Lawson Reeves is the Mandurah Magician

And he's set to appear in the house. Is Lawson this year's card shuffler?

Western Australians were introduced to the mysterious new fourth housemate last night dubbed the ‘Mandurah Magician’ (in some states he’s dubbed the ‘Magic Man’). Hiding behind this identity is in fact, Lawson Reeves.


Lawson is an aspiring actor and a 2011 Peforming Arts graduate at Curtin University. He has starred in Restare Uniti, a short film released in 2011 (adjacent below), as well as one other local production which has finished filming and is due for release in 2015.

Lawson in Restare Uniti

His Twitter presence is not currently locked down and is seen following a dozen or more Big Brother-related accounts like Sonia Kruger, Mike Goldman, Perth radio stations and several former BBAU housemates from 2012 and 2013.

Lawson's Twitter

While he’s not a magician by trade, he does perform the occasional trick such as this one which was uploaded to his YouTube channel:


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21 Replies to “Lawson Reeves is the Mandurah Magician”

  1. In unrelated news, the blonde dude in that Restare Uniti video is a pretty good pash. Also he’s not a racist in real life so that’s always good.

  2. I’m not quite impressed with this charismo. Demostrating fun alcohol. There goes another heavy drinker who thinks alcohol is safe. While kids may be watching this video. Thats like saying drink and drive and your a what ?……… Why not be more sensable by doingt he same thing with coke and fanta or juice.. not fun with alcohol. Its no wonder why young lads may never listern when it comes to play alcohol drinks such way.

  3. Why do we need actors for big brother ? i first remember big brother show wasn’t just actors… why not just normal people who dont act like clowns and just beat it ?

  4. Its not like that actor may do such thing all his life.. Its act just because his on camera he is pretty much doing a act and showing off… I rather geez see something realistic then meets thier eyes.

  5. He is very normal – well as normal as most of us ! whats normal ? does it really matter – people on reality tv dont act – really ! just enjoy it as entertainment – go Lawson enjoy have fun !

  6. Lawson happens to be a very talented actor who studied at university (with myself) and works regularly in Perth. Don’t make assumptions that you can’t back up.

  7. Actors, models, comedians and now magicians? Lovely…

    Just call this “Celebrity Big Brother” and be done with it…

  8. Giggidy! Go Laws. One of the most interesting down to earth guys I know. I’d cast him again in a heartbeat. A slow romantic heartbeat ;)

  9. He is clearly young himself. So expecting him to behave as if he is not is asking a bit much isn’t it. Kids are more likely to emulate their peers in real life than anyone they see on reality tv.

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