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What have you learned about yourself from BB this year?



I learned that I really do live in a progressive left-wing bubble and that the majority of people in the world are still quite ignorant when it comes to a number of what I consider to be very easily resolved issues. And in turn, I learned that my tolerance for said people is so low that when presented with an opposing opinion (be it on the show or in here) I overload and take it very personally—which, in many respects, it is personal—to the point where it can really affect my day/night/whatever. So I've now learned to be somewhat more accepting of those that I deem to be complete whackjob idiots, because (unfortunately) they have the right to be stubborn when it comes to whatever backwards, ignorant views they may have, (although, to a point; the "right to bigotry" is a myth) just as I have the right to be stubborn in my views.
I find it hard to believe you didn't already know the first bit. I hope you can hang on to the knowledge you gained on how not to let it affect your day/night/whatever.


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I find it hard to believe you didn't already know the first bit. I hope you can hang on to the knowledge you gained on how not to let it affect your day/night/whatever.
Well, I did know it, I suppose, but I'm always forgetting it. It's easy to forget, I think. Some of the housemates in the house and some of the posters on here have kindly reenforced it night after night, so now I've really learned it. :tongue:


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That I wish I had not just sat on the sidelines and actually joined in on this forum. I have read posts for the last 3 years and never been involved. Wish I had now as I may never get the chance again

That I am WAY too old to watch BB. If and IF Skye wins .. I am so out of the loop of what Australia likes. I'll put it down to age.

AND .. That BBB is the only way to actually 'watch' BB.
You are not too old - the people who vote are too young! And start posting! It's fun!


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I have learned if I stick to the Daily Thread and the Sub Forum, I laugh, I learn, and I have fun.

I have also learned when I venture into housemates threads and read the nastiness and bitterness which is posted from all sides, I find myself fucking hating the vast majority of you.


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Travis, of all people, has taught me more than anyone. I HATED his initial King Shit "look at me, look at me", "loudest voice in the room", "loves the sound of his own voice" persona. I generally avoid those kind of people like the plague and hate having to work/exist beside them in close quarters. But after he settled in and toned down, there was a lot to like about him. Going forward I'm going to try and be a little less close-minded and avoidant, to try and see the 'more than meets the eye'.


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Awwww! xo

Yes sounds marvelous! Can we keep @Consuela locked outside at night though?
SugarMic said:
I've learnt that I want to live with...
@Consuela , @@the Theorist and @@MADONNA !!!
I was constantly be in stitches and amused :p
Share house on the sunny coast people??? Lol
These 3, amongst others have kept me entertained for the last few months, even when BB hasn't. Thanks :)

Oh, and I also learnt how to put a pic up in here too! YAY :p

@SugarMic turns up to a pub and asks the bartender to make them an Azhertz
The bartender asks, "how do you make an Azhertz?"
@SugarMic says: "well, what you do is, you accept a nightcap that @MADONNA and @Consuela make you before bed
and you wake up 8hrs later with your pyjamas around your ankle and your ass hurts"
The bartender made two.

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I was supposed to learn something? I thought it was just a reality show. No one told me I was supposed to take notes. Why didn't anyone say anything about learning anything?


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I have learnt the vast age gap between early thirties and late thirties, and feeling kinda old in comparison to the housemates.
And that even though I have hate watched most of the season, this forum is still fun.


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I want to add something and it is not necessarily ME related. Perhaps I should have started a new thread? I am not sure.

What I have learned is, the posters, avid supporters from all camps have been far more entertaining than the Season itself and that probably has much to do with the *️nal PG BS rating ( would have written ANAL but.. hey..PG..lol )and less than stellar Daily Shows we have been subjected to at the whim of CH9. The chop and change has made this Season a pretty *️ucked up one and it's not due to the housemates at all.

After the show closes, I would just like to say thank you to some for just being awesome, say go *️uck yourself to others and to several others again in "fan bases" other than the one I reside, thank you for trying to get to know me BEHIND BBB as I have had the good fortune to get to know that select few, BEHIND BBB as well.

As such, I suppose I have learned, some people will always be cunts, surface or not and others will surprise you and show themselves to be really nice, loving and caring people in reality.

So cool.. no new thread required! YAY! :biggrin: