Day 93 Uplate

11:54pm: Everyone is in the spa. Nadia wonders what is wrong with the guys as neither have any hair on their chest. Tim reminds Nadia that they have a sauna as well, but Nadia doesn’t want to spend too much time in there because of her hair or something. Tim asks them all if they want to go to the sauna. It seems not, as they stay where they are. Nadia starts saying, and it takes Tim 30 seconds to understand what she said, and then he relays it onto Greg and Ves. Nadia tells them how she felt when she came out of the UK house, saying she was screaming and shouting etc. Tim asks her about her family, but Nadia tries to learn about their families. Tim starts talking about his parents, his Dad a prosecutor and his Mum a pyschologist, and his sister wants to do speech pathology. Greg starts talking about his family, and his upbringing now. They start talking about Conola Oil for some reason, perhaps it’s made in Wagga. Vesna tells her you put it on when you sunbake, explaining it to Nadia. SHe says they’ll both put some on tomorrow. Nadia starts wondering who they liked in the house. She learns that Tim liked Kate, Vesna liked Dean but he was taken, and Greg had a relationship with Christie in the house. He says she was very free will. Greg says he’ll see what happens on the outside, he doesn’t know. Tim says that Christie liked Greg a bit more than the other way round. They start talking about Angela and then wonder if they are allowed to talk about it – and then we’re taken away anyway.

12:09am: Still talking about Angela, because they are talking about her speed dating business, and explaining how speed dating works. Nadia has never done it. They turn to Gianna, saying she was attractive, from SA. Tim says she didn’t really fit in, saying she was a sexual girl, but quite immature about it. He then think’s about it, and perhaps takes it back, but decides that it is fair. They talk about Michael, who they dub the ‘gentle giant’. They say that he was a very sexual person. Vesna says he is a great guy, saying he’s not dead. Move onto Michelle, who they say was very attractive. Greg says he didn’t get to know her that well. Vesna agrees, saying it was hard to get to know. Vesna says she pissed her off a bit. They start talking about Glenn, and Nadia wonders whether he had the big penis, but they quickly tell her that it was Dean. Nadia says “I’m obsessed with Dean now!” They say that Glenn was very relaxed, and Vesna says she took away from his eviction the knowledge that the public wants to see every single emotion from housemates. They move onto Hotdogs. Vesna says that he was her best friend.

12:25am: Greg is talking about how they didn’t know when it was finishing, and it was frustrating. Nadia says her version she knew when it would end. They talk about how you can smoke in BBUK and how they can buy smokes from the weekly budget. Vesna says it’s very limited here in Australia, especially concerning what they can say. Vesna doesn’t see why they couldn’t have made a smoke room here in this house. Nadia talks about how she survived, saying friends in the house gave her cigarettes all the time.

12:39am: Nadia says she doesn’t believe in regrets. She says she wouldn’t have done anything differently because she won. Tim says thats a smart way to look at it! Tim wonders what they will do for the next few days. They say a task will be given to them tomorrow. Vesna thinks that Nadia will only be in the house for 48 hours because she is a smoker. Vesna wants to ask Nadia a question but she is a bit shy about asking. She says she is going to build up to the question with a series of other questions. They just come out and ask her about her sexuality. She says they just need to know! They beat around the bush for a sec, and then Vesna asks whether she was a woman when she came out of the womb. Nadia says she wasn’t, and then she gets a bit worked up asking why Vesna had to know. Vesna says she likes honesty in the house. Unfortunately, comm break cuts us off.

12:50am: Back finally. Tim talking to Nadia. Tim says he has treated with Nadia as a person and had a wonderful night. He says that he wasn’t as interested to know as Vesna (Vesna has obviously left the spa). He says that he would have preferred Vesna to ask later or wait until Nadia raised it. Nadia says she shouldn’t have to talk about it. Nadia says she see’s no revelance to talk about, and would never raise the issue. Sorry, Vesna is there. Tim says that had she told them at anytime he would have been comfortable hearing it. Nadia says she is glad she had the guts to ask, but then again she doesn’t see the need to raise the issue. Tim says had he raised it, he would have done it privately. Vesna and Nadia laugh, saying that it’s in front of millions. Nadia says she feels insulted because in the UK no one mentioned it for 75 days, but a few hours into her stay here it’s already been raised. Vesna says there are tough things in life and you have to deal with them. Nadia thinks it’s the alcohol talking. Vesna says she admires her. Nadia says she doesn’t need admiration. Nadia cries a little bit. Nadia says that Vesna will never look at her the same way again, although Vesna doesn’t really agree. Comm break again.

