Day 19

9.33am – Jamie is swimming around in the pool, not very well. Brodie says he’s going to put the porridge on because “I never do anything around here”. Demet suggests he puts a packet of lollies through the porridge as a joke. Bodie runs with it and says its the best idea she’s had since she’s been in the house. Lights are coming on in the bedroom. Bodie suggests they put sultanas and almonds in with the lollies. They put the lollies in while the porridge is cooking on the stove… oh and some juice. Bodie says “people don’t realise how much improvisation is in cooking… after this they’re going to make me shopper chef”. Travis emerges from the bedroom and says breakfast looks good. Demet takes the first taste… its like bubblegum and they can taste the juice as well. Bodie and Demet jump around in excitement.

Bodie gets Emma to come out of the bedroom and taste the porridge. She says its good – “best in the world”. Bodie reveals theres lollies in it, and Emma says “oh thats good”. Bodie calls it hyper-porridge and dances around some more. Thomas is the next to try it.

Emma goes into the bedroom and tells the housemates still in bed whats in this morning’s porridge. Susannah asks why Bodie wasted on that food. Hayley says its child-like behaviour, and TJ adds if you looked in the dictionary under irrational it would have Bodie. Hayley is angry – saying he always mucks up and every time she builds a bridge and gets over him, he does something else wrong and she goes “URGH!”. The girls all share their anger and Emma suggests they have a meeting or group chat about sharing food. Hayley says theres a time for fun and a time for … not wasting food.


12.13pm – Everyone has been called to the living room for the meeting. Thomas guesses the meeting is because of the porridge this morning. Andrew starts, directing at Bodie that with every day people are getting more and more pissed off with the things he does. Bodie says its not like he made the porridge for himself, he thought it was a good idea for the group. Bodie then calls for a group vote on who liked the porridge, counting the number of hands that go up. Emma says its not the point – they need to talk about rationing food and treats among the group. Bodie says this discussion was directed at him, claiming Andrew is just using it to vent at his problems with Bodie. Andrew responds saying he can live side by side with Bodie and not get pissed off but there are people in the house that see things in the house that Bodie does as irresponsible and not decisions that would be made by…. inconsiderate of other people. Hayley interrupts – there have been constant breaches of the rules in the house by Bodie, like not making people feel bad. She knows she’s being called the fun police but she is bringing it up so everyone in the house can have fun and not just one seperate group.

Bodie is hurt there are not more people speaking out on this… he thought there were more people who thought the same as him and the fact they’re not ball-sey enough to say it how it is.

Bodie: This is how it is – if there are people in this house you don’t get along with you shouldn’t have to.

TJ: Don’t get defensive we’re just airing stuff. Yes its uncomfortable.. but we have to be mature and nip it in the butt otherwise things will fester in each and everyone one of us.

Bodie: I accept and understand… but I’m not going to change. Sorry.

Bodie then gets people who have had fines to raise their hands with the number of fines indicated. Bodie makes the point that almost everyone has had fines but everyone needs to take it on board. Hayley says they’re not talking about geniune mistakes but the blatant disregard of the rules Bodie has been showing, and when people find it amusing. Bodie then questions when he’s found a fine amusing.. Hayley says there are many times.

Bodie: Two! I’ve got two [fines] .. are you blind?

Hayley: There’s no need to be rude Bodie, I’m trying to be constructive. Does anybody not feel, as though Bodie perhaps has given a little bit more of a disregard for the rules…

Bodie asks then why doesn’t he have more fines? Yelling breaks out and Hayley says “you do it every fucking day!”. Zoran yells and stops and clarifies that everyone is trying to says it doesn’t matter how many fines people have … at the end of the day when this meeting ends we’re still going to hold a grudge. Thomas asks if anyone else has anything to say.

Rebecca: Can I just say that I’m not a very confronational person and I do not find it easy to discuss my feelings with people, especially if they have hurt me. (she starts crying) and I understand if people don’t get along with me thats fine, but as a person I’m really a non-exclusive person and I value everybody and I want to get to know everybody.

