Day 96 Uplate

Ahh… this is my final shift at recaping Big Brother Uplate for 2005. End of an era. I will miss the idle late night chit-chat, the transexual spa questioning and the endless SMS plug-o-rama :-). But seriously – everyone give Dave a thanks for sacrificing so much of his time watching Uplate this season. I only allowed him one break a week on Thursdays!

I join uplate at 11.58pm – Vesna is making orange juice in the kitchen, and it looks like she has gone through a fair amount of oranges. Looks like she couldn’t sleep either as she is wearing her blindfold (on the top of her head, not over her eyes). A very drunk Mike Goldman comes on to ask who their orange juice sponsor is so they can do an on-air advertisment for them.

12.10am – We still haven’t gone back to the house but on the plasma screen behind Mike, Vesna is still grinding oranges in the kitchen.

12.21am – Vesna is now in bed, and is setting in to go to sleep.

We don’t return to the house tonight.

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