Haydrew the game players

Yeah that’s right, Haydrew. In case you aren’t a bb forumer or a thirteen year old girl, Haydrew is short for Hayley and Andrew, our least favourite house couple. And I’m pretty sure I made it up, no one else has said it, there’s been “Bo-j” but no Haydrew, so I coined it.

Anyway, moving on

After watching that nominations chat in the rewards room last night and hearing the repetitive bullcrap from hayley about bodie getting closer to tj to save himself from nomination, do you think it’s pretty safe to say that hayley and andrew are the biggest game players in the house?

Let us begin with me telling you what I think about Andrew and Hayley:


Andrew is the kind of guy I don’t get along with. He’s too good at keeping to himself and taking in what everyone else says. He would have made a good policeman if he stuck with it, but a good housemate? no thanks. He’s the guy that causes those “How did they know I said that?” moments. He seems cool because he will sit quietly in a room with you without emotion as you have a conversation, so you feel free to talk about anything or anything. But later that night! he will recount the entire conversation complete with opinions to his gf, his gf will tell all of her girlfriends, and by the end of the night every man and his dog knows that you did Sharons sister over a washing machine at big swishies Laundromat.

Hayley is the kind of girl that I would also avoid, and is much easier to describe than andrew. An emotional train wreck with a law degree, rofl. Pity the fool who marries (and divorces) that woman, lol.

Now that we have that out of the way and the biased nature of this blog is clear, lets talk about the game playing:

For starters they deceived “the majority” of the house in the first week by remaining separate from each other and actively flirting with people in the house to throw people off the scent. Hayley even when as far as tearing Thomas apart for flirting with her if it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

More recently (post Bodie fight) Hayley keeps harping on about people projecting their own insecurities, this is super funny and ironic because that is exactly what she is doing, LOL, she completely broke down when she was casually labelled a game player by Bodie AND she takes every opportunity she has to point out that someone else is disingenuous or “playing the game.” lollercoaster

Oh god, and what about friday. It was obvious from the very beginning that fnl was going to be the Haydrew show. The separated group nature of Japanese night gave them the opportunity to remain in the game as long as possible by strategically positioning themselves far apart throughout the competition. And the final straw… Andrew half assed the prawn thing. He is an athletic man and could have moved a lot faster. Further proof to me that he half assed it is the fact that I know I would have done the same thing if I was in his position.

This is why:

a) Bodie was in his grouping. Bodie has the athletic side of things completely wrapped up, he is a fierce competitor and would make the last few games very difficult to win if they were athletic in nature.

b) If I made my team get a shitty score it means my gf will move into the last few challenges. And I’m pretty certain that my body building, ex lawyer girlfriend could out do a couple of slappers and an uncoordinated Mormon in the final few challenges.

So there we have it. Haydrew are the biggest game players in the house, and if you ask me, they need to go. Hayley is without a doubt the strongest female competitor when it comes to fnl and Andrew is in the top three when it comes to male competitors. Those are good odds for a Haydrew fnl clean sweep.

The last thing we need is another “Logans.” You know how it happened, the team factor gave them an advantage and they cleaned up. At least the Logans acted as individuals in the house though (once they were discovered,) imagine what it will be like with the newer, stronger, more boring set of Logans :( who cuddle and cry together NOOOOOOOOO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP no one wants to see an established couple taking over the house, blossoming young love is one thing, the win hungry late twenties career couple (with the fun year behind them, lol) is another.



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