Day 2

Big Brother Day 2 update starts with morning showers in the square house. Meanwhile in the round house Benjamin is cooking up a breakfast for Joanne and himself, looks like it consists of coffee and sausages.

Later in the day, the light rain prevents the square household from doing anything outside, instead they sit on the patio and talk amongst themselves. Carlo discusses his Dad’s religious near-death experience. The conversation moves onto the housemate’s living arangements outside the BB house. Claire also talks about when she told her Mother she was bisexual. She said she wanted to tell her Mum in such a way that her Mum wouldn’t think should could be changed (or along those lines).

Later Irena and Belinda talk about marriages. Irena shows her engagement ring which she doesn’t wear on her finger, but instead on a necklace.

Carlo is singing horribly the ‘Hey Babe’ song while Irena claps along. Ben hears the singing over the wall and says “Thank fuck I’m here”. Footage from Joanne’s entrance into the house is shown from last night. Ben and Jo hug and greet each other. Ben says “I’m it” which surprises Jo: “What, are you kidding me? Get out!”.

In the square house Vincent walks in on the housemates who are sitting around outside having a conversation. They all meet and exchange names, handshakes. Meanwhile Ben is showing Jo the outside showers, she says “this is crazy! What did we get ourselves into?”. Ben tells Jo about the guy next door who “won’t shutup” (obviously Carlo).

While Vincent talks with the square housemates Carlo (for some reason or another) moons the housemates. Vincent, shocked, says “I’ve been here ten minutes and I’ve seen your ass!”.

Back to the round house. Jo says she’ll sleep next to Ben. Soon she is complaining that the room is wrong, and they must have been given the crap house. Ben complains that there is no spa, and Jo suggests it’s under the big sand mound in the backyard… she suggests that they go digging tomorrow for it.

Vincent is giving cooking tips to the housemates and gets quite annoyed when Carlo and Irena call him “Vince”. Then footage of Vincent and Jaime bonding. Then shock horror! Vincent’s dried rose petals have grown mould on them. Apparently he has dry skin and needs the rose petals to make a special wash for his face. The other housemates assure him he can probably still use some of the rose petals that haven’t got mould on them. Problem solved!

Later in the night Carlo suggests they have a Jerry Springer night to keep things from getting boring. Vincent is the host and the first guest on the “show” is Irena who plays ‘Krystal’. Krystal has a confession to make: She plays the Oboe. Irena does a great job at playing an American talk show guest. Claire (Steve the bouncer) and Vincent (who is hosting the show) can’t stop laughing while Irena keeps a straight face the entire time. The next guest, Carlo comes out dressed up in womans clothing… am I seeing a trend here?

10:21pm – Ben and Jo talk more about his wife by the BBQ. He says that his wife is being very good about him being on Big Brother (much better than he would be if she was in the house). They hear the other housemates yelling and screaming, Ben complains about Carlo once again.

Back in the square house Jaime comes out as Carlo’s brother on BB Jerry Springer. Irena looses it and starts screaming and swearing, ala Jerry Springer style.

Ben and Jo discuss their secrets over dinner. Ben says he has many secrets and in his line of work, there is always going to be some one questioning him . He says that there is a matter which went to court, so he can’t reveal many details about it.

New bed time visual – a Big Brother pixel housemates gets into bed (animation).

12:35pm – Jo and Ben talk about how they are probably the old house and the others are the young house. They complain about those roudy youngsters.

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