Day 34

7:36pm – Housemates are getting ready for a party. They use leftover wig’s from the musical, and BB has supplied them with a disco ball, and some music, to dance the night away.

It’s not long before Vincent growls into Jo’s ear, with Jo saying “Oh my god! Where do you learn that?” Vincent replies by telling Jo that it comes from the heart. Before Jo puts on a massive wig, she tells Vincent that his GF (girlfriend) is so lucky. Meanwhile, Reggie, Claire and Patrick are in the kitchen, Reggie saying “Look at them! I was watching them before, I thought they were kissing.” Pat replies with “It’s only a matter of time.” Back to Jo and Vincent, Vincent saying ‘stay away from me tonight’ after he gives another one of his growls.

An hour later, and Jo and Saxon are on the dancefloor together, having fun, with Vincent looking on. Soon, they go into the bathroom/bedroom together. Sax says Jo looks beautiful. He says “Your my big sister, I’m looking after ya”. Jo says “You so see me as your big sister, don’t you?” to which Sax says “Yeh, I have since Day One. I told you that.” Cut to voting numbers, and a comm break.

After midnight, Jo and Vincent are in the kitchen. He tells Jo a compliment. “Sometime when you look at me, I still lose my breath to this day.” Jo says, ‘thats cool. I’ve never had that effect on anybody.” Jo says it’s hard being in here, revealing that she doesn’t even think of him at all (Tim), then saying to Vincent that he probably thinks about her heaps. Jo says she is very lucky.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Reggie and Chrissie are mocking Jo and Vincent by talking Italian in the bedroom. Problem is, they don’t know any. They say phrases such as Italian foods, ‘spaghetti and meatballs’. Back to Jo and Vincent, where Jo reveals “If I was….” implying that if she was single, she would like to give Vincent a go. Vincent says not to finish the sentence, and then says “Don’t do that to me, it’s hard enough as it is.” Geez, this guy has fallen for Jo bad. Not that you can blame him I suppose.

Saxon has replaced Vincent in the kitchen talking to Jo, who says that ‘If I said what I was thinking, you wouldn’t want to talk to me.’ Sax says that Jo lives in a total comfort level, to which Jo says “You really think it does?” referring to her jobs, friends etc. Sax asks her “Your not satisfied living the life you do?” to which Jo says “Nah. Would I be here if I was?” She goes onto say that al friends are getting married, and buying houses, and then says I don’t think it’s happening to me, because I don’t want it to. Sax says that Jo is the type of girl “that comes into my life once in a hundred thousand lifetimes for me, I never meet someone who is as you at the same time. Why did I have to meet someone like you here?”

Back to the bedroom, Chrissie and Reggie are saying how stunning Jo is, and how every single male in the house has fallen for her. Chrissie says she doesn’t have any friends who are that gorgeous, to which Reggie agrees. They ask Pat about the sex appeal of Jo. Pat says “she’s attractive, but I wouldn’t go for her.”

Back in the kitchen, Ben has joined Sax and Jo. Sax says that if Jo has remembered everything they’ve talked about tonight, then she must shake Saxon’s hand first thing in the morning. Jo promises to do just that. He says ‘if you don’t do it, I’ll just think your a fuckwit.’ Comm break

Back in the house, Jo is almost ready to go to bed, but says goodnight to Vincent first, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She walks around to the old square house, as she is going Vincent says “thanks for saying goodnight.”

Jo finds Saxon in the bathroom area, in between the two bedrooms. He asks her if she is going to bed, to which she says yeh. Sax says he’ll walk her to bed. On the way, he asks where Vincent is. Jo points to outside, the living room. Saxon gives her a kiss on the cheek, and heads outside. Jo says as he is leaving, I’ll shake your hand tomorrow.

Outside, Vincent asks Sax if he is ok. His response is “Nothing happened.” Vincent says, “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you.” Sax says again, “But I’m telling you…” Vincent says “I know nothing happened, not from you, but from her side. I know she wouldn’t do anything.” Sax asks “You know I would never do anything to someone who has someone…” to which Vincent says “Yeh, don’t” Sax says he has more respect for people than that, although he admits he is fucking confused. He goes onto say that he hates the fact that she has recipricated what he is feeling. Vincent doesn’t seem to believe him, and asks “Do you think?” Sax replies, “It was said…” During the whole convo, Vincent continues playing the guitar. Sax says “Dude, I feel like a bastard” before saying “If I was Tim, oohhh…” meaning that he wouldn’t be impressed by tonight’s events.

