Day 10

10.38am – Breakfast is served to the housemates, but its porridge yet again after the housemates broke rules in the house. Over breakfast the housemates watch the white room, who are also eating the same food. Everyone in both houses are looking pretty unenthused at their food. Later outside the girls discuss how Bodie is gutted after being made a “non housemate” for breaking nominations rules. No one can acknowledge Bodie or talk to him. Big Brother calls all houseamates to the lounge but as Bodie is a non housemate he must go to the hot tub area. Jamie and Thomas are called to the diary room to collect a table containing paddles. The paddles will be used to select couples for this week’s task. Aleisha picks first – Joel. Emma picks Andrew. Kate picks Thomas. Hayley picks Jamie. Rebecca picks Billy. Susannah picks Zoran. TJ picks Travis.

Andrew and Emma are the first couple called to the diary room for the task. Inside they find baby dolls and are told by Big Brother they are to each care for one of the baby. They must care for the baby as if it were their own real child. Andrew asks if they can name the baby, but BB does not repsond. The baby doll makes a gurgling noise as they pick it up. When they leave the diary room everyone cheers, except for Kate who looks uncomfortable.


1.28pm – Thomas and Kate are called to collect their computerised baby. Thomas is glad their baby is a boy. Kate on the other hand looks extremely uncomfortable and can’t sit still in the diary room chair. She eventually starts crying. Thomas hugs her and asks if she is ok.. she shakes her head. Big Brother asks if Kate is ok, she is not. Kate says if this is the task she is leaving the house because she lost a baby 18 months ago and she can’t be in this environment.

Kate: “I’ve obvioulsy got a lot of issues I still need to work through. Coming in here I didn’t think it was bad but I’ve realised it is”

The housemates outside wonder why Kate and Thomas are taking so long in the diary room. Kate tells Big Brother its not the fact that she would be doing this task on her own, its the fact there will be babies all around, talk and joking about babies and she wouldn’t be able to handle that. She won’t be able to get away from it. She doesn’t want to put herself through it, and would rather be out of the house instead.

Kate: “I’m sorry that I’m this weak but I can’t put myself through that”.

Kate says she doesn’t expect the task to change just for her but she won’t be forced into doing something she doesn’t want to do. Big Brother says if Kate wishes she can leave the diary room and take a moment – there is no need to make any decisions now. Kate and Thomas emerge from the diary room without a baby, and Kate has sunnies on her head. The HMs all figure out Kate has been crying and wonder what is going on. A little later BB calls all housemates in the lounge to the diary room. Meanwhile Kate and Thomas are in the chill out room talking about Kate’s residual issues. Big Brother tells the main housemate group that for reasons he will not disclose at this time the current task will cease and they must leave all babies in the diary room. Andrew asks if they are allowed to talk to Kate – Big Brother would prefer he talk to Kate first, then Kate can decide if she wants to discuss it openly.

Kate is telling Thomas its difficult because when you are pregnant and give birth your body goes through changes and she has come into a house where the girls all have great bodies and haven’t had to go through childbirth and that experience. It’s intimidating for her to see their bodies, especially TJ who is very skinny. Big Brother calls Kate to the diary room, and she thanks Thomas for talking to her before she leaves the chillout room. BB asks Kate how she is feeling and informs her the task has been withdrawn from the house – and that she is at liberty to leave the house. BB adds the task was never designed to upset Kate, and it is her choice to discuss this with the other housemates.

Kate says she will discuss it with the other housemates in five minutes when she’s had a chance to wash her face.


2.30pm – Kate has gathered the housemates and explains why the task has been cancelled – 18 months ago she was pregnant and lost the baby at the end of her pregnancy. It’s something she’ll never get over and being in a house full of screaming plastic babies was not something she was prepared to go through. She is now prepared to go further in the house now that the task has been withdrawn. Kate starts to get a little tearful while explaining this, as do the other female housemates. She doesn’t really want to go into depth and if the other housemates ask questions later on one-on-one she will go into it. It’s not something you can just mention in passing conversation. “You can’t understand what its like to lose a baby”. TJ and Hayley start tearing. Kate developed a condition with her pregnancy that resulted in the rare death of her baby. Kate explains that she is away from her support group so it adds more difficulty to the situation.

Thomas jumps in and says they can all see how the task could be a source of such stress for some one in her position. Travis says they would all rather fail the task than let her go through that. Everyone is supportive of Kate. She says she is sorry for being such a loudmouth bitch this week but she does have a side that isn’t like that. She apologises to Emma about what has happened in the last couple of days. Rebecca adds they should work on making a safety network for each other.

Rebecca: “When you look at a dead tree in the winter you don’t think its an ugly tree you think its going to be really pretty in the summer. Maybe this is your period to be a little bit dead and your summer’s just coming”


3.04pm – Talk has moved to showering naked. They all do a hand count, there are five housemates who have showered naked. TJ suddenly bursts into tears and goes into the bedroom, saying “stupid… stupid… so sick of it”. Thomas follows her but TJ doesn’t need a hug she says.. she’s crying because Bodie has been excluded from the other housemates as a punishment from Big Brother. Bodie meanwhile goes outside and walks around alone. TJ continues her rant about how the punishment is stupid and he’s being “treated by a dog”.

3.57pm – Bodie is still wandering around but is called to the diary room. His punishment is over. Bodie say he is “alright”… all of his answers are short and annoyed. Big Brother annouces to the entire house explaining that the rules are in place for a reason and housemates should police themselves when it comes to the rules. Some of the housemates run up to the diary room door to meet him when he comes out. Bodie suspects this has happened and questions BB on it. Bodie doesn’t want people to be waiting for him when he leaves the diary room. Too bad – the entire house is now waiting. Joel says he doesn’t want to talk to Bodie he just wants to kick him (jokingly). Bodie doesn’t want a “horray Bodie can talk thing”. BB doens’t want to talk about it.

