Jake a professional tennis player? Nope, just another media wannabe

He’s being promoted by Big Brother as a “former professional tennis player” but in reality Jake has been working in radio and television for quite some time.

While it’s true Jake is an avid tennis player, he hung up his professional tennis racquet almost seven years ago. Since then he’s been trying to break into the media scene.


According to his recently discovered Star Now profile (it’s a prerequisite to have one to get on the show these days) Jake worked at NOVA 1069 radio station in Brisbane as a street team reporter.

This is the same job former BB winner Tim Dormer had before entering the 2013 house. On top of this, both Tim and Jake live together. Behind Big Brother broke that story on Monday and newspapers repeated it the following day, forcing producer Alex Mavroidakis to defend his casting of Jake by saying he went through the same audition process as everyone else.

But why didn’t Big Brother mention all the media work he’s done? According to Jake’s profile he’s completed a professional modelling course, been on TV commercials for Subway, auditioned for Totally Wild and Saturday Disney, MC’ed the Australia’s Next Top Model auditions and been cast in a short film.

Jake-recordNot content with just one media form Jake even started creating rap music! Which you can listen to and purchase here if you feel so inclined.

What about his sporting career? Tennis players are scratching their heads. In this post on an Australian tennis forum, a player asks:

So, Big Brother Australia started on Monday and there is a supposably “professional” tennis player in the house. His name is Jake Richardson but I can’t find anything on him. I was just wondering if any of you guys had ever heard of him?

And the response:

Sorry, I never heard of him.

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16 Replies to “Jake a professional tennis player? Nope, just another media wannabe”

  1. I see he was a double handed player on both sides.


    No wonder Fabrice Santoro wasn’t consistent.

  2. I played junior tennis tournaments with Jake back in the day. He went on to play bigger money tournaments so yes he would have had a professional ranking at some stage.

  3. Yes he was a pro player…………ITF site confirms…………..ATP site only lists past players if they’ve made certain rankings

  4. Jake said on Wednesday night that he was a pro tennis player in his teens but quit because there was too much focus on money.

  5. Im a big fan of bb but really its becoming a joke. Im a real everyday person thats why I mostly can’t get on bb

  6. Dissapointed like everyone else. The whole basis of the show has been lost to the public, seeing only the edited bits & pieces, they want us to see.
    Wheres the reality & realness gone???????
    Too many connections between current & past housemates.
    How could they send Tim in overnight, with Jake as his flatmate???? Just utter rubbish.
    I love Tim & it was good PR, but not ideal.
    Channel 9 or BB, im more than happy to come & work for you, to help get BB back on track. In fact, id love to. Im looking for a change & new employment……….???
    The scheduling & timing of BB is far too late & not consistent. Im not surprised 1 bit, that people are tuning out. The young ones at school would be missing out, with these scheduled late time-slots.
    Bring back ‘up late’ with Mikey, to see real reality as it takes place, see the housemates as they truly are. No edited, almost scripted, BB viewing please???
    I think if you see both live footage & a scripted episode, that will at least, even the playing field out.
    Sonia, put BB back in his place for me? He’s lost his way, or do we need a new BB?
    I could fill that role also.
    Jobs anyone????

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