Day 22

Day 22, 8:05pm. Gretel appears to the house and reveals that TJ has been evicted. After hugs and kisses to everyone, she strikes a pose and departs through the front door. The HMs all go outside to listen to the live audience’s reaction. Bodie is certain that there’s going to be another eviction.

In the bedroom, Emma asks Aleisha if she’s happy to be here for another week. “Hell yeah. We’re all still together.” Emma happy proclaims, “They can’t break us!”. Emma isn’t surprised that Hayley exercised the nominations power on her; she says it was going to be someone she got along with – either her or TJ.

8:30pm. BB orders HMs to return to the lounge. Travis suggests that it’s TJ’s message from the grave, but is quickly proven wrong. Gretel announces that it’s time to go… “Bodie!”. Several HMs take this hard. Emma is in tears. They applaud him right out the door. Hayley hugs Emma, saying it’ll be okay. Several other HMs try to comfort her as she escapes to the bedroom.


8:33pm. Outside, they listen for the crowd reaction to Bodie. Travis tells Andrew and Thomas that “that group’s going to struggle without their ring leader.” Aleisha tells Emma that they have to stick together now. They’re both in disbelief. Aleisha says the whole TJ thing “had him buggered.” Emma says she’s angry. She thinks all the other HMs (outside of their group) don’t actually care. “So fake…” Emma and Aleisha run off back indoors to hang up Bodie’s drink tag with the other evicted HMs.

Meanwhile, Hayley tells Nick she was “so depressed when TJ went”. But now she’s “rapt, I’m so happy.” Nick sort of agrees, saying he’s hurt for [Bodie], but happy for the house. Hayley says Nick’s going to meet “14 new people”. They’ll all be relaxed, they can be themselves. She then says they should go join the group so it doesn’t look like they’ve been bitching. “I just want to smile”.

A teary Emma tells Aleisha and Billy that she just doesn’t have many friends in here. She can’t believe she wasn’t taken out and he was. Billy says she’s stayed for a reason. They lover her, that’s all that matters.

8:57pm. It’s raining. Zoran, Billy, Thomas, Rebecca, Demet, Emma, and Aleisha are under cover. Zoran says he’s tempted to “do a Bodie” and go and lie in the rain. They all agree to go do it. They take off their mics and go lie down on the astro turf, laughing and stretching. Zoran stays down the longest.


10:42pm. TJ’s eviction message is playing. She loves them all and hopes they all have a “phat” time, and that they all come visit her. Everyone cheers for her, and then even louder when Bodie appears on the screen. He focuses on the four people that are “most important” to him. Billy & Joel, thanks for theit mateship and friendship. Aleisha – “you are a massive cute-head.” Demet aswell, she’s an amazing girl. He tells Andrew and Hayley (who laugh and wave) to “keep playing the game, I suppose”. He wishes he had four hands so he could give them “four thumbs down right now”. (Almost) everyone laughs and cheers at that. Emma has definitely been his rock in this place, she made it easier to be here. He thanks everyone. Hopefully he’ll see some of them soon. Hayley: “Not me, buddy.”

Andrew points out that he and Hayley aren’t fake and he thinks most people here know that they’re not, and despite what Demet has expressed, despite not knowing what was really expressed in that room… Demet interrupts, happy to have this discussion. Travis says he spent two days in the RR with Andrew and thinks he’s a good bloke. Demet tells him they’re genuine to your face but not behind your back. Hayley and Andrew take exception to that and challenge Demet to justify what she said. Zoran says he’s been hearing things and felt kind of “stabbed” when Andrew not only didn’t take him into the RR but today gave him the janitor role. As they talk, many of the other HMs get up and leave. Andrew says the RR decision was made ages ago and that janitor is probably the easiest chore.

Zoran says there’s a pattern here – he’s upset, Bodie was upset, Demet’s upset, obviously there’s a bit of a pattern going on. Andrew says a lot of what they’re going on about is hearsay. He did not say anything bad about him in the RR. Zoran challenges Andrew to look at Demet and say that she’s been lying. Demet shakes her head. Outside, Hayley can’t believe what’s going on in there. Travis says he doesn’t like this sort of stuff. Aleisha giggles.

Back in the lounge, Andrew says they don’t have a game plan, but they are here to play the game. And that’s the only way he can explain it. He says Hayley keeps getting upset about it, and he has to tell her that “it’s just a game, just a game.” Everyone in this house has to play the game. Hayley is back in the room now. Andrew says Demet has been gutless, just sitting back and listening to what she wants to hear, not bothering to clarify with him. Demet brings up Nick and how Hayley and Andrew have tried to recruit him. She just warned him when he came in that she thinks they’re really playing the game. Andrew reiterates his point about her not confronting him – “you are possibly the most fake person in here!”

Nick has escaped outside and fills in Aleisha, Thomas, and Travis about what’s going on. Thomas says this place bring out the best and the worst [in you].

Hayley tells Demet to say who else is being fake. Demet doesn’t want to share that with her, she’s told them straight to their face. Andrew doesn’t believe her. “You’re an absolute joke, you’re an absolute joke. You will sit there, and you’ll listen to whatever’s heard, to make little judgements, to calculate…” Hayley says she’s upset people like Emma for no reason. Why would she have chosen to save someone she hated?

Andrew leaves the room shaking his head. Demet says she has nothing to say to them now.


12:14am. In the bedroom, Demet calls herself the “new Bodie”. In the lounge, Zoran and Andrew apologise to each other and shake hands.

Jamie and Nick enter the spa. Nick says that from the moment he came through the door, the sh*t has just hit the fan. Jamie agrees but says it’s not about Nick, it’s just the timing. After the first few weeks, “the honeymoon’s over, and now we’re into marriage. And it’s not nice.”

In the kitchen, Emma tells Billy and Demet that there’s non doubt in her mind that Hayley & Andrew are playing the game. Some people are here to win the game, that’s all they have on their mind. In the spa, Nick agrees that he completely misread Demet. Jamie doesn’t know what to make of the whole mess. Nick says Demet has completely set Zoran up to be pissed off about Hayley & Andrew.

In the kitchen, Emma apologises to Zoran for him being roped into all this. She says everything’s gotten nasty in here because they have nothing better to do than talk about each other. Outside, Jamie questions the whole thing about Hayley and Andrew filling Nick with “crap” and getting him on their side. Nick has no idea where that came from, the only HM they talked about in the RR was Bodie. Nick says he will make up his own mind about people. In the kitchen Emma says they should appreciate Demet being so honest to all of them.

Nick confirms with Jamie that Demet is Muslin. He hesitantly wonders about whether or not young Muslin girls are allowed to show as much skin as Demet does, and bellydance etc. Jamie explains that by saying there are many different types of Muslims, and she’s of a more liberal following. But he doesn’t understand completely.

In their bed, Andrew tells Hayley that Demet’s a nobody in this place, don’t worry about her. They can’t believe how fake she’s been to them, and is glad Zoran understands them now. They kiss and decide to go to sleep as the show ends.

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