Day 94 Uplate

12:08am: Talking about Kylie Minogue. Tim reckons every song she sings is catchy. Logan Greg is called to the diary room. He is there to collect a 3 mobile, where he play Cubed against Axel Whitehead who is in the studio. He comes out to the dinner table and sits against the wall as instructed. The other housemates are told by Greg to sit down as well. Greg explains that he tried to play the game earlier today, and didn’t tell anyone about it. Game One begins and for some reason we get the audio of the damn studio. Smart! Greg beats Axel in round one, 28 to 6. Round 2 is a little bit more competitive. Vesna is interested in talking to this person rather than Greg playing the game. Vesna reckons if you touch a button you can see the other person playing. Axel wins round two. Mike says that if Greg wins, they will get a suprise from Big Brother. Greg is talking to himself saying “Shit, c’mon…Axel got some points on me this round”. Nadia seems very bored, asking what the point is of them sitting at the table with him. They decide to rematch – this is the most boring television I’ve ever seen. Vesna cheers Greg on, as he takes the lead. Greg wins, and they decide it’s the decider, so the housemates will get a suprise. Big Brother asks Greg to return the phone to the diary room. Greg says he thinks he won, Big Brother confirms this. Greg says that Axel did well. Big Brother says that for his prize, he can do a battery change. Greg laughs. He tells the housemates back in the house proper. Can’t hear a word they are saying, all of them sitting there together on the couch removing batteries.

12:37am: Everyone back on the couch. Greg and Vesna both tell Nadia that Tim wakes up early every morning so he casn put a heap of shit in his mouth so he can speak it all day. Nadia says she thinks Tim always has to be the smartest person in the room. Nadia says that Tim takes big breathes. Tim says that perhaps they can do a trial to see up to what point his breathing is acceptable for Nadia. Everyone has a laugh. Vesna says the game on the mobile phone was bizzare. Greg says he thinks it was more for Axel, the phone player. Greg says he won though, and Ves says he always does. Greg says he lost $20,000 on Friday night. Housemates look tired as hell, and sit on the couch in silence.

12:50am: Greg says he hears a slight clicking sound every now and then. Tim agrees, and they say that they keep thinking it’s BB about to talk to them. Greg thinks Nadia will go tomorrow, being Wednesday. Vesna agrees. Vesna thinks that Nadia will choose two people who will be up for eviction. Greg doesn’t think they would tamper with the format in the final week. Vesna says that Nadia will be doing it hard without cigarettes. Tim says that people say it’s harder to give up cigarettes then heroin. Tim says he knew what to expect when he quit and he pushed through it. Greg asks if he had a couple along the quitting cycle, and he says no, saying that he has made the decision for life now. Tim says he saw Barry Humphreys on Denton one night saying that he drank heavily until he was in his early 20’s before giving up and has never drunk since. Tim says that Humphreys said that he is always going to be an alcoholic, because if he has another drop he knows he’ll want more. They talk about binge drinking, and Greg and Tim explain the concept to Vesna who doesn’t understand.

1:08am: Vesna is waiting to go to the diary room. Greg wants to wash a spoon, but in the process puts the tap on too much and makes a mess on the floor. Greg says he liked the game, and says it would’ve been for Uplate. Tim is now at the sink. Vesna is in the diary room and silence continues.

1:22am: Vesna looks at what Nadia is sleeping in and says it’s nice. Vesna says she can’t get that stuff cause she is fat. Nadia says that is rubbish. Nadia wants to know about the prizemoney. Vesna tells her it’s a million. She goes onto say that it would buy 2 nice houses in Australia. Nadia is suprised. Tim tells Nadia that the average wage would be under $50,000 a year, so it’s 20 years wage. He goes onto say that it would be about 500,000 pounds, which is WAY OFF. More like 400,000. Tim goes back to doing the dishes.

1:34am: Vesna says she thinks it’s bad that Greg has known her for so long and won’t share a bed with her, but will sleep with Nadia who he has known for 2 days. Nadia comes back to bed. Greg wants her to scare Tim after he comes out of the diary room. Nadia gets into bed and Greg says he’ll get up, but he doesn’t. They talk about microphones in the UK house. Nadia says that BB never directed it at housemates, but rather as a group to check their mics. Vesna says she needs to go to the toilet. Greg thinks of Timmy as the kid in the wheelchair off South Park. Nadia has no idea what he is talking about. They talk onto impersanating the guy from Police Academy, and Nadia starts laughing a lot. Greg says Tim will be in the diary room for a year, saying he is having his medication. Nadia wonders what the medication is, and so we’re taken to a break!

1:45am: Greg talks about his most sexual encounter, which involved doing a girl from behind. Vesna asks if he used protection. He says he did. He says she was a Swedish girl, aged about 25. Tim comes into do a battery change again, I don’t know why. Vesna says she has never let anyone do her from behind. He starts talking about a UK girl who he met somewhere else. He says she was a beautiful, attractive girl. He says he met her family and everyone because they were on holiday there with family. The girl told her to stay and they would pay for a flight home or something. Greg says he decided against it, he had mates to finish their trip in Bangkok etc. Greg said the last night he stayed with her he had sex with her in ‘many a places’.

1:56am: Tim shuts the bedroom door, and then leans on Vesna’s bed, and Vesna tells him she has farted. He says he doesn’t believe her anymore. Tim asks Nadia if she could do 13 weeks in a house. Nadia says she surely could if she had done 10. Vesna wonders if there are similarilaties between Vesna and Nadia. Tim thinks so, and starts listing some thing. Vesna soon tells him to shut up. Nadia says she has become really comfortable in the house. She says she feels like she has been here longer than she has. Tim goes and gets blankets, and offers oneto Vesna but she doesn’t want one. Tim starts putting them on his bed, and Vesna tells Nadia to look to see how many he puts on his own bed. Tim and Greg have a little play fight, making Nadia sit forward while they fight. Tim climbs into their bed, and they all lie there together. Tim wishes they had some chicken. Tim tells another made up story but Nadia has cottoned on and realises he is making it up. Vesna wonders if Nadia will eat porridge tomorrow.

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