New housemate is gold medal paralympic swimmer Sam Bramham

Will enter the house on Tuesday night

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Behind Big Brother can reveal one of the final housemates to enter this year’s house will be paralympic swimmer Sam Bramham. Sam will join the household on Tuesday night along with three others.

housemate-samSam was born without a femur in his right leg and is missing that part of his limb. It hasn’t stopped him from achieving sporting greatness though – he competed at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Paralympics where he won two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal.

In 2009 he received the Medal of the Order of Australia. He’s also a big pranker – at one time telling international journalists that his leg was bitten off by a kangaroo.

While his social media accounts have been locked down his website is still up and running.

Just days before going into lock down he was also doing media interviews to promote his new book, Three quarter man.

A Behind Big Brother user tells us:

I know him and his Facebook has been deactivated and his Twitter and Instagram accounts set to private. He’s a pretty funny guy – a bit rude and cheeky so he should be fun to watch.

The other three housemates who will enter at the same time as Sam are Lawson (the ‘Magic Man‘), Aisha and Cat. Ten housemates are already in the house and went in as part of the launch show taping on Sunday night.

UPDATE: It seems Sam is yet another new housemate with connections to the 2013 season. In an Instagram post, 2013 housemate Boog Roe reveals she is good friends with Sam.

Photo credit: Morganna Magee and David Caird.

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27 Replies to “New housemate is gold medal paralympic swimmer Sam Bramham”

  1. Hmm what kind of person does Australia love?
    Well this guys is an Olympic swimmer and he has a sob story.
    Ladies and gentlemen meet the BB 2014 new (producers) favourite.
    I’m calling it now, he will get a lot of screen time just like how Ben 2013.

  2. Errrr… I don’t think he has much of a sob story so much of a great story of success and optimism…. What else do Australians love? Being cynical c**ts.

  3. Yeah over coming the difficulties that a life with only one leg brings to becoming an Olympic athlete = perfect reality TV sob story.

    I’m looking at this guys as a character on a reality TV show, I’m sure irl he is a great person and he has done great things with what he has been dealt with.

  4. Sam’s story is not at all a sob story, he wants no one to feel “sorry” for him. He is one of the funniest people I know and trust me Australians will be entertained.

  5. haha i know this guy.. He could genuinely win the whole show. He is absolutely lovely, never uses his disability as a ‘sob’ story and he is absolutely hilarious!

  6. That’s great, so you know him then? Well I don’t and when people like him are cast on reality TV they are there in part because of the sob stories.
    I actually really like him from what we’ve seen of everyone so far.

  7. “Special” people Helga? seriously? Is that what you class someone who has overcome a life obstacle and made a name for himself? You are one of “those” people that the special ones despise. Rude and arrogant is what you are. Im all for Sam and supporting him 100%.

  8. “people like him”, “special”… wow, we are an open-minded bunch aren’t we?! Why is he not just another housemate… EVERYONE entering the house has their own story… EVERYONE has something the media pick up on… that’s why they were chosen for the show! Disability or not, he’s a housemate… don’t like it? Don’t watch!

  9. He went to the same school as former big brother contestant nobby, and they know each other quite well haha

  10. I was in the 2013 top 100 auditions (round 4?) in Melbourne and at the start of the day we were asked if we knew anyone in the room. Boog and Sam were next to each other and both put their hands up. They were made aware that they shouldn’t expect to both be put in the house together. They didn’t leave each others side all day. Sure enough Boog was put in and Sam was out. I was sure Sam would have got in in 2013, he had an amazingly interesting story.

  11. You ignorant fools, if he wins it will be because of how hilarious he is… He is the first person to make fun of himself and trust me he will make you laugh and eat your words.

  12. yeah, he’ll most likely win. or the gay guy, gay guys are usually always a favourite. (no idea why)

  13. yep, honestly no point in people auditioning tbh. they’re wasting their time. the housemates are most likely planned before the audtions even begin.

  14. i dont think helga meant any offence to you, but Bb adding a disabled person is most likely an attention thing trying to win people over but its all just a ploy.

  15. I don’t care who he knows or about his leg. If he is a nice person that’s enough. If he is an arse then it will soon be obvious. Let’s wait and see. So far not inspired by any of new arrivals so hope he is more interesting.

  16. My daughter was born this year with the same condition as Sam. It has been a really difficult time and seeing Sam on national TV is another source of inspiration for our family. Thank you Big Brother for casting Ben and bring awareness to a rare condition and proving to people that anything is possible. Shame on anyone referring to Sam as “special” your ignorance is disgusting!

  17. Its actually quite disrespectful to indicate that someone with a missing leg is a sob story, and to imply he is a victim… He is a person with what appears to be a very infectious personality, and a positive person; hopefully that rubs off on some!

  18. Ryan went to same school as nobby & Sam! Boog either went to the nearby girl school or the same school as the guys! Sam was loved by all at the school for his positive,happy and down2earth nature! He got to the Paralympics through fundraising!

  19. He certainly didn’t present it as a sob story! He was laughing and cracking jokes. BB may try to portray it as a sob story but Sam seems fine with it – as he said, he was born missing the femur so that’s all he knows.

  20. Yes it’s very ignorant! He just seems like the typical knock around bloke – funny and nice who just happens to be missing a femur.

    Good luck to your family, it must be reassuring to see someone living a completely ‘normal’ life (although ‘normal’ probably doesn’t include winning medals!) after being born with an obstacle to overcome.

  21. Why couldn’t they have cast him because he is a top athlete, won the Medal of Order of Australia and has a Wiki entry? That’s very attention grabbing!

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