapses after the winners annoucement.


2.39pm – Housemates are in the bedroom. Big Brother announces their task this week was to remain linked. They did not stay linked for the required time. They have failed the task. The housemates all take off their chains and Greg hits his chain in frustration.

6.53pm – Vesna is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Tim complains that Melanie plugging her pubic hair in the living room was very disgusting while they were chained up. The two have a squabble over issues of personal hygeine. Melanie says just because Tim is 10 years older doesn’t mean he is more mature. Vesna says they should stop fighting because they have had enough of this. Vesna asks Melanie if she is bored – she is. Tim says picking a fight out of bordom is silly.

11.02pm – Tim and Greg are in the spa. Tim says he feels Melanie has really come out and being bombastic in these last few days. He thinks Melanie thinks she is more mature than she really is. Greg agrees. Tim explains there was no Mel.. then Mel.. then the “other Mel”, who has come out recently. He thinks he has given her training wheels to reveal her personality lately and now that the training wheels are off she is throwing them back at him. Greg says her being in the house for less time than them has a lot to do with it.