Bodie leaves the diary room and gets a “horray Bodie can talk thing”.

7.02pm – Aleisha and Kate are in the bathroom. Al tells Kate she is really proud of her for what she explained about herself today. Bodie is sitting with TJ in the lounge room, but is still quiet. Bodie said the punishment was “a really good lesson”. Not just for what he did wrong, but a life lesson. He hasn’t been quiet for that amount of time ever and he heard a lot more and got to know the other housemates more than if he was allowed to speak. He sees people in this house differently now. TJ explains how she couldn’t deal with the punishment. Bodie didn’t realise how much of a friend and how much TJ cared about him. Bodie initially mistook her mood swings as two-faced.

TJ says she knows Bodie differently to the other housemates because she’s seen him in his quiet time…. like now.

Day 9

8:19am: Big Brother tells Emma that she must choose a housemate to go with her to feed the animals. Jamie sits up almost next to her, but she asks Thomas to come with her. They find that they have no eggs today. Inside, Jamie is exercising and Kate comes out to sit with him. Jamie tells her that he was fully awake when Emma was called for farmhand duties thinking that this was his chance to get to know her, but she chose Thomas. When the farmhands return they report that there are no eggs and no milk. Jamie says “oh bummer.” In the kitchen Emma and Thomas try to look for the bread and realise that all the food and drink has dissapeared, Big Brother taking whatever is left over each week so they start again.

Big Brother calls all housemates to the living room and Thomas comes out of the diary room and reads a letter. Big Brother tells them that their honeymoon is over, and with some housemates breaking rules, Big Brother has decided that housemates must earn their own way. Each day for doing their alloted chores, housemates will receive $3 each; for each rule breach $1 will be taken from this wage. Until further notice housemates will receive porridge for each and every meal. Thomas, having bought out the porridge from the diary room, starts getting cups and dishing out their first try of it. Bodie is dissapointed and suggests a strike. Others say Big Brother wouldn’t care.

1:52pm: Jamie sits on the couch watching the white room by himself, and looks upset. Emma sees this and tells Bodie and Aleisha. Bodie is saddened by the news, and wants to go and talk to him, but the girls stop him. Jamie starts hitting a pillow, obviously mad with himself. Back outside, Bodie says that they should try and include him more. Emma says that he needs to meet us halfway as well. Aleisha comes inside and they talk about the heat being a killer for Jamie, saying “yeh, I burn like that.”

Over in the white room, Harrison is crying. Demet says that they should perhaps all leave. They talk about it some more, saying that Cruz did the best thing. Harrison says that they should have left yesterday with him. Kara says that she feels that she could do this forever now. Harrison says that they have no chance of winning even if they do get into the house. Kara suggests talking to Big Brother and trying to work out something, and if there is no end in sight, then to all press the button together. They all say they are happy to all just go home. A little while later Big Brother starts talking to the wildcards. Big Brother tells them that something will change ‘very soon’, Kara says ok, but then says we agreed too soon, saying ‘we could’ve asked for hot chips’.

5:06pm: Rebecca and Kate are in the sauna. Kate says she isn’t comfortable in this house. Rebecca says the quirkyness of some housemates is annoying her. Kate is still peeved that she was given the job of janitor. Kate says that Thomas is part of their gang! Rebecca says the division in the house is becoming more and more apparent. Meanwhile, a few housemates are watching the White room on the feed, and say that they seem a lot happier than normal. Rebecca says that Bodie is irratating the crap of her, and Kate agrees.

8:32pm: Big Brother tells the housemates that are nominated are Kate, Bodie and Emma. Big Brother calls Emma to the diary room, and explains that as winner of FNL she can take someone off the block, and decide who to put up. She takes herself off, and puts Jamie up. Big Brother then tells the housemates that the new nominees will be announced ‘later’.

9:54pm: Aleisha is in the bedroom with Bodie. Bodie says that he hasn’t really missed home until right now. Aleisha says “It’s only because you think your unliked.” Aleisha says that she might still be up yet. Bodie says that Emma handled it very well. Bodie says he just got mad and couldn’t hide it. Emma says she thought she would be up. Bodie says that he doesn’t know about the hugs and kisses afterwards. Emma says that is as fake as anything. Outside, Kate and Hayley wonder who will be up with the ‘3 point twist’. Back in the bedroom, Emma says she can’t be bothered pretending to be nice to people. Bodie says he thought in the back of his mind that he would be right cause Emma had the 3 point twist, but says ‘we both got done.’

10:21pm: Still talking in the bedroom, Billy having joined in. Bodie says he doesn’t want to go. Bodie says that he is glad that he has ‘you 4’ and he says he’ll still have fun until the end. Aleisha again says that she could still be up. Bodie says she wouldn’t get one vote. Emma says that the majority of the people in the house are quite geeky, and she says she has nothing in common with anyone. On the couch, Kate is saying that she didn’t realise how boring and lonely the place would be. Emma tells Bodie that Sussanah is two faced, perhaps Rebecca also. They say for a mormen shes very strange. Bodie says that Rebecca is as bland as a couple of weet bixs. Emma also says that Jamie is a nerd and a weirdo.

Big Brother calls Bodie to the diary room. Big Brother tells Bodie that by telling someone they probably wouldn’t even receive a vote, he has effectively told that person he didn’t vote for them. Bodie looks confused. He says he didn’t deliberately do it. Big Brother tells him that until told otherwise he is a non housemate. Bodie laughs. Big Brother reveals to everyone in the living room that Bodie is a non housemate, and that they must not speak to him or include him in any conversation. Any housemate seen talking to Bodie will also face serious penalty. Bodie comes out from the diary room and can’t help but laugh, taking a seat by himself at the table. Rebecca says that this is worse for Bodie than being kicked out. Kate doesn’t agree. Housemates begin to think about bed. Rebecca says ‘the real game is only just beginning.’ Bodie wanders outside near the spa, looking as bored as anything. Kate says that Rebecca, Jamie and herself do not fit the typical BB mould.

