Fiery Redhead is Gemma Kinghorn from Western Australia

WA gets their second housemate

BEHIND BIG BROTHER EXCLUSIVE: We can reveal the newest Big Brother housemate dubbed ‘Fiery Redhead’ is Gemma Kinghorn hailing from Western Australia.

Gemma originally tried out for Big Brother in 2013, where at her self proclaimed 6 foot 6 inch height, she easily stood out in the Perth crowd.


Gemma-profileAlthough her height is in dispute, her Twitter account, which has now been locked down, uses the name @gemma6foot5. Perhaps she has grown an inch recently?

She’s originally from Boulder, a regional town in WA. And although most of her online footprint has been scrubbed for her Big Brother appearance, our detectives were able to find that she is a keen netball player and is a nurse.

Tim Dormer, winner of Big Brother 2013 told us:

“This chick was throughout my audition rounds in 2013!! She got really mad when the first thing I asked her was does her carpet match the drapes! Haha, it was the first thing I thought of where my eyeline was….she’s VERY tall.”


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16 Replies to “Fiery Redhead is Gemma Kinghorn from Western Australia”

  1. The soon to be tallest chick in Australian Big Brother.

    Wait: Wasn’t Lauren in 2006 about same height?

  2. Here we go again. Channel 9 wants to add in actors and unusual people. I would rather see the original BIG BROTHER SHOW with normal humans. Not just find whos the tallest and the shortest and the clown and the actor… I rather not see any of that again… I rather see just decent normal humans on big brother show… Why bother have a bunch of all actors on each housemates… actors are a role play act… normally humans dont just act such way 24/7 all them lifes… Unless his a heavy drinker and looks in the mirror all day long with makeup. Seriously channel 9 has ruine it again. All i can say is…. channel 9 only focus far too much on diferent type people….. i would rather fine normal fine people and that the acts and diferent personalities should not exsist. Because i rather see the real big brother show… Not clowns with difrent actors in a house. I guess big brother show isn’t what it used to be anymore… thanks alot channel 9. I would take the number 9 off my remote control.

  3. Seriously, what are you talking about? How is this woman not a “normal human”? If you were a true Big Brother fan you would know that the contestant intro video’s are always over dramatized and ramped up to intrigue viewers to tune in. None of the contestants are actually anything like their intro video’s because they are edited to polarize them to the audience. If you wanted to watch decent normal humans you could literally step outside and watch people in real life on the street. This is a television show that is based on ratings, and the more interesting people you have in the house the more people will want to watch, period. If the show doesn’t do well in overall ratings over the 80 days it will get axed, and what’s worse than a Tv show with “clowns”? No Tv show at all..

  4. She isnt an actor. She is a real, normal, human. I know. Obviously they pick people that have some point of difference from others.

  5. Seen this “Fiery Redhead” on the train, THE BITCH DOES NOT SHUT UP. She was talking on the phone and litterally everybody in the train can hear her, she gets off at Cockburn Central and lives somewhere in Atwell/Aubin Grove or Even Success. (She also got on the bus with me)

  6. TV can certainly ‘distort’ reality shows and contestants to an extent; but, from what I’ve seen thus far, I would not classify Gemma as neither ‘lovely’ nor ‘down to earth’. She is the least liked housemate so far this season for a reason. She is rather rude and obnoxious, and I have no idea what makes her believe that she is ‘good to go’ as a snob, looking down on people (YES … PUN intended there!!!). She is really unpleasant, and I am pretty sure she will be the first to go … deservedly so.

    FYI – I am an American and I follow BBAU on YouTube. I got into the show last season, and I immediately fell in love with how the Australian Big Brother show is played. It is so different from the US version. In the US, the show is competition driven, and the social game takes a back seat. Aside from conspiring to forge alliances in the US version, they pay very little attention to the social aspect of the game. It was so different for me to start watching the AU version last year. I love the housemates relationships and it is really a totally different show from the US version. I do wish that this years group were as fun and interesting as last seasons though. Tim, Ben, Tully, Tahan, Jade, Drew … hell even Michala … were all so interesting and fun almost from the start. And the split house made it more entertaining early last season as well. I hope that, as the weeks progress here, that these housemates become more intriguing as well.

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