Day 17

9.22am – Housemates are practicing for their fairytale pantimime. They get up to the part with the three pigs, who are played by Thomas, Zoran and Billy. The big bad wolf – Travis attempts to blow down the pig’s house. When the practice finishes BB annouces the hot water is now on. Emma is showering and must use a timer – they can only shower for 4 minutes per person per day. Outside Bodie asks Joel if there is anything exciting to do today. TJ is washing Bodie’s clothes and he says “get my whites white woman”. TJ jokes she doesn’t want to put Bodie’s mum out of a job. Bodie says his mum does all his cooking and cleaning and sometimes even cleans his room. TJ says “aren’t you an independent mature man?”.

Bodie: I’m not a mummies boy because I’ve lived out of home since I was 17 and only just returned last year.

TJ: Really? I’ve lived out of home since I was 16 and I’ve never looked back.

Bodie: Well… …. thats because you’re a bogan.

TJ: No it’s because I’m Territory Tough.

Bodie says he is very family orientated and important. TJ is the same but just not as close to her family as Bodie. Susannah is taking coffee orders from all the housemates. Bodie is amazed some one is making him coffee and says “this place is amazing”. Inside Jamie asks Susannah why she asked everyone in the house if they wanted a coffee… except him. Susannah says she shouldn’t find him. Jamie doesn’t want a coffee but would have liked her to ask him. She apologises. Jamie watches Demet “feed” Joel while hugging him… Jamie sits alone on his kitchen stool.


12.02pm – Rebecca and Jamie are in the chill out room together. Rebecca says she’s totally stuggling with Emma. Jamie has completely given – “can’t people just pretend to like people?”. Meanwhile in the bedroom Emma is saying just because people reveal deep down stories they expect to be friends… “its like blah blah blah”. Rebecca can’t understand what she can do to resolve her problems with Emma and the other so their hearts can be a little more open and they can be accepting and communicate. Emma on the other hand is explaining she will never change for everyone and thinks people are just jumping around to network and make bonds. Maybe it works for them but Emma smells fake. Jamie explains to Rebecca he has had a similar upbringing to Emma so they should get along but maybe its the reason she isn’t attempting to be friends with them.

Travis comes into the chill out room so he can clean the windows, and tells them to continue what they were talking about. Obviously they don’t.

1.18pm – Bodie and Zoran are joking around in the pool – slow motion action fighting. In the kitchen Thomas is having a go at Rebecca because of her religion so it seems. Rebecca tells him that people think every mormon is like her – but everyone is individual. Rebecca asks how she is different to Thomas’ friends – he says she is more bubbly and energetic and more weird (jokingly).

Zoran asks Billy whats going on between him and Aleisha. He says nothing and Zoran replies “what a load of crap”. Billy explains its nothing serious just some cuddling. Zoran jokes he’s not a serious guy – “do you want to cuddle me?”. Billy says he would love to. Aleisha is inside proding Bodie for an update with whats going on with him and TJ. Bodie asks if its a bad thing that if they weren’t in the house he probably wouldn’t be with her. Aleisha says no because she wouldn’t be with Billy otherwise. TJ is the opposite to what Bodie would go for outside of the house… and he’s confused. Aleisha has the same attitude as Billy with their relationship: its just a cuddle at night.

Bodie says they’ve got the “perfect little thing”.


3.56pm – The boys are going into the sauna – Travis’ first time. They talk about farting in the sauna. Bodie puts some water on the coals and Travis says “oh you’re kidding” to the heat. He asks if sucking in the hot water is good for him – apparently it is. Travis feels like he’s in an iron. Thomas says to duck forward if he’s feeling hot because the cooler air is at the bottom of the sauna. Travis doesn’t really like it he’s never been in a sauna before. Thomas notes the temperature is 75 degrees. Travis suggests they put the bed him here during the day. Obviously the boys know nothing about cooking bread because they think its a good idea.

Emma and Aleisha come to the diary room. Aleisha says its only 13 days until her birthday. They think TJ and Bodie have made up.

Travis says the sauna is “bloody torchure mate” and has to leave.

The girls in the diary room are angry Zoran ate some of Aleisha’s bread, even though he did ask. It’s hard to turn him down. They have named him the seagull because he’s always talking food: “he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care about the rules or is just very hungry”. He eats everyone’s food – they laugh.

5.52pm – Despite Aleisha telling the other housemates not to touch her expensive hairdressing scissors, Zoran is using them in the bedroom while no one else is around. Emma walks in and he quickly hides the scissors again. Once they leave again he says “problem solved” while he does his hair up. Emma has already seen whats happening though and reports back to Aleisha who gasps really loudly “are you kidding!?”. She runs into the bedroom to tell him off. Emma says “oh ow I just got him in trouble”.

Aleisha asks Zoran if he was using her scissors… he says nervously yes it was just for one snip. She educates him that they are really expensive and if you drop them they are wrecked – he’s gotta ask her. She goes back into the kitchen and updates Emma on what he said. Andrew says its a bit harsh but Aleisha can’t afford to buy a new pair if they’re broken.. she says to Andrew it would be like if some one “grabbed your hose” (he’s a firefighter) and laughs at the double meaning. Aleisha is so angry she wasn’t asked.

Zoran comes out to the living room and apologises again for the scissors. Aleisha says “just ask”. TJ says “ah mah! You don’t ever touch a hairdresser’s scissors without asking, thats death”. Thomas hopes Zoran sleeps with one eye open tonight… he’ll wake up with no hair.


8.52pm – Emma is freaking out about her pimples on her chest. Aleisha says its not that bad. Emma shows her boobs under the covers about how they naturally point out. Aleisha says “oh my god they look cool – they’re so big, so heavily… they look good”.They then move on to talking about Hayley and Andrew and they are so competitive they jsut want to win. Aleisha would be like “oh my god” if she won this. Emma says she couldn’t care less if Hayley won. The two don’t realise Hayley is fast approaching them and and goes to lie down with them. The conversation ceases immediately without Hayley hearing anything. They tell Hayley to join them on the bed and talk about Emma’s fake boobs.

10.47pm – The housemates are playing a new game invented by Demet – one person is blindfolded and must feel a certain parts of three different housemates and then guess who the housemates are in order. Andrew is blindfolded first and must touch Zoran’s butt. Zoran seems to really enjoy it and has to keep himself from laughing. No one else is amused. He then touch’s Hayley’s hair. He then touches Aleish’a hand and arm. Andrew says “you have really nice hands Joel”, almost causing Aleisha to laugh out loud. The blindfold is removed and Andrew guesses Aleisha for the hand, Rebecca for the hair and Hayley’s bum. Everyone laughs. Thomas says can the bum stand up – and Zoran stands up with his pants down. Andrew gets Hayley to stand up too to compare bums – he says they are quite similar. Hayley gives Andrew the finger.

Joel and Aleisha decide to steal some biscuits from the kitchen. Billly follows and when he opens the bedroom door Aleisha and Joel run off laughing, but releived when they find out its Billy. Rebecca is in the bathroom resting her hand on the padded bench. The three biscuit theives take their loot into the chill out room. Rebecca goes to bed before Aleisha, Joel and Billy go back to bed.

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