Day 8

7:44pm: Housemates are in the bedroom watching the White room feed. All wildcard contestants are standing around the button. He offers the group $500 to hit the red button, and no one takes it. When Big Brother offers $750 Cruz hits the button, and the housemates realise that he has taken some kind of offer. Cruz says goodbye to all his wildcard mates. A ninja comes in and grabs Cruz. Kara is incontrolable. Cruz is led into the house, and into the rewards room to get a quick glance of the housemates. Demet says that Kara perhaps just needed an excuse to really cry. Big Brother gathers the main housemates back on the couch. Big Brother reveals to the house that they have a chance to win money for the prize pool each week by completing the weekly task. Big Brother tells them that the first task was worth $50,000. Big Brother reveals that 10 housemates had the same task, to uncover the secret relationship in the house. Big Brother asks Hayley to stand up and reveal who is in a relationship with her. Everyone is shocked, even moreso when she says that her boyfriend is Andrew. Everyone is shocked, and Bodie is wrapped that he picked it! Big Brother then tells the housemates that because 3 people correctly guessed they have passed this week’s task. Thomas can’t believe it!

8:27pm: Big Brother has again gathered the housemates on the couch. He reveals that their is infact another relationship in the house. He says that one person was sent into the house to make Andrew and Hayley’s job more difficult. It’s again up to Hayley to reveal that Billy is her ex-boyfriend. Andrew laughs! TJ can’t believe it and wonders if he was the one that turned gay. Billy goes to talk to Big Brother to enquire about what he can and can’t talk about. Jamie reveals to the house how he found out who the couple was. He says that what confirmed it was that the back of their photos had the same code on them! Zoran wonders what pissed Andrew off the most, but Hayley says that she hated TJ giving him a head massage on the first night. TJ hears this from the kitchen.

9:34pm: Sussanah and Kate are in the bedroom. Sussanah thinks that people will freak out by the news. Thomas and Hayley are hugging and laughing out by the spa. Sussanah in the bedroom comes to talk to TJ. Back outside, the guys wonder if anyone is pissed off. They doubt it. As TJ joins everyone outside, she says to Sussanah she just thinks that it’s weird. TJ calls her comment about the head massage out on Hayley, and Hayley walks away saying ‘this is weird.’ Hayley tells Rebecca that she is pissed off because she can’t understand why TJ is angry at her. Rebecca comforts Hayley, and Hayley says ‘she can go and get stuffed.’ TJ comes into the bedroom to find Hayley, and waits while she is in the bathroom. Back outside, Travis thinks the tension has gone out of the house now. Emma says that they want no more twists like that. TJ grabs Hayley out of the bathroom and they talk over their disagreement and they sort things out and hug. They go back and rejoin the rest of the housemates outside. They all have drinks and do a few toasts to the new couple. Billy decides that Hayley, Andrew should go with him to the diary room. Once there, Andrew says it’s so nice to have this off his chest. He says that Billy is an awesome bloke. Hayley even says that she has new found respect for Billy as well through this task. Billy says it was great to be able to make friends with Andrew before he knew who ‘exactly’ he was.

11:01pm: Hayley is chatting to Sussanah and Rebecca and says that she is glad that she didn’t know everyone had a secret mission. Hayley says that Andrew is the guy she wants to marry. She tells the girls how they ‘stole’ kisses in the bathroom etc. She says they were very careful not to get caught.

12:16am: Andrew and Bill swap beds so Hayley and Andrew can sleep next to each other. In the chillout room, Rebecca and Kate watch as TJ moves around the kitchen hiding cutlery. They laugh a lot trying to figure out why. Back in the bedroom Hayley says she wants to marry Andrew, and Andrew replies “if your lucky”.

Day 5

9:29pm: Emma and Aleisha are in the diary room, and Big Brother lets them through to the rewards room for the first time. They jump around, while Big Brother tells all other housemates to go to the bedroom. Soon after, the dividing wall between the bedroom and the rewards room is revealed, and they all get to see the feast available to the rewards room housemates. Big Brother tells Emma to open one box for a prize. She picks box number two, and wins a holiday. The housemates in the main house have the clouded screen back up, but Aleisha yells loud enough so they can hear what she won. They decide to start eating while the other housemates watch, but then the glass is quickly clouded over. They tuck into the feast available to them. Aleisha and Emma talk about who to give chores to who.

Meanwhile out at the spa, everyone else says that Travis did well. Travis says he would have rathered go out early than get that fair and miss out on that. Emma says that everyone had said that the person who came second should get invited into the rewards room, but Emma says she just wanted to pick someone who she would get along with. Out at the spa the housemates are saying it’s great to be able to take whoever you want. Big Brother calls Emma and Aleisha to the diary room. Big Brother informs them that this year, while people are in the rewards room they are allowed to discuss nominations. They are told not to tell anyone.

10:54pm: Emma and Aleisha are back in the rewards room and they immediately talk about nominations. Aleisha says that she has been thinking about it a lot. Emma says she will nominate Kate because shes insensitive, on her high horse and she feels like she is above everyone else. Emma also says thatshe would nominate Jamie. Aleisha says she would nominate exactly the same, saying that Jamie never gets involved in group conversations. Aleisha says that he is cool when they are one and one, but in a group he doesn’t say a word.

In the kitchen, Kate and TJ are saying that Emma had that determination to win. Back in the rewards room, Aleisha says that she is a bit concerned about Hayley. Emma says that Hayley is going to play the game and nominate that way, whereas Emma says she is just nominating based on not liking them. Outside Kate wonders if Thomas would pash Hayley. Thomas says he wouldn’t pash anyone in the house out of respect for his ex girlfriends. The girls in the rewards room talk about Thomas. They both agree that he’s a bit soapy, and that they prefer their men to be ‘real men.’ Back in the house, Andrew and Hayley quickly get a chance to talk in the bedroom. They sit together on the couch. Hayley explains that she has been flirting with Thomas because she knew he wouldn’t do anything. Andrew tells her not to kiss anyone, saying he thought she tried, or Bodie tried to kissed her the other night. Thomas comes in so they move the conversation onto a different path and invite him to come and have a chat. Thomas says he’s not going to interrupt them because they look cute, they would make a good couple.

