Day 3

Big Brother booms his voice into both houses telling them all that the hot water has now been turned on. Joanne makes her way out in a robe, and with BB giving us a great view, she disrobes… leaving a bikini on her. Ben is also up, keeping himself busy with the dishes.

Next door Carlo lets Vincent in on their secret calendar! It involves putting something into holes in the wall, with these seven holes each representing a day. The problem is there is no logical order in the brain of Carlo. I can’t see this working for very long at all. Furthermore, next to it, they have a plan to add one rock each week, so they can tell how many weeks have past, and how many till hometime. Over breakfast, Vincent gives Carlo a jab by saying that once Carlo fell asleep the rest of the house had a decent conversation about evolution, and sex wasn’t bought into the complex equation once.

Joanne raises the possibility of giving Ben a brain teaser. She says she got it in 5-10 minutes. She asks Ben “a man parks outside a hotel. How does he know he is immediately bankrupt?” It looks like it’s going to take Ben a few minutes to get this. After 20 seconds Joanne asks ‘so, you got it yet!’ Ben asks for some quiet time.

Some time later, with Joanne lying down, Ben comes in and fishes for some clues to the brain teaser. Later, seeing he still can’t get it, he comes up with another teaser for Joanne. “If B is overtaken by C, and B was second, assuming that the race finishes this lap, where does C finish?” The answer is clearly 2nd, but Ben drags it out and make Joanne think she got it wrong, when in actual fact she was right all along.

Over in the square house, the girls are having a chat in the bedroom, discussing Carlo and his obsession with sex! Irena comes up with a theory everyone 21 is like Carlo, and give Jaime two years, he’ll be like Carlo as well. The girls continue discussing Jaime, and how nice he is. He’s not fake, and “not everything he says is about penises”.

Here comes Patrick into the round house. A 3rd guest has arrived, and unlike Vincent’s welcome into the square house, this is a little bit low key. But everyone is very happy. He laughs when told there are 3 people only in the house.

It’s 7:55pm in the square house, and they are waiting for a new arrival. Will they get one!? I don’t think so! Meanwhile, back at the circle house, Regina has entered the building.

Next door, Belinda gets everyone to be quiet. As soon as they do, Belinda says “how come when we’re quiet, they’re also quiet”. Meanwhile, back across the road, they discuss the “Hey Baby” guy, Carlo. Ben insists he doesn’t like him! Joanne then says “Oh, we’ve got some brain teasers for you, but we’ll save them for later” Phew, they’ve been in the house for 10 minutes, the BB House, there on television, playing a game, and Joanne just wants to play Brain Teasers! Regina pipes in with the fact that she won’t solve any of them. Interesting to note the fact that one extra day together (Ben & Joanne), the friendship between them is actually really strong.

Regina asks about the hot water in the shower. Ben says well when BB tells you the hot water is on, you run like buggery! He goes on to say the house has only 2 minutes of hot water, and it seems that Regina, who thinks that’s a bit cruel, believes him. With Joanne laughing her head off, you would think Regina would understand it’s all a big joke.

Oh dear. Regina then moves on to say “I’d like to have a bath”, to which Joanne replies that she’ll try to construct one for her tomorrow. Moving inside, Ben starts talking about his love interest which took place over five continents. He says he followed a girl half way round the world, to eventually get the girl to fall in love with him, only to walk away!

Over in the square house to quell the boredom Irena is allowed to pluck one of Jaime’s blackheads. Soo lovely! Not much time spent looking at the square house, because we’re instantly thrown back to the circle house, and that damn riddle.

Carlo gets the quote of the day today, asking “Where’s Ben? Is he dead? Is he OK? I feel for Benny!” The only thing Vincent replies with is simply “Who’s Ben?” Ah, gotta love the square house.

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