Ring Ring, heres a thing (td)


Why show us on the launch show that there is a telephone in the house if you are not going to use it? Is it there for ratings sake incase Big Brother gets boring and repetitive on day 43?

Not only that, there is no mention on the OS about the phone, nor do you ever see it on the daily show or anything, its like a steak knife holder in the kitchen, you show us the pretty design of the thing and then it just sits there and collects dust.

Another thing, where is the punishment room? Or do we only get to see people seperating white and brown rice once it gets to the point where you can save money through fines?

And how about the washing machine with the bikes? We haven’t seen them yet, and i bet housemates have done their washing, unless they are trying to be Jamie from last year who managed to never wash, but still won.

On other news, I think our radio shows are going pretty good. Although I’ve been on once and was erm nervous, but over time it should get even better. One thing I must say though, is that please, if you call up and leave a voice mail, turn your computer speakers down so we don’t hear it in the background, otherwise its very hard to hear it. And we also accept voice mails and emails from banned forum members!

All voice mails and emails may be either called through or emailed through any time during the week.

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