Day 16

Housemates are still talking about Bodie and TJ. Over breakfast Aleisha and Emma discuss how TJ wanted to be one on one all the time with Bodie.

11.32am – Susannah asks Bodie if TJ has woken yet. He doesn’t care.

Outside Jamie tells Joel he is still bummed about Kate being evicted last night, although he is now feeling good he’s still in the house. In the house Jamie explains you have to talk over other people but where he comes from thats pretty rude. He waits for a break to talk but it never comes. Joel is different and explains he just talks, but has his ups and downs.

BB calls all housemates to the bedroom. The new weekly task is set up in the backyard – it’s Fairy Tale Island. Aleisha says she will be the troll under the bridge. Bodie runs back into the house and grabs a half asleep TJ to come outside. Bodie runs ahead and TJ says behind his back “this is it, moron!”. Joel reads out the task details – BB wants them to return to the happy care-free days of their childhood. They have to perform a fairytale pantimime when BB calls, and each housemate has their own section triggered by music. They must deliver their lines with oomph. They must all pick which characters to play.

Emma is the evil queen
Demet is Little red riding hood
Rebecca is Repunzel
(other housemates are not shown)

Joel is called to the diary room. BB says a captivating performance requires a good storyteller. He has been chosen as the narrator. Joel says its going to be a performance with charisma and character.


1.49pm – The housemates are practicing their pantimime. They all laugh as Joel narrates the story, and cheer when they finish. Later in the living room TJ apologises to Emma about the trouble she’s been causing between Emma and TJ. TJ explains she was told Bodie had the hots for Emma, which is why she got annoyed at her, and TJ felt like the second option. Emma says thats ok but doesn’t seem all that into it. Bodie joins them and TJ fills him in on whats going on. Apparently last night Rebecca “onion peeled” TJ, causing her to realise things about herself. Emma doesn’t seem amused in the slighest.

4.02pm – Demet, Hayley and Aleisha are doing some belly dancing(?) or hip shaking. Rebecca joins them and they all dance together. In the living room Emma tells Aleisha she can’t stand Rebecca, who has an obnoxious personality. Bodie joins them and Emma explains the details of what TJ said in her apology (about feeling like second best). Aleisha can’t beleive that and says some people are crazy. Aleisha can’t stand people saying “today will be the new me”. Emma says TJ was starting to go “coo coo”.


8.31pm – Nominations have just finished. Bodie, Emma, TJ and Zoran have been nominated. Hayley is called to the diary room and choses to save Emma and nominate Joel, even though she is already satisfied with who was nominated – BB says she must do it. BB won’t tell them who is now nominated until later. Hayley feels guilty and looks distressed. Some housemates console her and Hayley gets very distraught when Joel talks about losing Friday Night Games. In the bathroom Travis tells Aleisha he doesn’t even think about nominations – but it’s weird. Aleisha jokes she won’t bother unpacking her suitcase this week. Emma tells Hayley not to worry about the nomination twist, as does Demet who doens’t see why Hayley is stressing out. Hayley doesn’t want to be responsible for an eviction, but Demet reminds her its part of the game and everyone will leave the house with no regrets. Andrew and Thomas have a chat in the lounge room – Andrew explains its crap because there is nothing he can do right now to make Hayley feel better.

Hayley walks outside to be on her own. Bodie is in the pool and TJ sits by the side. Bodie tells her it was cool hanging out with her today… but just as friends? TJ is glad she’s not worried about nominations this week. She’s at a good place in her life right now. Bodie splashes around and TJ tells him off for not paying attention to what she was saying. TJ says “its just good” the place she’s in right now. Bodie says he feels they are drifting away from each other and drifts away under the water. TJ forces a laugh for the lame joke.


12.03am – Joel asks Zoran who he thinks Hayley would have taken out and put in for nominations. Zoran really isn’t sure but says the thing that sucks is the first four nominees will be stressing about it. Joel is worried and doesn’t feel comfortable about this. “No ones safe”. In the bedroom Hayley tells Andrew she wishes they had talked more in the rewards room (about nominations?), but Andrew thinks she shouldn’t be stressing about the past. Bodie, Zoran and Joel are testing themselves about taking biscuits – saying if they take a long hard look at themselves in the mirrors they can resist the temptation to take them. They can’t resist and move to the kitchen to sneak some food, to the protest of Joel who goes along with it anyway.

12.44am – Lights out in the bedroom. The food boys are now smelling mustard and thinking of cheese burgers. Zoran and Bodie open a packet of biscuits and Joel tries to grab it off them to stop. The other housemates are asleep. Bodie contemplates what would happen if some one came out of the bedroom while they were taking biscuits. Joel says “enough is enough” and moves to the bedroom to tell the other housemates but Bodie jokes “what are you going to do?” and then rips Joel’s shirt off. Joel says “that was a perfectly good top”. Bodie replies “well you should have thought about that… see what you’ve done”.

Bodie and Zoran take biscuits with pickle relish while Joel watches on in disaproval. They say it tastes just like cheeseburgers. Joel resists the biscuits even after Zoran offers some. Afterwards the boys move into the bedroom and try not to laugh. Bodie crawls into bed and tells TJ he’s confused because she’s been the “TJ I like” today – really good and fun and easy going. TJ says if he wants to cuddle then he’s thinking too much into it. With that Bodie replies “get here”, and they cuddle.

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