Everyone claps. Demet laughs. Hayley continues that Rebecca was petrified to come out with that because she was scared she would be shut down and excluded from the group because she’s different on so many levels. “Do you understand how brave it is to say that when no one understands her? I don’t even understand her! but she put herself out there and put herself in here so we could learn”. Hayley gets teary and tells everyone to make her feel secure in her own home.

Bodie: I never intentionally go out of my way to hurt some one’s feelings and if there are people who I am upsetting I’m sorry. Thats just me.

Aleisha says if everyone makes an effort, it should be rosey. Emma is silent.


12.56pm – Andrew walks up to Bodie and apologises for the conversation before but says he said it straight out how it was. Meanwhile Emma is in the lounge room saying sorry to Rebecca if she upset her. She thinks they have meshed the least but its not her intention to upset people – if they don’t get along they just purely not get along. She doesn’t think they have been nasty in any way. “It’s not in me to be cruel”. If she has upset Rebecca its not her intention.

Andrew is now defending Hayley saying people look at her as a mother figure. Bodie says maybe the problem is he hasn’t seen her as a mother figure.

Since the meeting started Bodie has not taken off his sunglasses, and there is a waver in his voice as if he’s trying to hold back tears.

Rebecca hopes from now on people will make an effort with everything. She feels better… “we can smile again”.

2.18pm – Apparently Demet has a psychic sixth sense… so she says. She asks Emma and Aleisha to give her names of people and she will give them a psychic reading about them. Emma imemdiately says “Rebecca” and Demet says “likes you”.

Bodie.. “likes you”

Zoran… “mmmrm… doesn’t know”

Thomas… “fake”. (They’re being fake with her). Emma says “Yeah I reckon that too”

Hayley… “fake”

Andrew joins them on the bed and the discussion turns to hair products and how they have to wait until shopping time. The girl talk turns Andrew away and they immediately ask Demet for her take on Andrew. Demet says “they’re [him and Hayley] are in it together”. They agree they’ve got a strategy and they are really competitive, especially when there is money involved. They are “definately here to play”. They ask Billy what he thinks – he finds it hard because he already knew Hayley before entering the house, then goes to answer but Hayley enters the bedroom. Billy is lying on the bed and can’t see Hayley enter so Emma loudly interrupts Billy with a “Hellooo!” to Hayley to get him to stop talking. Billy says he didn’t think he would last in the house, but as soon as Hayley leaves the room he says the couple are definately playing the game.


9.52pm – Nick tells the housemates he has a few extra priviledges as the golden key winner. He can pick three other housemates into the rewards room for a celebratory party of his entrance. He choses Hayley, Andrew and Demet. He says those three have made him feel extremely comfortable and welcome since he arrived. They go into the rewards room with is full of balloons and food. Demet says its amazing and hugs Nick. The revealing window is opened and the other housemates crowd to watch. All of the food is kids party food like rainbow bread. Zoel and Bodie can’t watch and leave the bedroom. Thomas says its ok because he’ll be in there on the weekend. The party housemates toast with champagne.

Bodie and Emma run into the diary room to talk to Big Brother. TJ and Joel follow them behind. Emma sits down in the diary room chair with Bodie, turns to see TJ has come in and says “oh god”. They ask BB if they can have party pies. Bodie says he’s not happy for some of the people in the rewards room but Demet they are. TJ feels Andrew and Hayley aren’t the best choice because they’ve already been in that house, plus “Bodie hates Hayley”.

Bodie: She feels like a very domineering character, and I think her and Andrew at times are a little bit like this (he puts his thumb up to his forehead).

In the rewards room Hayley thanks Nick for inviting them in. He says there are a couple of people he really would have like to bring in, but he gestures to suggest he wasn’t able to because of the current politics of the house. The revealing window is then frosted. Nick says he’s a good judge of character and picked the right three to join him.

1.14am – Bodie is putting shaving cream on Billy’s hand while he sleeps. He then gets a piece of string and tickles Billy’s face. Aleisha, Thomas and Joel are watching on. Billy naturally goes to scratch his face, smearing shaving cream all over his eye. It wakes him up but he’s still half asleep and doesn’t do anything about it, but smiles. It’s obvious who was responsible – they’re all giggling louldy under their bed covers.

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