What we know about Big Brother 2014 so far…

With launch night less than a week away and the “test housemate” run complete, details of this year’s house are beginning to spill into the public. We’ve collected all the Big Brother 2014 details you need to know now. Spoiler alert!


housemate-fourFive housemates have been previewed on Channel 9 as of Thursday morning (4 September), and Behind Big Brother has exclusively revealed their identities. They are:


The house

The outdoor area has been renovated with a new Mediterranean rendered look. The pool area has remained largely untouched. Here’s a composite panorama:


The kitchen has a tropical theme, and there is a food truck located in the outdoor area. The truck has roller shutters so Big Brother can delivery food in secret when needed.

On the inside the house has been designed to have many small nooks and crannies to encourage small conversation groups. We know the ever-hyped upstairs area contains the diary room, but it may also contain a ‘loft’ area similar to the one used in this year’s Big Brother UK (pictured). In their version the current power housemates used the loft to spy on other housemates using hidden TV screens and earpieces.

The diary room chair

It’s been completely revealed this week to 2DayFM and has a winged theme, based on a similar design from a previous season of Big Brother UK (pictured – Australian chair is on the left). Other areas of the house previewed on the official website show bird themed wallpaper.



The housemate test run had 12 people, which means there will probably be 12 housemates entering at launch.

Housemates will enter the house together in pairs to follow the new format…

Show structure

bb-food-truckHousemates will be paired off into ‘couples’ with one couple holding power at a time, presumably giving them extra abilities when it comes to nominations. This couple is called the “heads of house” (the same as in Big Brother USA). A housemate test run video from the Gold Coast Bulletin shows the power couple getting special food privileges.

Emma Norris from TV Week also reported the heads of house will also be asked by Big Brother to reward or punish other couples, such as awarding vows of silence.

2DayFM have revealed one of the challenges will be for couples to be blindfolded for 8 hours.

On top of this, all couples will eat, sleep (in the same bed) and nominate together while also competing against the other couples in the house.

Nominations will be on Wednesdays, and there will be live specials on Sunday and Monday nights. Eviction night is Tuesday and evictions are planned to start in week three. More details on the opening week schedule can be found in this article.

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17 Replies to “What we know about Big Brother 2014 so far…”

  1. I feel like even the fans who watch every night will still be confused by these stupid borrowed concepts from the overseas versions. Officially calling it; won’t be surprised of this is the last season of BB on Nine…

  2. We can hope! 10 knew how to do it right, and they’d kill for the sort of ratings it gets…

  3. A vow of silence? Are they being serious? Yeah that’s going to make great TV.
    I noticed in the media run photos the test HMs all had colours on their microphones, I guess to show who is paired with who.

  4. Seriously. I swear one of the first things that got revealed when the show was renewed this season was that they were going to cut back on having so many obnoxious mini-challenges because they were choking the show. And now we have… this.

  5. Look from what i saw of the photo of the house. This House looks decent it is change if i could change one thing however it would be the pool it is just the same old design that bores me

  6. Resse i have watched big brother australia for about 3 years i found it alright but i have watched big brother usa and canada every episode i have loved it (im 13 i started watch bbus and bbcanada at the age of 10) If any fans would like to watch big brother USA to get the concept please watch big brother 10 it is no twists basic rules everything is amazing <3 the winner is one of my favorite winners of all time, if you would like to see the strategy of big brother usa (you can make alliances and talk about nominations) please watch season 3 (Danielle was the queen of strategy).

    I live on the Gold Coast and i definitely know i am getting my parents to drag me down to Dreamworld so many times <3 I love you so much Channel 9 you will get so many more ratings especially cause you will get some canadian and american viewers!

    Please go watch Big Brother 3 or Big Brother 10 USA or Big Brother Canada 1 you will be hooked on this show like i was <3

    http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/big_brother_(us)/ there is the link :) Please comment if you wanna know anything else and i hope in 5 years time this show will continue because i will be the best big brother house guest you guys will ever see (not to be cocky but i know the game inside and out)

  7. This will be one of the best seasons of big brother australia i promise you they will get so many more viewers and the friday night live thing is popular which is the HOH competition and the POV and the Have/Have not competition

    This will get higher ratings no doubt

  8. HOH? Really? Every year BBAU goes on about twists, I get nervous that it will be some sort of ripoff from BBUS. And here we go. I’m American, I’ve watched every season of our BB, and the reason I love BBAU so much is because I’m sick of our same old, same old boring format (EVERY year, NOTHING changes, stale stale stale), and BBAU is SO different.
    I’m hoping HOH is similar in name only.

  9. Wait, I’ve just seen a comment on another post that says Alex M denied it will be US-style. THANK YOU BB GODS.

  10. The first and only year of BBAU I ever watched was last year… and I am hoping the housemates will be as enchanting as last year’s, or it won’t be nearly as entertaining. Twists and surprises mean nothing if the housemates are boring or mean or awful.

  11. The entire population of the US could watch BBAU on YouTube and it would have no affect on the ratings here in Australia at all.

  12. Hi, I am from New Zealand, I love big brother, can you please tell me if it will be on tv in nz? Just loved big brother 2013

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