Meet Dion the gym junkie housemate… and model

Second housemate outed

EXCLUSIVE: The second Big Brother housemate dubbed the “gym junkie” in promos is Dion Kallis from Brisbane. He’s also the latest in a long line of professional models to be cast on the show.

In a huge slip up, Dion’s first name was accidentally revealed by Channel 9 via his Youtube promo video. It was quickly taken down but the super sleuths in our discussion forums quickly cracked the case and tracked him down.


brisbane-fashionDion has worked as a model for a number of years and was interviewed by the Brisbane Times back in 2011 at a casting call for the Brisbane Fashion Festival (pictured). At the time he said the world of male modelling was getting much more competitive.

He’s also appeared at the annual Ekka Fashion Parades and has done a saucy swimwear shoot (pictures below). Outside of modelling fashion Dion launched a line of skating safety accessories called Rad Pads.

But what about the gym junkie label? He still hits the gym a lot – we tracked down his workout training diary which shows he really does go to the gym two or three times a day. His training diary abruptly ends five days ago, roughly when housemates were put into lockdown.

Over the past two Channel 9 seasons the show has come under fire for casting a high number of aspiring models and actors as housemates. It seems the trend is continuing in 2014.

What do you think of another model being in the house? Leave a comment below or join the Big Brother sleuths in our forums.

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15 Replies to “Meet Dion the gym junkie housemate… and model”

  1. This does not surprise me at all. Same old same old from Nine and Alex, hopefully he has an interesting personality.

  2. Oh god.. here we go.. acts and actors and muslce looking with bears… Seriously ones i scratch my bold head and wondered if big brother show was something diferent or is it now acts and actors and looks ? Big brother show isnt what it used to be no more…. channel 9 with this habbit about the personalities and looks and charms… I would rather focus more on the big brother show and the house and just pick decent normal humans… The choosing people who act is more fake then you can imagen. A human can not act 24/7 all his and her life.. But since the ones been choosen will know they are been watch 24/7 they all going to act all around the hours… Thats when i say everyone is fake and only acting because they know they have been watch. Thats the problem… channel 9 is making it less big brother and focus more on the acts on the housemates instead. Im not quite happy about it.

  3. Oh dont tell me channel 9…. they choose a muscle and a similar muscle bloke.. a skinny dip guy and a bubbly make and female… correct ? oh dont tell me they also choose a short guy and a tall female… Okies… so why choosing the styles and looks on everyone ? thats more fake then meets thier eyes…. Channel 9 needs to learn more to focus on the show and move on…… Its not like its a must to have a muscle bloke and another one who will turn into mates or 2 skinny guys who will become great friends.. that just silly seriously. I ones used to be more happier watching big brother because of the cams and the house. not the type of role looks that channel 9 has picked. Im not suprise at all..

  4. in 2001 big brother they didnt really choose a personalitie and looks.. Well they did but not as so much as it is with channel bloody 9……. There for it feels less big brother show knowdays then what it used to really be back then. Remember the good days of big brother all thru 2008… bit things became dead after channel 9 took over…. Just more boring because they keep choosing looks and muscles and actors.. why have that.. Let alone find normal humans.. Its big brother show.. Not a clown show.

  5. Fyi he has a great personality and is a great down to earth guy I should know since im his cousin.

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