Day 3 Live crossover

We are joined by Gretel who is wearing too much blush on her cheeks. She’s with Patrick in the Big Brother eviction hallway, ready to send Patrick into the Big Brother house (which one though?). Upon questioning Patrick says he was very disappointed when first told he wouldn’t be going into the house, and that he has no plan to win when living in the house.

Patrick’s video profile is shown.

Gretel is then joined by Sarah Marie (from BB1), Damien (from BB2) and Carmel Hill (the BB shrink). Carmel explains that Ben was chosen to be put in on his own for a night because he is usually the one in control and in this situation he wasn’t. Jo was the next in to provide some female competition to Ben’s control-freak nature. Gretel accidentally gives away what house Patrick is going into (the round house). He is going to be the threat to Ben’s dominate position in the house.

Damien says he would rather be in the square house and feels he would get along well with Carlo, but Jo is out of his league! Sarah Marie would rather be in the round house because it would be easier to make better friends with a smaller amount of people.

We are then treated to some update footage. Ben and Jo are discussing a plan to ignore the next housemate. It then evolves into tricking the housemate into thinking that this is the “holding house”, and making them wait in the bedroom for a long period of time. In the words of Jo: “mindgames baby”.

Live: Patrick enters the house, calling out “hello?”. First reactions are “woohoo” by Ben and “Oh my god are you serious?” from Jo. They all greet, make friends.. none of that trickery that Ben and Jo were plotting earlier. Jo says she’s got a headache (isn’t that what Ben said when Jo entered the house?). In the bedroom Patrick is picking out his bed. Jo and Ben share a brief hug while Jo says “yay we got some one”.

More update footage: Ben is cleaning the house from top to bottom while Joanne spends the entire time (or so it seems) sunbathing in the yard. Back with the experts, Gretel suggests Ben is trying to impress Jo. Carmel says Ben made it clear it was his house. Also, she mentions that Patrick has a personality that will adapt to the people around him. Damien and Sarah Marie both agree that the houses are way too small.

Back in the house the three round housemates are explaining how they entered into the house. Jo and Patrick talk about the same security guard who opened the door for them.

Back to Gretel. Sarah Marie and Damien are saying the square house is very segregated, with the guys outside building sand castles while the girls are inside the bedroom gossiping about the boys, and their boyfriends outside the house. In some live footage from the house, the square housemates are waiting outside expecting a new housemate to enter. Carlo says something ___ scrotum (most of it was censored).

Gretel is now saying that the square house thinks there may be a third house, and thats where everyone else is. The round housemates think that the other house must be much larger than theirs. Gretel is now in the eviction tunnel with Regina (29), who says she has no plan and doesn’t know what to expect. Gretel says “we don’t know which house BB has planned for her to enter” this immediately gives it away that she’s going into the round house. Regina’s video profile is shown: “I’m a bit loud at times”. Carmel says Regina is the female aussie battler.

Regina enteres the house. Jo is ecstatic, probably because there is another girl in the house. They all clear up the situation as to why there are only four housemates there. Meanwhile the square house has heard the comotion next door and is still expecting another housemate to enter. Carlo says he will show off his ass to the new housemate.

Gretel wraps up the night, saying in the words of Big Brother “haha, ticked you!” (um.. no). Sarah Marie predicts that Jo will become the leader of the round house. Damien says Vincent will knaw away at the housemates, and that Ben is on a power trip. Carmell agrees with Sarah Marie and adds that Regina will probably become second in command. Gretel blurts out one of her usual metaphores, calling BB “solitaire, then twister, then Ken and Barbie (???)… but the game is Big Brother”.

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