Day 96

7.43am – Housemates are up for their final day of feeding the animals. Tim says hello to the goats and they say hello back. Greg pats a goat and asks them if they know whats going to happen now. Tim tells the animals its the last time they will each other – and Greg says goodbye to the lambs. Vesna tells the alpaca she has never liked it and probably never will… it scares her and it needs to brush it’s teeth. Tim and Greg can’t be pulled away from the goats as Vesna says they are just animals and don’t understand. Vesna has a headache and a stomach ache and just wants to go back into the house. Greg and Tim are dissapointed as the games doors close behind the animals.

9.58am – Tim is cleaning. Vesna screams “for god sake Tim!”. Tim starts singing about his war on filth… again. Vesna starts screaming him for being obsessive about cleaning. He calls her “butterhead”, and points out that she doesn’t complain about Greg doing the baking. Vesna says the difference is Tim is doing his job non stop and it’s annoying. Vesna is called to the diary room to fill out her internet diary. Meanwhile Tim and Greg comment that Vesna is being moody and agressive. Tim says “I don’t know how to operate when people are just giving me negativity and anger”. Greg agrees and says if you bite back at her she says it was just a joke and then gets angry saying “you don’t know how to get me”. Tim has commented before that its none of Vesna’s business – they are not inferior to her and she has no right to boss and bully them around. Tim has “seen the rudeness” in Vesna and comments “I won’t tolerate it”. Tim continues cleaning the kitchen.


12.38pm – This is Big Brother. All housemates to the bedroom immediately. You are to turn your matresses and make your beds. Housemates were previously outside sunbathing and they suspect BB thought they were sleeping. Inside Tim and Greg get on with turning matresses while Vesna complains they can’t sunbathe. Greg sighs and asks if Vesna can’t just cop something and get on with it. Vesna yells that she can’t, and didn’t expect Greg to say that “no I just can’t cop it, I can never just can’t cop it… I will always start up a fight, always”. The boys tell her to go and fight with Big Brother in the diary room then, not to them. Greg breaks out and says they are sick of her complaining and if she has a problem she should go talk to Big Brother because they are sick of it. Vesna gets angry and says she isn’t talking to him. Tim explains it was simply Big Brother getting them to stop sunbathing and do something maybe more entertaining. Vesna comments that she is an animal and she will be chained up – “oh wait Big Brother already did that”. Tim shows distain for her comments. Vesna screams “Tim you have insulted me too many times, too many times”. Tim yells at Vesna telling her to not get angry because he can get as angry too. Vesna sighs and says “logistics… Tim’s logistics”.

Vesna goes into the kitchen and starts eating some cake that was stored in the fridge. Tim asks her to come exercise with them – it will make her feel better… to get the anger out. Vesna says she is doing that by eating cake and more cake…. and “I’m on a self destructive path.. yay”. The boys go outside to do weights. Greg says he thought Vesna would be past the continuous bitching. Tim says he supposes its funny to watch on the outside but for them its very irritating.

Vesna goes to the diary room and we see the first ever camera shot showing us what the housemates actually see when talking to Big Brother – a camera sticking out of the wall… surprisingly! Vesna says the boys are upsetting her – she’s just being angered and eating cake. BB asks if she is feeling isolated. Vesna says yes – every time she comments they say she is complaining and they are just going to go do weights now without her. BB asks why did Tim yell at her. Vesna says because he’s an idiot. Outside Tim says to Greg sometimes Vesna yells at you and seconds later says sorry – like she is just trying to push people to a point on purpose. Greg says she wants them to act like Vensa. BB asks Vesna if there is anything she could do to change the other’s perception of her. She says yeah.. “stop whinging and stop complaining”.


7.13pm – Big Brother announces it has been 96 days since they left the outside world. Tonight they will share something of their lives with the other housemates. He calls them to the loungeroom. Greg jumps up and says “wicked”. Vesna isn’t too keen on this – she suspects they will show them things from their own lives. On the plasma screen a video starts playing and Greg comments it is his house. The video is very melodramatic with short clips and music playing. Greg gets teary eyed while watching it. He wipes away a tear. Vesna says the pictures of him as a baby are so cute. She puts her hand on his cheek briefly. There is another shot and the housemates work out that its Dave not Greg. Greg then starts telling the other housemates who they are watching. Afterwards he says “oh thats awesome”.

Next is Tim – it’s his house and his housemates on screen. Tim screams “yeah!” and happily describes who they are watching. His dad, various items from his house, and some photos of him with his friends are shown. Some old photos from when he was younger are also shown. Vesna says that was fantastic. Tim stares up at the screen afterwards with a huge smile on his face.


7.26pm – Vesna is wondering if her sister will be on her video. It starts playing. Vesna’s salon is shown first. She smiles and says “oh my god”. She begins describing all the people who work there. Tim and Greg have obviously been told a lot about them by Vesna. Vesna’s cats and her possessions are shown, and she laughs – especially at her large collection of purfumes. There is footage of a young Vesna and her siblings. Vesna starts crying and yells at the screen “I miss you!”. Aftewards Greg says “how goods that!”. Vesna is still crying loudly. Greg wants to his again so he can point out stuff. Vesna is glad her sister looks great. Tim says her brother also looked great. Vesna explains to them “you see what I mean now?”. Tim says he now understands – he is scared he will go outside and won’t be able to handle it – especially lots of people talking to you at once.

10.01pm – Vesna comes to the diary room. BB asks her how she felt watching the video. Vesna says she doesn’t have the words – she was overwhelmed with happiness. Her heart was beating so fast and she couldn’t take in anything. In the kitchen Tim says the video message made Tim think of people he had otherwise forgotten about. Greg says it got him… he hasn’t lived at home for 8 years and he didn’t bring any photos into the house. He didn’t think of the sentimental things at all. The thing that made him emotional was he just wanted to go back home and spend time with his family. Tim says it would certainly affect you if you hadn’t seen them for so long – its like another world.

BB asks Vesna how has being in the house changed her. Vesna says probably mainly trying to turn a negative into a positive.

“I just want to be happy.. thats it.”

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