Day 18

10.08am – Demet can’t bring herself to each porridge for breakcast. The other girls suggest putting fruit or blueberry into it to change the flavour. Emma made breakfast and watches unimpressed as Demet complains about the porridge and then eventually eats something else.

The boys are working out in the gym. In the bedroom Emma is bitching about Rebecca to Aleisha and Bodie. She says Rebecca isn’t representative of a proper mormon and just sucks up and is overly nice to everyone in the house. Emma doesn’t think she would be like that on out outside but in this house is over the top and sits on all the boys laps. It drives Emma crazy. Meanwhile in the chill out room Rebecca is chatting with Demet and Jamie about how she doesn’t flirt with anyone. Demet disagrees, saying Rebecca does know how to flirt just doesn’t realise she’s doing that. Demet explains that even touching a guy on the arm can be flirting, much to the amazement of Rebecca.

Emma explains Rebecca hates nuts, so this morning she made porridge with extra nuts. “I can’t stand her, I hate when she talks to me”. Rebecca says Emma’s got a hot body but is really bitchy: when nominations happened Emma thought everyone is so fake, saying “people were coming up to me hugging me and I was thinking get off me you fucking bitch you were probebly the one who nominated me”. Rebecca thought “who says that! That is probably the bitchiest thing anyone can say”.

It’s revealed in the kitchen Andrew had said how great it would be if the house was full of guys, and each time a girl came in they could all “upgrade” to a better girl in the house. Hayley is not impressed at all, calls him an idiot and goes to walk away, but Andrew pulls him back. Hayley lets rip about what he said. Andrew explains he meant to say “more compatible” women in the house. Hayley won’t have a bar of that and says “so I’m not compatible?”. She then annouces to the house “if I was never known to you, you wouldn’t be here, because I make you the man you are”. Thomas hugs Hayley infront of Andrew, and then jokes she has upgraded her man.


Rebecca has come to the diary room, teary eyed. She says she is so used to her friends being wonderful and never had a geniune conflict before. It’s foreign to her – according to people she knows she’s easy to get along and is not judgemental and people say that of all people she would be the least deserving of this sort of treatment. Am I really that weird? she asks. She doesn’t know if she’s that different that it causes problems. She doesn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable but is confused – she was confident in who she was but now feels like such a sook.

Emma is bitching about Rebecca again. She says its bizarre that Rebecca hit it off with everyone in the house – according to Emma you’re only supposed to hit it off with one or two people. Emma doesn’t feel she’s meshed with Rebecca and she doesn’t need to mesh with her now. Billy in all his empty-headedness just nods along and says yes. Emma then immitates Rebecca whining and says “just get a life, build a bridge… I don’t care”.

Emma: Seriously, if I see Rebecca going into the diary room on nominations crying again, I’m going to throw a bucket of water over her. When you signed the dotted line did you not know you are going to nominate people?

Big Brother calls it’s pantimime time.

8.31pm – The housemates are performing their pantimime. At the end of the performance Big Brother steers from the script, confusing Joel who goes back to try and find it in the script. Big Brother then introduces new housemate Nick as Goldilocks. He is dressed in a Goldilocks costume. Everyone welcomes him.


8.36pm – Nick is getting the house tour by Hayley. Nick asks which bed is his – its next to Bodie. The boys offer Nick some clothes as his suitcase hasn’t been delivered yet. All the other housemates get dressed out of their costumes.

Travis: Are you a gay bloke Nick?

Nick: aaaaahh…. yep.

Hayley laughs.

Travis: aah hey oh.. ah I was just asking and you gave me an answer and good on ya mate.

Travis extends his hand to shake but Nick is a little confronted by the situation. Word instantly spreads around the bedroom and Emma says “is he gay? I knew it! I knew it!”. Everyone assures Nick that its just Travis’ way and he will get to know him. Nick reveals he is “very much single”. Emma shows him the toilets and showers. Aleisha explains 2 minute showers.

Travis has already figued out that this week will be a double eviction, since they are already back up to 16 housemates. Emma cheers there is a gay boy in the house – she wanted a gay boy in the house. Zoran is getting stressed about the possibility of a double eviction. Hayley and Andrew tell him not to stress out.

Big Brother says HMs are free to leave the bedroom, and everyone does except for Bodie and TJ. Bodie tells her she’s “really gotten to me in these last few days”. They start bickering about cuddling in bed again. He says it was a mistake to start cuddling with her in the first place. Things get heated and the yelling begins. TJ says of course but she didn’t expect to be ignored the day after their last fight. Bodie doesn’t think he ignored her but she replies “YOU DID, BODIE, YOU DID”.