Vincent is still unsure, so he asks again “Did she actually say something?” Sax replies, “We were jumping on the fence, but never went past it.” Vincent says he can’t tell Sax what to do, but Sax says he knows what to do, ‘the right thing is to go to bed.’ He heads off, touches Jo’s bed on the way through to his room.

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Days 20 and 21

Mixed footage from Day 20 and 21.

Regina goes into the diary room and requests a pregency test. An anxious wait follows, before the nurse gives her a look at the test, and reveals it’s clear. Regina had to double check with her to ask if it was negative. A sigh of relief can be heard.

Next, we cut to the rushed eviction of Jaime, as they all say there goodbyes. Daniel seems upset, but then again, he did nominate him. Saxon over in the other house tells Regina and Ben that they have at least 16 days in the compound. Ben says it is a relief, because they both took a big risk. Jaime then flashes up on the house’s plasma screens, revealing that he has been given $10 000. The housemates can’t believe it, eventually however Claire tells Jo that she knew prior to Jaime revealing it. They clap loudly during Jaime’s speech, as they have time to interact for the first time with their TV’s. The housemates take a while to fully undertake that Jaime has walked out with 10 grand, only being in there for 3 weeks. An ad break approaches, and Belinda & Carlo’s eviction phone numbers come flashing up.

In the round house, Pat starts playing the guitar, which prompts Chrissie into a quiet solo performance. Next door, Regina and Belinda are having a little talk, Regina talking about her relationship with Leah when they were over in the round house. Belinda says to her that she isn’t loud like Leah, and thats perhaps why they don’t get along. Regina says she seems to be trying to grab attention.

Housemates in the round house are talking about merging, going through people in the other house and how and if they will get along. Claire is of course part of the conversation. Claire says that they will all get along with Vincent, and if they like toilet humour, they will get along with Carlo. Claire hopes Ben and Reggie have cheered up Belinda over the past few weeks.

Pat and Jo are having a nice conversation in Jo’s single bed. Jo hits Pat’s stomach for some reason, but Pat won’t return the hit, saying he won’t hit a girl. They go back to the beginning and Pat who must have seen Jo at auditions, says that he knew she would be there when he entered.

Ben, Saxon and Carlo are out in the living area, and Ben is saying that while speaking to Regina earlier, she seemed most at home talking to Belinda. Of course, Saxon and Carlo have made it known quite a lot that they don’t like Belinda much. Saxon says ‘she is an octopus.’

Ben then takes off with one of Belinda’s shoes, which he chucks at Carlo. He then piffs the second one at him too. Saxon dares Carlo to swing it next door, but he just chucks them onto the grass.

Ben then moves inside, obviously drunk, trying to get Regina to get up and skip. He is yelling his head off. Finally, she gets through to him and Ben shuts the door and leaves.

Belinda and Regina are talking, and Belinda says she might be going. She tells Regina that she got a bit upset last Sunday night and had a cry, and she thinks that Australia doesn’t like crying people. She says ‘I wouldn’t want to live here by herself.’

Next, a BB challenge between the houses. A car racing game with one competitor from each house racing each other. The Square House win 3-1 I think, from what I can tell. BB focuses on the race between Belinda and Leah, Belinda winning easily, with the help of coaches telling her what to do.

Next, BB calls the square house to the diary room, telling them that peeing in the garden has stopped, as well as bathing in the sink. Belinda and Regina are thrilled. There is stuff to clean and disinfect everything, which BB says should be done immediately. Outside, Regina whispers “Thankyou Big Brother.” Carlo later jokes that he will be bathing in the sink soon. He says that he thought it was normal to do that!

In the round house, a 3rd BB house is talked about, saying that they are testing a fire in that house. The suggest that Jaime and Irena are both in the house with the chances of coming back into the game.

