Day 38

1:27pm: Jamie is giving out the roles for the musical as he is the producer. Rebecca, Joel, Aleisha, Andrew, Travis and Daniela all get roles. Big Brother then tells Jamie to open the envelope. Jamie says that the producer and the six Bollywood actors are now stars, and as such, will receive star treatment. He continues saying that the housemates not chosen as extras, and as such must serve the actors and attend to all their needs. The stars must ring a bell if they want something and must start their sentences by saying “I want…” Zoran really wants to succeed at this task. Andrew and Travis check out the backyard, which now has off limit areas for the extras. Stars are permitted anywhere, but extras can’t use the spa, swimming pool, gym or sauna. Inside, Laura says that it’s slavery and that shouldn’t be depicted in this world. Thomas doesn’t agree with her. Big Brother calls Billy and Thomas to the diary room. Back outside, Jamie is trying to justify who he gave the roles to. Laura still thinks it’s slavery. The boys come out with trays of fruit and meat. Billy brings Travis some grapes. Jamie jokes that they should get Billy to take the pips out. Thomas comes out and Joel wants a water, Jamie wants a water, and Andrew wants him to put a shirt on.

2:51pm: Emma and Laura are wondering if the task will swap roles at some point. Emma doesn’t think it will. Inside, Jamie wants to know from Thomas if his water is hygenic. He proves it is by drinking some. Laura says they should make their food really really spicy tonight! Joel says he loves the task and the area by the pool. Laura says that this task will crack her. She says she doesn’t want to run away though. Practice for the musical commences and goes for an hour. Meanwhile all the extras decide to put heaps of curry in the dinner meal. Emma says she is willing to make it.

5:53pm: Extras are making the dinner. They are making the curry ‘super hot.’ Travis says the meal looks incredible. They all say they don’t like it! Rebecca rings her bell and asks for a glass of milk. Emma, sitting outside, mimicks her and says “how about a kick in the head.” Billy comes back laughing saying that they all think it’s too hot. Emma says they’ll put more chilli in it tomorrow night. They get up from the table so the extras can eat. Aleisha says they are already divided, so she goes inside and says to Billy and Emma, who are talking on the couch ‘you can keep bitching, I don’t care.” Emma says that this task is just too hard for everyone to sit together and hang out though. In the kitchen, Daniela suggests that less chilli goes into the meal tomorrow night. The girls keep a straight face saying they wouldn’t deliberately make the meal hot.

10:49pm: Daniela, Sussanah and Thomas are in the chillout room. Thomas has hidden some nuts in his pockets for snacking and he eats some. Meanwhile, Travis and Adnrew play with Billy asking him to say “I love you” to Aleisha, and then to sit down next to her in her underwear. He does this. Aleisha tells him to put his pants back on. Daniela says that she finds Emma a bitch, and says that Aleisha is a clueless follower. Big Brother calls Thomas to the diary room. Big Brother tells him to empty the contents of his jacket onto the table in the diary room. He confesses that he stole some nuts from the extras meal, and instead of throwing them out, he kept them in his jacket. Big Brother tells him that extras cannot snack between meals. He is sent to the diary room to seperate 10,000 staples from each other. Meanwhile, Billy and Aleisha share a kiss in the bedroom. Rebecca wonders how the day has progressed for the ‘slaves’. Zoran says that he felt it was heated at some points, and that the actors we’re perhaps a bit demanding. Thomas continues working in the punishment room as everyone else heads to bed.