1:21am: Most housemates are on the couch. TJ and Thomas are having an argument. Kate tells Thomas that he has the ‘air of a liar.’ Thomas says he’s as honest as anything. TJ can’t believe that, and says that he needs to clean up his act. Thomas tells TJ that she is a very ‘loud mouthed Darwin person who thinks if they talk loudly enough they’ll get what they want.” Aleisha giggles in the background! Thomas says that if his flirtations have been taken the wrong way, and he apologises. TJ says that he is being hypocritical. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Billy says that it’s getting really interesting in the house and that they are only at the 6 day mark. Zoran agrees, saying that they’ll be so many cracks and different groups within a few weeks. Back outside, Thomas again whispers an apology to Hayley for leading her on. Hayley admits she was fine with it, and that TJ had just gone ‘over the top, crazy.’ Thomas decides to head over and apologise to TJ once again, but before he even reaches her she starts chanting “Don’t even bother.” Thomas finally apologises for calling her a ‘loud mouthed Darwin.’ She goes onto say that Thomas is just a big city boy, and he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. TJ then says that she’s had enough of him. TJ has a smirk on her face, and then Aleisha makes her laugh loudly when she asks “TJ, if I ever get on your bad side can you tell me what I did before you get angry.” TJ whipsers to her that it’s just a joke, and she’ll let him know tomorrow if she feels like it.

2:29am: Aleisha and Emma are in the rewards room saying they never want to get on the wrong side of TJ. In the bedroom as everyone settles into bed, TJ says goodnight to the room. Back in the rewards room, Emma comments that Thomas got his head ripped off tonight. She also says that Kate was talking to her tonight, and that was strange.

Day 4

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8:09 A.M.: Billy is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells him it’s time to receive his next mission. When Billy is told to tend to the animals he must take Hayley with him. Shortly after leaving the Diary Room Big Brother tells Billy it’s time to tend the animals, and to pick one house mate to help him. Andrew says “I’ll do it with you, mate.” another house mate yells out “one of the girls might want to do it.” Someone else yells out “Nah Zoran wanted to go, mate.” Billy tells Hayley that he will take her. She isn’t too sure, but Billy convinces her to come with him. This is the first time Billy and Hayley have been alone to talk about their former relationship. Billy is not allowed to tell her why is he in the house. They enter the barnyard greeting all the animals. Billy asks how strange it was for Hayley when he entered the house. Hayley isn’t sure whether they can talk or not, Billy assures her that they can. Billy had no idea Hayley was in the house before he entered and it was a bit bizarre when he found out. Billy asks how the last couple of days have been and Hayley says stress free until he came. Billy says “It’s not stress free, nothing is stress free in here.” Hayley didn’t expect Billy to be so nice to her and he wonders why she would think that. Billy says that he is just being himself and asks if he is making her feel strange. Hayley says it’s alright. They both agree that people should never know about them.

Bodie is in the Diary Room. He along with most other housemates believe they are the only one given the mission of discovering the secret couple. He tells Big Brother he wants to give him an update on his progress. Hayley, Jamie and Andrew are the only ones that have what it takes to pull it off he says. “But who can really be sure?”
Back in the animal enclosure, Hayley and Billy are still feeding the animals. Billy tells Hayley she doesn’t have to be concerned about him being in the house. Hayley says she’s not. Billy says that she still loves him and Hayley replies that she will always love him, but it would be so weird for some people.

Bodie is still in the diary room. He says if it was Andrew pulling it off the only person that he would be compatible with is Hayley. “Oh, yes there would be some very amused people” says Hayley. They discuss whether Hayley still holds a grudge, she says she never did. Billy asks how her family are going. Over to the lounge room where 6 of the housemates are. They are discussing Billy and Hayley. “Is Billy still milking the cow?” “Takes a while.” After hearing Hayley went in there with Billy, Zoran makes a joke about Hayley milking the cow and then Billy comes up behind her and starts milking too. The housemates laugh and Andrew puts on a bit of a smile.

In the animal enclosure again and Hayley tells Billy the reason they were together was because they get on so well and he agrees. They want to continue getting on in the house. Billy was “a bitch”, after they broke up but she wont say who told her that. Billy said that he was heartbroken, “it sucked.” Big Brother tells them to leave and to take the milk and eggs with them. They kiss and hug, then leave.

9:52 A.M.: Billy and Hayley enter the house telling them they didn’t get to milk the cow today. Andrew asks what they did, and Hayley replies with a list including feeding the animals and giving them “some love.” Someone brings up the non-existent zebra and Hayley says it was cool. Andrew says that they are “so full of crap” and walks off. Hayley and Billy continue trying to convince people there is a zebra in there.

Andrew is washing his hands in the bathroom and walks out into the bedroom. Hayley is there, alone. Andrew asks Hayley how was it and she tells him it was fine, “the usual.” Andrew tells Hayley to check if there are any girls in the toilet. He quickly changes his mind and tells her not to worry about it. Andrew enters the bathroom where Hayley still is and kisses her a couple of times. Hayley walks out with a big smile on her face. Hayley goes to get some clothes and says “An interesting old day, Big Brother.”