Leah and Claire are talking on the couch, Leah thinking it might be time for her to go. Leah says that she can’t stand Daniel, saying he is just acting like a 17 year old. She says she really wants to go next door, and see everyone else.

And then the phone numbers are displayed, cutting to a break. After the break, Belinda says to Saxon that he is Carlo’s shadow. Over in the other house, Daniel is exercising outside by himself. Meanwhile, Belinda and Regina decide to once again sleep out in the living room.

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Day 3

Big Brother booms his voice into both houses telling them all that the hot water has now been turned on. Joanne makes her way out in a robe, and with BB giving us a great view, she disrobes… leaving a bikini on her. Ben is also up, keeping himself busy with the dishes.

Next door Carlo lets Vincent in on their secret calendar! It involves putting something into holes in the wall, with these seven holes each representing a day. The problem is there is no logical order in the brain of Carlo. I can’t see this working for very long at all. Furthermore, next to it, they have a plan to add one rock each week, so they can tell how many weeks have past, and how many till hometime. Over breakfast, Vincent gives Carlo a jab by saying that once Carlo fell asleep the rest of the house had a decent conversation about evolution, and sex wasn’t bought into the complex equation once.

Joanne raises the possibility of giving Ben a brain teaser. She says she got it in 5-10 minutes. She asks Ben “a man parks outside a hotel. How does he know he is immediately bankrupt?” It looks like it’s going to take Ben a few minutes to get this. After 20 seconds Joanne asks ‘so, you got it yet!’ Ben asks for some quiet time.

Some time later, with Joanne lying down, Ben comes in and fishes for some clues to the brain teaser. Later, seeing he still can’t get it, he comes up with another teaser for Joanne. “If B is overtaken by C, and B was second, assuming that the race finishes this lap, where does C finish?” The answer is clearly 2nd, but Ben drags it out and make Joanne think she got it wrong, when in actual fact she was right all along.

Over in the square house, the girls are having a chat in the bedroom, discussing Carlo and his obsession with sex! Irena comes up with a theory everyone 21 is like Carlo, and give Jaime two years, he’ll be like Carlo as well. The girls continue discussing Jaime, and how nice he is. He’s not fake, and “not everything he says is about penises”.

Here comes Patrick into the round house. A 3rd guest has arrived, and unlike Vincent’s welcome into the square house, this is a little bit low key. But everyone is very happy. He laughs when told there are 3 people only in the house.

It’s 7:55pm in the square house, and they are waiting for a new arrival. Will they get one!? I don’t think so! Meanwhile, back at the circle house, Regina has entered the building.

Next door, Belinda gets everyone to be quiet. As soon as they do, Belinda says “how come when we’re quiet, they’re also quiet”. Meanwhile, back across the road, they discuss the “Hey Baby” guy, Carlo. Ben insists he doesn’t like him! Joanne then says “Oh, we’ve got some brain teasers for you, but we’ll save them for later” Phew, they’ve been in the house for 10 minutes, the BB House, there on television, playing a game, and Joanne just wants to play Brain Teasers! Regina pipes in with the fact that she won’t solve any of them. Interesting to note the fact that one extra day together (Ben & Joanne), the friendship between them is actually really strong.

Regina asks about the hot water in the shower. Ben says well when BB tells you the hot water is on, you run like buggery! He goes on to say the house has only 2 minutes of hot water, and it seems that Regina, who thinks that’s a bit cruel, believes him. With Joanne laughing her head off, you would think Regina would understand it’s all a big joke.

Oh dear. Regina then moves on to say “I’d like to have a bath”, to which Joanne replies that she’ll try to construct one for her tomorrow. Moving inside, Ben starts talking about his love interest which took place over five continents. He says he followed a girl half way round the world, to eventually get the girl to fall in love with him, only to walk away!

Over in the square house to quell the boredom Irena is allowed to pluck one of Jaime’s blackheads. Soo lovely! Not much time spent looking at the square house, because we’re instantly thrown back to the circle house, and that damn riddle.

Carlo gets the quote of the day today, asking “Where’s Ben? Is he dead? Is he OK? I feel for Benny!” The only thing Vincent replies with is simply “Who’s Ben?” Ah, gotta love the square house.

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