1:05am: Greg and Tim have gone into the pool. Vesna and Nadia are talking in the spa, but you can’t make it out because Tim & Greg seem to be yelling in the pool. They were having a fight in the pool on the big rock chairs. Vesna says that Greg should go naked. Nadia asks her if she is attracted to him. Vesna says that Greg reminds her of her ex boyfriend. Vesna tells Greg to take off her boardies again, and Greg wants some money before he does. Greg asks Timmy if he would do it! Tim says he doesn’t have anything underneath so he can’t take them off. Vesna asks her about the boys in the UK. Vesna says she would have been evicted over there.

1:17am: Vesna thinks Greg looks ill and should retire. Greg asks her again if she will go in the sauna. She says she is very picky about her hair, hating it going curly. Vesna says she doesn’t have to go in there. They talk about the pool, and Vesna says she never dives in. Tim is yelling out for help and Ves says “Shut up Tim, your making me sick.” Vesna goes to the pool for the third time tonight to pee. She says smiling “I’m peeing”. Lovely. Tim now wants to go to the sauna. Vesna says thats how she raises issues. Nadia has gone outside. Vesna says she knows what Tim is saying, but thats just the way she handles things. They decide to end the conversation there, and talk about breakfast in the morning. Everyone is now back in the spa.

1:32am: Timmy and Vesna are cuddled up to each other in the spa. Vesna wonders if Nadia is tired and wants to go to bed. They say that they all got new sheets because she came. They say that Nadia should sleep by herself because Tim snores, Vesna farts and Greg does weird things! Vesna says that sometimes the double beds are actually singles stuck together, it’s an illusion. Amazing, the things you learn on Day 94! Tim again suggests a sauna! Vesna says she doesn’t want one now. Now Vesna decides they should go in the sauna, and she tells Nadia to come with her. Vesna says they have to talk with their microphones and also that Nadia should leave her shoes at the spa because Ves wants to steal them. Greg and Tim slowly get out and get a bit dry before too making their way to the sauna. Greg says he can’t believe Ves bought it up. Tim says she can’t resist. Tim says people want to be treated like a person. Greg gets a couple of beers out of the freezer as we cut to a break.

1:43am: Nadia says if she is talking rubbish to just not listen to her. They talk about how Nadia coming into the AU house came about. She says she got the call on the Friday to be asked to do it, and left on the Saturday and arrived today. Nadia says she cancelled a few things so she could do it. She goes onto say she was excited. She thinks Big Brother has a soothing voice, compared to a loud BB in the UK. Vesna says that Nadia makes them feel very lucky. Tim says that BBUK sounds like torture. Nadia says it was “Evil” BB. She says the compound was also smaller than previous years. They think about going to bed, everyone is very tired. Nadia says she wants to sunbake. Tim says that he’s tired because they did half a marathon. Vesna says she cooked all day as per usual. Greg joins them, after talking to BB. Vesna wonders if he asked if Greg was a dickhead. Greg says BB already knows he’s a dickhead. Vesna tells Nadia that she went into Greg’s bed topless waiting for something to happen and nothing did. Greg and Vesna start slapping each other, in a playful mood. Tim is half asleep yawning away. Vesna tells Nadia that she kissed Greg’s brother, and that it sent shivers down his spine. Greg says that Ves does nothing for him. Vesna and Tim leave, and Greg talks about hen they run out of toilet paper BB makes them do plays lately, and Greg explains that Tim is a writer. Greg says that when he leaves the house, he might go back and work on the family farm. He says he doesn’t know what to expect when he leaves.

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