Day 25

7:12am: Rebeccca and Jamie are lying in the bed in the backyard counting the sheep. Travis and Demet are also sleeping outside, and Jamie decides it’s time for everyone to get up, so he wakes up Travis, who goes and tells everyone in the bedroom. Zoran is struggling, as is Joel. The clock stops. Nick says he is getting to the stage where he would happily chuck in the $50,000 for some sleep. Suddenly all noises come on, and Zoran and Thomas race out to the backyard and press a button within 20 seconds. Thomas says “You suck Big Brother” and lies down outside the buzzer. Big Brother immediately tells the farmhard to feed the animals. Andrew and Nick go to do that. Andrew wonders if it’s the same cow. Rebecca says that she is having a few issues with Zoran. Jamie says that Nick is trying to asert his authority over him and he’s trying to put Jamie down. Jamie says he doesn’t appreciate it all. “He’s picked the wrong target with me.” Andrew is trying to collect the eggs, but is having a hard time because the chickens won’t move. He gives up on the last couple. Back inside, Joel has got a Yellow boxing outfit on. He says he feels better already now he’s in it. “See Big Brother, just when you think you have me, something else comes up.”

10:59am: Joel is asleep on the couch. Hayley quickly tells him. The clock stops. Emma tells Joel to come and help in the kitchen to keep him awake. He stares at Emma and makes her laugh. On the couch, Travis wonders how Nick is treating him. Jamie says he’s been very quiet towards him. Billy comes in and asks for some cheese or something, and Jamie says that he trusts Billy’s judgement so he goes away again. Jamie continues about Nick, saying that Nick was just saying insulting jokes to Jamie, even after he’s told him numerous times. Outside watching the sheep, Nick and Sussanah are counting sheep talking about the heat. Jamie says he has a temper, but it takes a hell of a lot to snap him. He says he is here for fun and not here for mindgames.

11:31am: Emma and Aleisha are almost snoozing on the bed in the backyard. A few sheep appear, Emma says “Yeh yeh” and Aleisha immediately wakes up and goes “What?!” Emma says that they saw 2.

12:41am: Joel and Billy are on the bed watching sheep. Big Brother calls Thomas to the diary room. Billy thinks the task is over, Joel is not convinced. They all head outside and Big Brother announces that the sheep counting task is now over. Thomas has an envelope. All housemates tell Big Brother that they counted 22 sheep. Thomas opens the letter, revealing that the correct number was 22! Big Brother asks them whether they would like a one hour ‘nana nap’ or a pot of freshly brewed coffee. They decide on the nana nap and all run inside very excited.

6:11pm: Everyone is sitting down eating dinner. Sussanah says that this is the best meal she has ever had. It’s time for their weekly meeting. Billy says that he’s noticed that it’s the same people offering to help with jobs that need to be done around the house. He says everyone needs to chip in and help. The camera pans to Sussanah a heap! Emma says they shouldn’t mention names, but says that everyone needs to help. Nick says that he has at times he struggles to fit into the group, but it’s turning around, so he appreciates it. Zoran says that he has sorted out his issues with Nick now, and he says that he really appreciates that they chatted. Thomas says that it’s easy for the loud ones like himself to talk over others. Jamie says that he’s probably looked like an ass as the chef because he hasn’t given people cheese etc because he has had plans with it for later in the week. Andrew agrees that they shouldn’t just be taking things. Thomas finally mentions that Emma gets up every single morning and makes the porridge, and lunches. He says thankyou, and Emma says she likes cooking.

7:05pm: Quite a few people out lounging by the pool. Inside Demete and Emma are in the kitchen. Demet says she can’t get over how dirty Zoran is. She says he reminds her of a typical guy who does nothing at home. Out by the pool, Aleisha says that Zoran burped in her direction, and it stank! Back in the kitchen, both girls talk about how Sussanah doesn’t lift a finger in the house. They laugh that back at the table she was nodding as if she was one of the ones that did do work. Emma starts rattling off names that think Sussanah does nothing, not realising that she has walked to the sink to wash a bottle?! She leaves saying “think i’ll relax now!”.

8:36pm: Jamie takes off his microphone for a practical joke, and walks out to the people at the pool but slips and falls into the pool as a practical joke. They all laugh when they realise he did it in purpose. Thomas helps him out, but then pushes him back in. Jamie says that it’s actually really warm in there. Andrew is trying to get Billy and Aleisha together and ‘live the dream.’ Later, Billy tries to get Aleisha to kiss him on the cheek, but she says ‘the tricks old. I know what you’re trying to do.’ Billy then kisses her! Aleisha is a bit stunned, and Rebecca says that she saw it, saying that Billy obviously needed to do it. Meanwhile Jamie is hoping that people aren’t pissed at him for falling in the pool. Jamie says that Thomas was ready to take his shirt off “surprise surprise!” Jamie says that his friends would watch that and say that that is actually Jamie, the real guy.

12:04am: It’s almost bedtime. They decide it’s time to get a few hours of sleep. An alarm sounds and Joel and Billy get up and hit the snooze button out in the yard.

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