Day 37

8:51am: Billy and Zoran are awake and realise that all their staples have been taken by Big Brother. They tell everyone back in the bedroom and Emma wonders what they did wrong. Out in the backyard Travis says “It’s all part of the fun!”. Big Brother tells the housemates that ingredients have been delivered for breakfast. They all laugh when they realise it’s going to be a disgusting meal. After cooking it up, Travis reckons Daniela will really struggle eating this. Rebecca says that she’ll be fine. Rebecca also says that if you apply the letter A with the value 1 and continue for the whole alphabet, Attitude is equal to 100. Travis doesn’t believe any of this nonsense, and says “Thats fine Rebecca, as long as you don’t walk around with your head in the clouds.” A bit later Daniela is trying out the breakfast and wants to put sugar on it, but is informed there isn’t any. Thomas says it’s porridge without the yum. Rebecca says she thinks it was good. Back outside, the guys are asking Travis if he attacked Rebecca. This starts a bit of a bitch session against Rebecca and then take the piss out of her with her alphabet theory.

11:35am: All housemates are called to the backyard. They come out of the bedroom to find an elephant sitting atop of a platform. It’s a task about Bollywood, and the housemates will be asked to perform a musical. If housemates pass the task, $100,000 will be added to the prizemoney fund. The housemates are then given instructions for the dancing involved in the task, and they have a practice session. Big Brother asks for a director, and Jamie sticks his hand up for that job, saying that he’ll save them $10,000 because he can’t dance to save himself. Meanwhile, inside, a sign has been placed next to the phone. “If the phone rings, it has to be answered, it can be good or bad news. Only one housemate may answer it.” They decide to take it in turns to answer the phone but they must figure out who gets to go first. Most want the chance to pick it up first. They decide to place their nametags in a hat and pull them out. Laura can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Meanwhile, Andrew is called to the diary room to collect this weeks staples. There seems to be a truckload of Indian type food for the housemates to enjoy over the course of the week. In the kitchen, Jamie says he loves hot food. They are all excited by all the food.

1:22pm: Housemates are still looking over all the food. Andrew says he is stoked he is the chef this week. Meanwhile, Daniela decides she is making something and says “if people complain thats too bad.” She then informs everyone that shes making something else because Andrew vetos her first choice, saying they should keep that meal for dinner. Laura wants her allotment taken out before chili is put into the food, and then walks away saying ‘this day just keeps getting better.’ Outside, Billy is talking to Aleisha. Aleisha says she wants Pizza. Travis is a bit concerned about this food, he doesn’t really know if he likes hot food. Billy reckons they’ll both like it. Outside Emma comes over to Andrew to bitch about Daniela about making a meal when Andrew was ready to make something. Emma says the intruders seem to be running the show and pissing everyone else off. She says they need to fit in. Andrew says they are both just in there for themselves. Emma is saying that Daniela has alligned with Sussanah because she knows that Sussanah doesn’t do any work. Andrew says that the new girls have to earn respect. Laura comes across so they stop talking. She says that she likes taking charge of group tasks and she couldn’t today, and that it’s just her down day and she’ll be fine. Lunch is ready and they all rush in. They all seem to enjoy it, Travis saying it’s good. Daniela says she is excited she got to cook. Aleisha says it’s better than pizza, but Laura doesn’t like it.

2:01pm: Emma and Aleisha are in the diary room. They say the intruders are annoying the hell out of them. Meanwhile, Laura is in the chillout room saying she is having a bad day. Daniela is listening to her. Laura thinks they have had their bad days so they are looking down at herself today. Daniela says that they are entitled to have bad days. Back in the diary room, Aleisha says that they are both ‘leadership’ material, and they can’t be like that in this house. Emma says they complain about everything. In the chillout room, they say they should stick together. Daniela says if she feels like cooking she will get up and cook.

8:34pm: Nominations have just finished. Emma can’t believe she isn’t up this week. She says it’s nice to have a break. They ask Zoran if he’s alright, having been nominated (Andrew took him off the block and put Sussanah up but this hasn’t been announced yet.) Outside, Jamie says he doesn’t want to be in the house without Rebecca. He says that she’ll be fine but he won’t be. Rebecca isn’t too sure. Jamie says he’ll go nuts, saying that he’ll have no one to talk to. SUssanah comes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother she feels funny about the nominations tonight. She says she doesn’t like nominating her friends, and she thinks that Andrew definitely picked her. She says that he can’t make eye contact with her since he came back out from the diary room. Rebecca and Jamie both commit to having a fun week and not sit around sulking.