2:35 P.M. A few of the house mates are in and around the pool. Zoran lifts TJ above his head while she spreads her arms and legs out, it doesn’t last long. Inside Billy, Bodie and Aleisha are in the bedroom and make a pact. “What two say, the other one has to do.” Bodie decided to put everyone’s pillow in the draw at the end of their beds, except theirs. Jamie, Hayley and Thomas are hanging out in the Chill Out Room. Hayley says she has had the chance to talk to some people she has been having differences with. Jamie inquires about the differences. She says that she has been talking to Andrew, and Billy. Jamie tells her he knew Billy would take her with him to feed the animals. Both Thomas and Jamie tell her that Billy has her in his eyes. Out in the lounge room Bodie pretends to read a letter from Big Brother, to get Emma to join his group (with Billy and Aleisha). He says that he needs to get three people to join his “poss’ e” and they have already completed one task of hiding the pillows earlier. In the bedroom Jamie and Rebecca discover they have no pillows. Back in the lounge room Emma and Aleisha are discussing whether the house mates would be angry at what they are doing. Emma doesn’t care if they do. Aleisha said she wouldn’t care if her pillows were hidden. In the bedroom they find out where the pillow are. Jamie thinks it “seems very Bodie.” Over to the Chill Out Room and this time Andrew, Billy and Zoran are in there. Andrew seems unaware that some house mates think Billy is “having a crack at Hayley.” Andrew says there are a few male housemates showing her attention, such as Billy, Zoran and Thomas. Billy and Andrew agree that it is all a bit of fun.

4:09 P.M.: 6 of the housemates are on the lounge watching the plasma screen which is showing The White Room. Bodie asks Andrew if he would pursue a relationship with any of the females in The White Room. He says that he wouldn’t. In the bathroom Aleisha, Emma, and some other house mates are dressing up for a group discussion they have planned for tonight. Next door in the bedroom, Thomas throws some lip balm to TJ but it doesn’t reach her. TJ says it was lucky because she wasn’t prepared for it and it would have hit her in the head. Thomas gets it again and throws it to her. TJ tells him that she has already used lip balm and her lips are shiny. She asks if Thomas likes it and he says he doesn’t. The house mates have assembled in the lounge for their discussion. Katie says that they should discuss “things that are really pissing us off” and you cannot interrupt someone else. Everyone agrees. Jamie starts by saying how happy he is to be in the house, and acknowledges that sometimes he may be quite. He says that he doesn’t knock back a chat if someone wants to talk with him. He ends by saying everyone is “bloody fantastic.” Katie is next and says that if your going to yell at night go outside, but stay if you can whisper. Rebecca says that she is experiencing a lot of genuine love and affection for all. People start leaving to do the dishes.

8:19 P.M.: Hayley is alone in the bedroom and Andrew comes out of the bathroom. Hayley immediately runs up and hugs and kisses him and then leaves. Bodie, Aleisha and Emma are sitting together outside. Emma and Bodie are discussing how “outright rude” Katie is. Emma mentions how Rebecca was saying how she loves everyone. “I’m just like, you’ve known us four days and you love us? I don’t love you. I don’t even know you.” she says its good people have bonded, but Rebecca has taken it to far. The others are laughing with her. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the yard a few housemates including Katie and Rebecca are dancing and playing. Emma is still talking about Rebecca, “I don’t even know you. Where do you live? Who are you? What’s your mobile number? Do I have your e-mail address? Do we like hang out? No. It’s pathetic.”

10:58 P.M.: The housemates are sitting in and around the spa. Billy comes up with an idea for a game, to speak about the best day of your life. Jamie goes first and talks about his school’s production of Goldie Locks and The Three Bears. Jamie played Little Bear. When he went to say his line in the play he improvised a line and got laughs and applause from the audience. TJ says the best day of her life was when she got reunited with her “other family,” which is her Dad, Step mum and sister. They were separated for 8 years before she tracked them down. She cries while describing them getting out of the car and saying “Welcome home.” Billy tells a story about a day he shared at the beach with Hayley. He said it was a really intense day including lunch and a walk. Katie says that connection happens sometimes with someone new. Bodie asks what happened with her, Billy says it was a one day thing and it has been a while since he has seen this girl.

12:39 A.M.: Thomas has got TJ in The Chill Out room because he wants to discuss her flirting with him. She says the flirting was invited, he’s sorry it was invited. Thomas wonders what the real reason she is flirting with his is. TJ says if she sees something she likes, she will flirt. Thomas tells TJ she is good looking, attractive and “all that sort of stuff” but he is not looking for a relationship. He is flirting with her because it is fun. TJ says he is going to mislead and upset people if he keeps doing that, and it is wrong. TJ flings a bracelet at him and says to keep it. “And I think you should not rub your feet. And I think when you go to sleep you should maybe roll over and face the other way. And I think maybe you should keep your flirtatious crap to yourself.” Thomas says he is really sorry, and TJ says stop apologizing because she will get angry and upset. Thomas said that he got a lot out of this conversation and TJ replies “I bet you did.” “I’m a boy, give me a break.” “27, and still a boy. How. Do. You. Feel?.” “Confused.”

Day 2

8.17am – Housemates are outside having a talk about the house. Travis says in the house he is restless and can’t sleep properly. Some housemates are still in bed, but are soon woken by a rooster alarm sounding through the house. The housemates already awake laugh and scream “I love it”. Joel, in the bedroom decides to make his own rooster noises. Bodie and Joel then jump on the bed and shake their crotches. Big Brother annouces it is time to tend the animals. Rebecca and Kate quickly volunteer to do it today. The animals are all impatient for their food and call out, but Kate tells them patience is a virtue. The two girls feed the goats at the same time. Rebecca talks baby talk to the goats. Back in the house a lot of the housemates are exercising or doing weights. Kate is now having a go at milking rosy the cow, she tells the cow to be easy. Big Brother instructs Kate to put the milk in the milking station – it is then swapped for pasturised milk for the housemates to drink. It only seems to be about 1 litre for the whole house. Kate is impressed with herself and says she should be a “zooy person”.