Bodie: You scare the hell out of me sometimes.

TJ: And you’re perfect are you?

Bodie: You’re making me feel like just grabbing my shit and leaving here

TJ: And you’re making me feel exactly the same way. We…

Bodie interupts with the excuse he has to leave to find his pig ears from the pantimime task, and Big Brother could call for them to perform at any time. He says the pig ears can’t wait. TJ says “exactly my point… no respect. At the end of the day I like you”.

Bodie: What do you want from me?

TJ: (laughs) Its really not a hard question, I want to get to know you.

Outside Rebecca and Jamie have pulled Nick away from the main group of housemates who are sitting around the pool. Nick jokes they should give the others a chance to talk about him and Rebecca continues the joke saying “yeah give them a chance to bitch about you behind your back”. Nick replies “oh cos it wasn’t like you guys weren’t just walking along here talking about me”. Rebecca and Jamie halt and say “well no actually we weren’t”. Jamie was telling Rebecca how he thinks she’s his favourite mormon. Nick explains shes the second mormon he’s met he hasn’t slammed the door on. Rebecca says “well apparently I’m everyones favourite mormon.. we’re not all that bad!”. Nick asks whats up with TJ… she hasn’t spoken to him and is hiding in the bedroom. Rebecca explains there are layers but once you get past it she’s a nice person.

Back in the bedroom TJ says she didn’t want to be full on or serious about their relationship. They both agree to leave and get more drink.

TJ: On a second note do you really want him (Nick) sleeping next to you?

Bodie: Yeah, I do

TJ: Really? what about when you realise how ridiculously hot I am?

Bodie: Hrrmm I think all this (he gestures to mean the fight they just had) goes against that.

TJ: Really?

Bodie: Do we have to go back and talk about what we just said again? All this stuff we just had sorta makes it…hmph.

TJ: And the way you’ve been has certainly made me feel like… hrmph.

Bodie walks away and joins the other housemates. TJ strolls outside where some of the HMs are questioning Nick with personal stats. Nick notes TJ has finally emerged but she doesn’t come over to talk. Rebecca explains even though everyone says they are going to be a group its quite split and they all have to move past that. Nick says “build a bridge”. Rebecca says her bridge is a “giant one” and its fallen down but its alright. She starts to spin out a bit with her conversation, going a mile a minute with sentences merging into each other.

Rebecca: No but I’m not a very confrontational person

Nick: Oh thats a shame because I’m mighty confrontational. Screw others.. [I stick up for] myself.

Jamie and Rebecca both laugh overly-friendly saying “oh thats honest, thats tops”. Nick turns away and takes a swig of his drink looking extremely uncomfortable.


11.28pm – The boys are playing bongo drums on some bins while Demet belly dances by the pool. She’s a proffesional belly dancer. She dances over the boys one by one.

In the bathroom Nick asks who the hairdresser is in the house. Of course he already knows its Aleisha. The others ask “how did you know there was a hairdresser in here?”. And stumbling for an answer Nick says “oh I just assumed”. Nick isn’t allowed to let the others know he has been watching the show. They tell him theres a stripper as well and he asks who. Right infront of her Nick says the only person he would guess is Emma, who says “no I’m not a stripper”. TJ starts laughing saying “Emma you stripper you”. Nick says “oh she could be.. she has the body for it”.

Emma: No I’m not a stripper.. no thankyou

Nick: Thats ok I’ll call you a stripper any time you like

Outside Hayley says she loves Nick and will attach herself to him. She loves nice boys. Rebecca says “well if he likes us then hopefully everyone else likes us”. Hayley suggests he might be warm to them “for a reason”. Aleisha finds Emma who explains what happened just before with the ‘stripper’ comment. Aleisha notes Nick is pretty upfront. Emma has also noted he’s been hanging out with Jamie and Rebecca.

Emma: Is it just me, am I living in a completely warped world but is Jamie … and Rebecca… odd. Like… am I a bitch? Cos I honestly think that they are weird. I think they’re weirdos.

Billy and Aleisha don’t have an answer. Billy suggest eccentric. Emma says but Jamie is quiest, and Rebecca is just annoying.

12.50am – Rebecca goes to the chill out room on her own, upset.

Nick is getting into bed.

Joel has spied Rebecca in the chillout room. She says she just needs some time on her own, and doesn’t like to pray infront of everyone.

Over Nick, Bodie says goodnight to TJ. The lights go out but TJ stays sitting up in bed looking unimpressed. Nick puts on a blindfold to go to sleep between the bickering couple.

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