Katie Cupcake’s identity revealed…

She hails from Sydney

The Behind Big Brother super sleuths have done it again, revealing Katie Cupcake is Katie Schepis of Sutherland, Sydney.

Look familiar? That’s because she popped up in promotional articles in the Daily Telegraph during the 2014 housemate hunt.


She’s kept a lower profile than the previous two housemates, so there’s fewer details around about her (yet), but the cupcake theme seems to ring true – her close friends on social media are avid bakers.


A cached Facebook post also alludes that she operates a cupcake baking business, but the link has since been taken down.

Even her boyfriend Tim continues the dessert name trend with a Facebook nickname “Timbo Slice”.


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10 Replies to “Katie Cupcake’s identity revealed…”

  1. Once again, impressed with the stalkers on BehindBB. Haha.

    In looks alone, she reminds me a little bit of Layla ’12

  2. There goes another floosie perhaps. This is what is so WRONG about big brother show and on channel 9. You see channel 9 is focusing far too much on good and average looking people one has to be tall the other has to be short and one has to be bubbly and the other a skinny dip….. But they also focus far too much on diferent people who act…. Why do we need all this junk ideas when its very much just big brother show? this isnt a concentration personality show.. This is big brother show for a show. Not for acts and actors… I would rather see real humans then meets thier eyes. But the usual channel 9 focus far too much on looks and people who act…… i rather see big brother show and not acts.. acts is not realistic… its not like one is a musisian he lives with it 24/7 i mean there goes another dodge bb show in 2014. I hope channel ten brings it back and bull the strings apart.

  3. The boyfriends nicname has nothing to do with baking you idiots!! Its in reference to former UFC fight Kimbo Slice

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