Day 90 Uplate

12:55am: Mel is getting one of Tim’s pimples. Greg and Vesna are also standing around Tim, everyone watching on. Tim is now chained to Vesna, Mel is with Greg. Tim tells Vesna he can pop it himself, but Vesna continues regardless. Greg and Mel are ordered to the diary room by Big Brother. On the couch, Vesna wonders why there wasn’t anyone from season one on FNL this evening. Vesna sees that it’s a simple battery change as Mel and Greg come out of the diary room. As Greg and Mel go back to return the old batteries, Vesna goes back to playing with Tim’s face. Vesna says his face is terrible, and that he should wash it more. Tim makes scared noises as Vesna keeps playing with his pimples. Once the others are back out, Vesna says to Greg that perhaps she should colour her hair blonde and lose about 20 kilo’s, obviously talking about Jo Ashton earlier in the night. Mel starts playing with Greg’s back, but they are soon gathered around Tim again as Vesna keeps playing with him. Greg offers advice on how to get the pimple to pop straight out. Tim says he wants to go bowling. Greg says that their favourite BB is on too, but he’s not letting them have fun. Mel looks at Tim’s face, saying it’s revolting. Greg now has a look too, pointing out another pimple.

1:10am: Still pimple popping. Vesna wants Mel and Greg to get some tissues so she can do it properly. They leave. Vesna tells Tim to lie on some pillows. Tim is worried he’ll have marks on his face. Vesna says he won’t have any. Vesna tells him to have another beer. The others return, Mel saying “This is so exciting Tim.” Greg wants to use a bobby pin. He says it would fly out, Christie used to use them all the time. Anyway, back to Vesna going to work onto Timmy, as Greg and Mel watch on from very close range. She does something and all three of them say “oooh”. Mel says “Look at them all!”. After about 5 minutes, Greg says there is still about 80% of the face still to be worked on. Mel and Vesna are very excited about Tim’s skin. A few minutes after this they are yelling out jackpot!

1:33am: Mel and Greg are sitting on the couch not saying a word to each other. Vesna and Tim walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and say something, but I didn’t make it out. Just as we go to the break, Greg says “Kate would have loved that one.”

1:39am: Everyone is back on the couch, and the blackhead plucking is back in full force. Tim seems to be in a little pain as Vesna keeps going. They decide they need more tissues, but Tim suggests they all relax and have a drink. Mel says it’s like war on flith, but it’s a war on Tim’s nose. Mel sits back down and accidently knocks Tim as he is sipping his beer, and his tooth starts to bleed. Vesna thinks Mel should move onto Greg and do his nose now. She continues however. After a few more minutes they do decide to move onto Greg, and he says he isn’t going to like it. Tim stands exactly where Greg had been watching Timmy from, roles now reversed.

1:58am: Vesna and Tim are on the couch. Tim drips water onto Vesna. He apologises. Tim starts humming, and Vesna says she is going to have to go to the toilet lots tonight. Vesna asks Tim if he is dead as he lies down on the couch again. They start singing so we are taken back to the studio with Mike.

2:09am: Greg playing in the kitchen with Mel, looking in the fridge for something. They both get up from the fridge eating. They then move over to the table and clean that up a bit. They decide to leave one bottle of water on the table for some reason. Back to the kitchen with the Pringles. Mel says she was so happy with the meal tonight.

2:20am: All housemates now in the bathroom. Both boys are checking out what the girls have done to their faces. Most move onto brushing their teeth, flossing etc. Tim says he feels as if he is blowing up in the face. Mel says he’ll have much better skin too. Vesna finishes, and tries to march Tim off to bed as quickly as possible. Mel now brushes her hair. Vesna acts as a cat and brushes her face along Greg’s arm. Vesna and Tim begin to go back to the bedroom, but Tim gets his jacket from the couch. Vesna wonders why, saying “We’re not going anywhere!” In the bedroom, they begin to get changed.

2:34am: Greg and Mel are in bed. Tim is waiting for Vesna outside the toilet. Tim says he’s going to wake up tomorrow with scars. Mel says he looks better. Vesna says he should seek legal advice. They are sleeping in Tim’s bed, so they are all alongside each other. Vesna is in bed, and trying to get Tim in, but he’s trying to do something to the bed beforehe gets in. He says he needs to be comfortable and warm. Vesna just keeps laughing. Still laughing…

2:43am: Greg is saying that the Allstars shouldn’t have won anything – they should have been there to prevent the housemates from winning. Mel says it was hard for the housemates – the Allstars saw everything beforehand. Tim says the bike used for the first challenge needed to be warmed up. Not suprisingly, we are taken away from this conversation. Show finishes early for some reason, at 2:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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