Day 93

8.54pm – All housemates are called to the store room. Inside they find a dinner with places for each of them to sit. Vesna screams in excitement and says “what can I steal from here”. Tim pulls out a chair for Nadia who sits at the head of the table. He offers to serve her. Nadia says she will be expecting desert. Vesna sarcastically says “oh so I suppose I’ll have to serve myself” but declines Tim’s help when he offers it. She says he is sucking up as usual which makes Nadia laugh. Tim toasts to both the lovely ladies in the house, and their guest in the house. Greg congrats Nadia on winning BBUK last year. Later Vesna asks Tim for some cake, but he cuts her a too big slice, and she complains. Nadia goes to leave for the toilet and Tim offers to show her where it is. As soon as they leave Vesna starts laughing to Greg and says “she’s a guy!”. Greg agrees. Vesna says she can’t hold it in, she has to say something. Vesna is trying to hold it in. She wants Nadia to just admit she is a guy. Nadia meanwhile is going into the toilet and Tim wonders if she can make her way back – Tim say she will wait for her but instead runs back to the store room.

When he comes in he starts laughing and Greg jokes if Tim got her number. Vesna asks him if he knew she’s a guy. Tim says of course, and then tells Vesna off for making it a big issue. They all agree they like Nadia however, and say she is funny and smart. Tim runs back inside and offers Nadia a glass of water. Vesna wonders if she (herself) has a moustache, and asks Nadia if she (herself) has one after Nadia re-joins them. Nadia asks Vesna why she is asking that. Vesna was just wondering. Nadia says sometimes your skin pigmentation is different. She looks uncomfortable all of a sudden.


10.42pm – Housemates are still having a dinner party in the store room. Greg gives Nadia his nameplacer. Vesna says it took 3 months for her to get anything out of Greg. Nadia says its because she’s blonde. Vesna agrees and says she is blonde… and skinny. Nadia jokes they don’t want to see her when she takes her clothes off. Nadia says women are sometimes so self-critical it gets ridiculous because most guys don’t care. Vesna doesn’t think Greg is like that – she hasn’t met anyone who has been so big on physical qualities. She says he doesn’t see from the shoulders up only the shoulders down. Vesna feels her face has no relevancy for him. Greg is slightly annoyed and they will talk about it later.

Big Brother calls Nadia to the diary room, she swears. Tim walks Nadia to the diary room. Nadia says they will have a bikini session when she gets back. Vesna says she will go through Nadia’s bags, and Nadia laughs. After Nadia leaves Vesna says Nadia brings out a lot of things in the housemates, and it has brought out more to discuss with Greg. Vesna feels Greg only finds the most plain, boring, insecure girls attractive – ones that don’t have any balls or anything to say. When he meets girls who are loud he pulls back. Greg says its just intimidation. Vesna says she feels like he’s scared of her. Tim returns, and wonders whats going on. Vesna explains she is finding it hard to be accepted in this house with Greg’s standards. Greg thinks he is doing well to get along with Vesna. Tim tries to interject – he says Greg tries and whether Vesna has feelings for him or not, don’t get stuck into him just because of small things like this. There is only 1 week to go and they should enjoy it. Vesna repeats that Nadia has brought up many things Vesna would have otherwise kept to herself. Tim says Greg respects her and loves her. Vesna wants to hear it from Greg himself, not via Tim.

Nadia returns, and the housemates wonder if she got her luggage. Vesna can’t wait to go through Nadia’s belongings. Tim jokes that when Vesna says “your luggage”, she means “my luggage”.


12.40am – Housemates are in the spa, and Vesna begins to ask Nadia about her sexuality. She explains she is trying to not offend Nadia. She needs Tim to help her find the words for a second. Nadia says she isn’t comfortable with the word ‘sexuality’. Vesna asks “were you a woman at the time you came out of the womb”. Vesna says she is uncomfortable with that and they can now move on. Nadia asks if it had any relevance. Vesna says not in the way she thought or spoke about her. Vesna proceeds to dig herself into a hole about the issue. Nadia doesn’t find the conversation comfortable or necessary but says at least Vesna had the guts to ask. Tim jumps in and basically repeats what Vesna said just with bigger words and better grammar. He says “to me you are a person”. Nadia says it is hard to be catagorised. Vesna says there are tough things in life and Nadia has to deal with that. Nadia says she is a survivor. Tim goes to comfort Nadia by putting his hand on Nadia, but she doesn’t like that. Vesna hovers over Nadia, who now has tears in her eyes. Nadia asks at what point do you stop being catagorised and actually become a woman. She wants to just move on, but feels guitly for making it a big issue. The other HMs say its fine.

Tim says he would have approached the issue differently. Vesna agrees and says sorry, then jokes that the other boys didn’t stop her. Tim and Greg, to break the ice, say they will do a special show for Nadia. They do flips into the swimming pool. Vesna asks Nadia if she is angry with her. She says she’s not. Vesna wants to hug Nadia but she knows Nadia doesn’t like that. Tim and Greg are now having a competition – who can stay standing the longest on stools floating on the pool. Greg wins while Nadia watches from the spa and laughs.


2.16am – Vesna complains she can hear Tim breathing from so far away. Tim says she is annoying him and he wants to puke. There is a point where Vesna can just stop talking. Vesna says she will and stomps around the kitchen to get some cake. Tim yells “Vesna stop eating the cake”. Vesna rubs some cake into Tim’s face and runs into the bedroom laughing. Nadia checks whats going on and laughs. Tim gets some cake out of the fridge and rubs it all through Vesna’s hair. She screams and tries to wrestle Tim. Vesna asks Greg why didn’t he warn her. Greg said he tried to tell Tim to stop.

3.07am – Tim and Greg are in the bathroom. Tim says Vesna is an idiot – she was just trying to get him annoyed earlier in the kitchen. Sometimes she’s dramatic and funny but sometimes she’s just annoying – thats why he had to return with more cake. Greg agrees. Vesna meanwhile is in the bedroom putting on a blindfold to sleep. Greg starts complaining about Vesna’s accusation he only looks at body. He says “how dare she say that”. Greg says his ex girlfriend and Christie were nothing like what Vesna described he liked. Vesna walks into the bathroom in the middle of Greg’s sentence, but doesn’t catch on. She asks why they are yelling in the bathroom – she could hear it from the bedroom. Tim says he is annoyed with her and doesn’t want to talk to her – just wants to talk to Greg right now. Vesna storms out and Greg calls her a 10 year old. Vesna gets straight into bed with her blindfold.

Tim and Greg leave the bathroom shortly after and says he will be sleeping in the same bed as Nadia tonight. Tim asks if he is ok with that. Greg says yes. In the bedroom Greg gets into bed and asks Nadia if she has enough pillows. After lights go out Greg tells Nadia to enjoy her first night sleep in Australia. Nadia doesn’t really want to talk right now – she mumbles out a tired “mmhrm”.

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