Secret couple Andrew and Hayley are both doing weights near each other. Hayley jokes with Thomas about doing poses, and he gives her a pose of his own, whie Andrew is watching. Joel comes to the diary room and says he is feeling punished by his task to find out the secret couple. He says he is good at sussing out people but needs some indepth conversation to find them out. Big Brother says maybe he should continue trying. Joel rambles on about his investigations, saying its an interesting game but its doing his head over. In the bathroom Aleisha asks Jamie how he is settling in with the personalities in the house. Jamie says in his group of friends he is the loud one but coming into the BB house he feels quiet. Back in the diary room Joel says he has inclings about Jamie, that he isn’t telling the truth. Joel adds that Jamie just observes and doesn’t talk much, and thats why he has suspicions. Jamie tells Aleisha he thought she was uncomfortable around him. She doesn’t think so. Joel continues to list people he is suspicious about: Rebecca and Thomas. He says he will have to use all of his carisma and charm to figure this one out.


9.56am – Andrew is in the diary room. He says its getting harder not being able to wake up with Hayley and give her a hug and kiss. “Its a game and its a challenge.. its a good challenge”. He wants to have some one-on-one time with Hayley and have a chat. Meanwhile Hayley is in the bedroom telling Jamie she can’t relate to Andrew (it’s an act). Andrew has been trying to act blokey to seem like a single guy, which really isn’t him he says. He is looking forward to the day when everyone finds out and they can relax and go outside and lie on the chairs and have a cuddle and “just be us”. Travis is questioning Hayley about whether she thinks Andrew is gay. Hayley continues her act and says that maybe because he is a firefighter he might be uncomfortable with coming out of the closet. Jamie says if Andrew is gay and wants to stay in the closet thats his choice. Hayley adds that Andrew has a dramatic streak about him.

Thomas is in the chillout room with Rebecca. He asks her if anyone is getting on anyones nerves, and then switches the sentence to whether HE is getting on anyones nerves. Rebecca doesn’t think so. She’s wrong because in the bedroom Travis, Hayley and Jamie are talking about him. Jamie notes Thomas is constantly apologising and saying sorry for things and he would rather Thomas just settle down. Hayley agrees and says he should take some heat. Travis adds “he’s a nancy”. Fantastic editing here as we cut to a shot of Thomas telling Rebecca he hates people talking about him behind his back, and not being able to say it to his face. Rebecca feels a little bit of tension in the air… Thomas doesn’t think so but Rebecca confirms “oh its there”.


5.21pm – Hayley is lying on Thomas as her secret boyfriend Andrew watches on. Thomas gives Hayley a foot massage and she says loudly “oh I’ve found the love of my life”. Andrew says he can’t touch feet (is this an act?) and discussion in the living room turns to feet in general. Thomas doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Andrew wouldn’t such any toes even if he was given $1000. Rebecca annouces to the house…. (she doesn’t have an announcement yet)… then decides to do some disco dancing in the living room with no music. In the kitchen Andrew and TJ are washing the dishes and they both agree they aren’t missing out on anything not being over where the “disco” dancing is happening. TJ says she isn’t a chick-chick and prefers the company of guys to girls. Andrew says it would have been nice if other people helped them with the dishes. The housemates in the living room start swapping pick up lines.

Jamie goes first: “Hi my names Mr. Wright I hear you’ve been looking for me”. Rebecca gives a lame laugh.

Thomas licks his finger and puts it on Hayley’s top: “Hi you wanna go home and get out of these wet clothes?”

“Hi my name is Thomas.. you’re going to be screaming it later”.

In the bathroom TJ has Bodie lying down while she plucks his eyebrows. She notes they keep sneaking off but Bodie doesn’t care what the others think he likes spending time with TJ. She says she is shaking so much and Bodie adds maybe she is nervous about being around him. TJ laughs it off “this guy’s so hot right now”.

8.09pm – Big Brother calls all male housemates to the bedroom. All female housemates to the lounge immediately. Joel gets revved up. Emma isn’t impressed it seems BB got her out of bed. The diary door opens and Zoran enters the house. The girls all scream and welcome him, but the boys in the bedroom can only hear them and can’t see whats happening. They all figure out some one has entered the house and decide to do their own fake cheer as if some one was let in through the bedroom. However all the girls are outside now with Zoran and don’t hear it. The girls and Zoran fill each other in on whats happened and then pour some champagne. They all toast to Zoran’s entrance into the house. The boys are still trapped in the bedroom but are soon greeted by Susannah who enters through the bathroom. The boys naturally go psycho and introduce themselves one by one. Susannah is all smiles and giggles. The girls in the living room instantly hear the new female in the house and Hayley screams out “she sounds hot!”.

Big Brother annouces housemates are free to leave the bedroom, and everyone is mixed together for meet and greets. On the conversation list is where Zoran’s name comes from (its Macedonian) and how old he is. Travis says he looks older. Susannah updates Hayley and Rebecca on her relationship status – she’s taken but only met her boyfriend a few weeks ago. She was scared she was in a house full of guys when she first entered. Outside she is given the house tour, but no one knows where to go first.


8.39pm – Big Brother calls everyone to the house. They immediately suspect a new housemate again. Billy walks through the diary room door. Hayley (his ex) stands up and looks shocked, then scared. When they “meet” each other they pretend not to know each other and Hayley sits on the couch nervously. She asks him where he’s from – Sydney. Billy gets updated on the other new housemates from tonight. Thomas says to Andrew and Hayley “stick together? we’ll stick together?”. Andrew asks him if he feels threatened – Thomas says yeah he wants to stay in the house as an original. Hayley asks Billy how old he is – 23, but Billy doesn’t seem interested in her at all. Hayley starts gasping and grabs Thomas, saying “we’re sticking together”. Travis is the most interested in Billy, asking him questions and having drinks with him.

Hayley goes to the diary room, much to the annoyance of the other housemates. Hayley told the housemates she was only just going to check if they can leave the lounge. Instead she tells Big Brother as if BB didn’t already know that her ex-boyfriend has just come into the house an an intruder. Andrew gives Billy 20 questions. Sydney, insurance broker, 23. In the diary room Hayley tells Big Brother she nearly fell of her seat when Billy walked into the room. She thought he was overseas and long gone, and she already has quite a bit of stress with the secret relationship and now this. She is blown out of water. “It’s a challenge, he probably knows me better than anyone else in this house except Andrew”. Billy is already a hit with the other boys in the house. Andrew very ackwardly asks Billy if he is gay – he’s not, obviously.

Andrew: “aah… not.. .that thats a big issue, its just we still don’t have a gay person in the house”.

Billy turns away from the conversation. Hayley meanwhile is reminded the rules of her mission – she cannot recognise anyone she knows in the house and she can’t discuss it with Andrew. Before she leaves she checks if they can leave the lounge – they can.


9.24pm – Billy is in the chillout room and is joined by Zoran and Susannah. The new boys ask the new girl how old she is – they guess 25 but she is actually 30. They say she doesn’t look 30. She says she loves them both for thinking she looks younger. She says she is the opposite of the stereotypical 30 year old married and with kids. Zoran gives Aleisha a kiss through the chill out room window. There is lipstick smudged on the window.

Later in the night housemates are outside by the pool. Hayley pretends she doesn’t know Billy and asks him where he is from again, and he asks the same back. They continue their act of small talk banter. Hayley quickly moves away from it and sits with Travis. She tells him they are her “originals”, and she will cling to everyone now. She was just getting to know everyone and now the new ones have come in. Travis on the other hand thinks its a good thing because people were starting to segregate and the new housemates bring everyone back together. In the bedroom Emma realises there are three new beds placed inbetween existing sleeping spots, and goes outside to tell the others. Housemates get to work setting new sleeping arrangements because three of the beds are very close to each other, almost as if it was one big bed.

The plasma in the bedroom turns on by itself and shows footage from the white room. There are now four people inside the white room. The other housemates watch on without sound, see the red button and start chanting for them to push the button. The girls talk about who looks cute. Travis comes to the einstein conclusion they all have to wear white in the white room. They realise there is a white room housemate taller than Thomas and cheer it out.


12.37am – Talk moves to Susannah’s boyfriend – they have only been going out six weeks. She says she will no doubt find people who she will find a connection to but will be good because she thinks her boyfriend is worth it. She has already found people in the house attractive. In the chillout room Bodie explains for him “chicks need to be more than just hot” for him to like them “you have to be able to hold my interest and stimulate me”.

The intelligent conversation continues:

Billy: Its a one nighter, because it looks good, it sounds good but the next morning when she’s there and you’re like … eaaargh.

In the bedroom Hayley starts moisturising Thomas’s hands while Andrew watches on. In the diary room Billy is given his first mission – his job is to put pressure on them. Each day he will be given a new mission to do this. Tonight he must say “Goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams”. He says “no worries”. The moisturising continues and Andrew watchign continues. Thomas says “oooh yum”. In the bathroom TJ tells Billy everyone has got along with each other because they are all pretty similar, there are no outrageous personalities or overly loud personalities. They talk about Bodie and how his personality is big. Bodie meanwhile is in the toilet next to TJ and Bodie. TJ screams out about Bodie “yeah he doesn’t realise he’s met his fucking match!”. TJ says she is the alpha female in the house but a near-naked Bodie ignores her.

Housemates are getting into bed ready for bed. Billy says “goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams”. She sits up and gives a hand gesture but its hard to tell whether its towards Billy or Andrew (both are sleeping next to each other).

Day 1

1:36am: Kate, Aleisha & another girl are watching the White Room feed, which is still showing in the living room. They all want something to happen. Kate suggests sitting there until something does happen. Andrew comes to the diary room. He says that he has wanted to talk to BB since they came into the house. He says he is finding it more difficult than he imagined not being able to speak to his secret relationship partner Hayley. He says it’s especially hard because it is their one year anniversary. He says that if he could speak to her he would just like to wish her a happy anniversary. Meanwhile, the bedroom has decided it’s time to jump in the spa. We are shown numerous housemates getting changed under their doonas. A good 6 or 7 make it out to the spa. Back in the bedroom, Hayley asks TJ if she’ll be showering naked. She says that it doesn’t really bother her because it’s a fact of life. She says the sooner everyone gets it over and done with, the easier it’ll be. They think that the guys will all get their gear off. They wonder if they’ll be more people coming in. Out at the spa, Rebecca is explaining that she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t swear and numerous other things. She says she did stray for one year and have some fun, revealing that she isn’t a virgin. Back in the bedroom, Bodie decides to have a shower, and says that he’s going to get his gear off. The girls discuss whether to move their discussion to the bathroom!

2:52am: Andrew, Hayley and a couple of other housemates are in the bathroom. Andrew says that the girls are just going to control this room. Others leave giving Andrew and Hayley the first chance to talk as a couple since they walked in. They exchange looks. Hayley asks if he is alright, but since he is brushing his teeth, you can’t understand his response. He leaves the bathroom without saying another word. In the bedroom, Joel is saying he expected the beds to be worse. They wonder where Thomas’s feet are. He says they are basically out of the end of the bed and he has the pillow up on the lightbox (bedhead basically). Thomas says he is used to it! Lights go out and housemates say goodnight to each other.

5:58am: First movement on the first morning is made by Rebecca She wanders outside and kneels to pray. Meanwhile, housemates continue to sleep. Jamie is the next to get up and heads outside as well. Jamie says he had to check this morning to make sure he was still in the house. Rebecca says that the conversation last night was good, but she felt completely out of it. Jamie says he’s not as cool as everyone else, and he feels he is on the outer. He says things will change though, so he’s not ready yet. Jamie wonders if Rebecca has really bonded with anyone in quick fashion yet. She says that she gets on well with him and also Andrew, saying they are similar.

3:26pm: Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the living room. He tells the housemates that they are about to receive their first weekly task. Andrew is the first to go to the diary room. BB asks Andrew to choose between two opposites that most reflect his character. The first question is “Saint or Sinner” Andrew says Saint, so does two others, Joel says sinner and someone else joins him. The next question is indecisive or decisive. Kate says decisive. Other questions asked are “Footy or fashion”, with the guys and girls going their seperate ways on that question, as well as “Dumper or Dumpee” & “Kisses or Cuddles”. After the compatibility test, Andrew and Hayley are individually dismissed by Big Brother, however everyone else receives a piece of information. “Big Brother has selected you for a special, secret task. You may never discuss this with your housemates, if you do you will be evicted. 2 of your housemates are lying to you. They say they are strangers, but they are a couple. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, and live together in the outside world, yet living a lie in the BB house. Your task is to idenify them. If your successful you’ll be generously rewarded. If you fail they’ll be a severe penalty.” Joel says he’s excited about it, but then asks “are you telling the truth?” BB continues, telling the housemates individually that they have one week to find the relationship. Jamie asks at the end, “Can I change one of my responses that i’ve rethought?”

No time given: Housemates are in the kitchen preparing a meal. Someone refers to Hayley as “Hails” and Andrew picks up on it, saying he likes it. They wonder if they can continue to call her that. Joel watches on. Jamie asks Hayley if she is attachted or single. Hayley says she is very much single. 3 girls are in the padded room just talking about nothing. Back in the kitchen, Jamie asks Andrew if he has a girlfriend on the outside. Andrew says he doesn’t want one at the moment. 3 boys are in the bedroom. Bodie, Travis and Thomas are saying that they are struggling talking to Jamie, Bodie especially. Thomas wonders if they have a problem having a convo with him. They say he is fine. Thomas says that Jamie is more of a thinker than most. Back to the girls in the padded room. Emma says that she isn’t looking cause she has a partner, but she says she likes them all as friends, thinks they are great guys.

7:35pm: About half the housemates are seated at the dinner table. Thomas and Hayley are talking about after the show. Thomas says that he has no idea where he’ll be living. Hayley invites him down to Melbourne to stay with her. Andrew watches on! In the padded room Jamie is talking with Rebecca. Rebecca says she has suffered with eating disorders in her life, and Jamie says “thanks for trusting me with that.” They hold hands with each other. Rebecca says she doesn’t think Jamie wants a relationship out of the show. Jamie says he thinks it would be great, but it’s not what he’s come onto the show to get. Jamie gets a bit carried away saying that he thinks it would be a great story to tell when he’s older.

9:36pm: Bunch of housemates out sitting by the pool. Thomas asks if everyone feels like they are all brothers and sisters or whether some people have a little crush developing. Andrew sticks his hand up. Hayley says she has a crush, but won’t reveal who it is. Meanwhile, TJ and Bodie are chatting in the padded room. Bodie asks her a heap of questions. TJ says she is from the outback, out Darwin way. Bodie says he is sold on her, saying she is a top chick. They come outside and join the others and a few start playing “Never ever”, and Andrew says “I never ever…..*Bleep*” for the rest of the sentence so we don’t have a clue. Hayley doesn’t look too pleased though, and decides to go off to join a new conversation with Thomas. Hayley, as she walks inside with Thomas, says thats going too far. Thomas agress. Andrew soon realises they walked away because of his comment, but someone else says they think it was the comments in general. Andrew rolls his eyes. In the kitchen, Hayley says it was offensive. Kate, after asking inside what the “never ever” was, heads outside to find out. Andrew seems fired up now, and asks who it was who revealed they had a crush. Someone tells him it was Hayley. Andrew thinks that Hayley has used that earlier comment as a way to take Thomas away from the others, and that Thomas really had no problem with the comment.

11:04pm: Andrew is talking to Bodie about how he thinks that Thomas wasn’t offended by the comment. Bodie comes and sits down next to Hayley and says that he hopes they didn’t offend her. She says she would never expect an apology and that she thinks it’s sweet that he came to her anyway, and trys to give him a kiss on the head but he moves it back towards her at the last minute, so she gets slightly hurt. Meanwhile in the bedroom, TJ tells Emma in the bedroom that she felt that she had done something wrong out there. Andrew walks in and says that he thinks he seriously offended someone. The girls don’t think so. TJ says that if someone (referring to Hayley) wants to be like a princess then let her. Andrew watches on! Aleisha comes in and invites everyone out to have yougart, but in the process by opening the door has hurt Andrew’s hand. Andrew leaves the bedroom and TJ says “Poor Andrew, I feel for him.” Thomas and Hayley continue flirting while sorting out the rubbish and which bin to put things in. TJ and Emma say there are dividing groups already, saying that Hayley etc will look down on the vulgar people such as themselves. Hayley and Thomas enter the room. TJ basically leaves the room immediately. Thomas says that he thinks they could all get sleep deprieved very quickly. On the couches, TJ suggests that if someone doesn’t like the conversation they should leave, so the others don’t feel guilty by having the discussion. Travis says that that is what happens out in the real world. TJ says “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Andrew still thinks that Hayley has a crush on Thomas. In the bathroom Hayley is brushing her teeth, and Thomas is waiting for someone who has been ‘way too long’ in the ‘little boys room’. TJ, who is quite worked up, tells Andrew she doesn’t give a **** about some people in the house. In the bedroom, a bit of comedy, Aleisha does the splits and looks incredibly short. Meanwhile, in the diary room, Rebecca is telling BB that the task that he gave her is ‘causing grief.” She says that there are some amazing actors in this place. However, she says she has some good observations and some people haven’t opened up. As the others head to bed, Bodie says he had a great night, and he hoped it wasn’t at other peoples expense. Hayley waves over to Andrew, who hardly responses, and so she says “Oh, cranky now!”. Rebecca says she is struggling to find the real people in here, everyone is so guarded. She is excused from the diary room. Thomas waits “5 minutes” for a hi5 from Hayley, there beds almost back to back. Andrew watches on. Aleisha says that Thomas would be sensitive boyfriend. Everyone settles down to sleep.