Day 36

11:13am: Billy is cleaning the windows in the backyard. Aleisha says good morning to him and asks what kind of mood he’s in. Billy replies by saying he’s in a ‘fun mood.’ Aleisha walks inside and is immediately asked by Emma how Billy’s mood is. Daniela says she didn’t realise he was angry yesterday, so Emma informs her that he is pissed of a bit with a few people. Emma says she wants the old Billy to return. Meanwhile in the rewards room, Andrew and Thomas discuss nominations over breakfast. Andrew says his one pointeer would be Rebecca. Thomas says that Rebecca is a good friend, but it’s getting to the stage where he’ll have to start nominating people he likes. Andrew says that he thinks Sussanah does the least in the house. Thomas is a bit surprised to hear this. In the bathroom the girls are shaving legs and flossing. Billy comes in and says that he is fine. He says that if he doesn’t clean the backyard they won’t get the gym back, so he’s doing what he has to do.

8:04pm: Housemates are gathered on the couch for the eviction announcement. “It’s time to go Nick.” Hugs mostly all round. Zoran tries to shake his hand but Nick won’t, so Zoran says “Ooah…cold.” He hasn’t even left and Emma is already saying she didn’t get a hug. Afterwards, Sussanah and Thomas say they have lost a friend. Jamie walks around the spa by himself. The boys put his nametag on the eviction ‘wall’. Sussanah and Zoran share a hug. Jamie continues to walk. In the kitchen, Emma says she didn’t get a hug. She says she didn’t have a problem with him. Thomas and Sussanah say they are having a moment sitting on Nick’s bed. Sussanah wipes a few tears from her eyes, then asks “Hows my hair?!” They both continue to stare into the mirrors.

9:13pm: Daniela is asking Jamie about his family. He says he knows he has one sister, and explains that he spent the early part of his life in an orphanage. Daniela seems very interested. Jamie says his younger years weren’t fun at all. He says that nothing was ‘his’. He says because of that he is very protective of his possessions nowadays. Daniela says it’s inspiring because he’s turned out fine.

9:53pm: Thomas gives Sussanah a piggy back ride into the living room as they await Nick’s goodbye message. They have a discussion about how people think Emma is intimidating. Emma doesn’t think she is, but a few can see how some people could find it intimidating. Travis says that Nick never felt like he could be himself because he would seem like a harsh person. Travis goes onto say he hopes that Nick tells it like he feels in this speech tonight. Magically, Nick appears on the plasma. He tells Joel that he’s not as funny as Joel thinks thinks he is. He says that Thomas and Sussanah are like a brother and sister. He says he didn’t get to know Aleisha at all, and he didn’t really want to either. Emma, same deal. He tells her she should act like a nicer person and she won’t be up every week. Nick says that he struggle with Travis’s ocker sayings at times, but realises that under it all he’s a decent bloke. Travis says “can’t ask for anything more than that.” He tells Jamie that he believes in everything he does. He calls Rebecca an angel, and then departs. Emma says that he is clearly ‘paranoid.’ Aleisha says he should’ve bought it up in the house. Emma says he is weak. Rebecca tries to convince Travis that he wasn’t having a go at Travis, it was meant in a nice way. Thomas wonders how anyone could leave an awful message. Thomas says they weren’t really that close, but they never had any 1 on 1 conversations.

11:05pm: Sussanah and Thomas are in the bedroom. Thomas says that Sussanah is his favourite person in this house. Sussanah doesn’t repeat the complement to him though! Sussanah says that Zoran has the hots for her, but it’s totally fine. Rebecca is talking to Jamie out the back, saying that she doesn’t want to be a ‘popular person’ because she thinks they are all shallow. She says she doesn’t want to be a doormat either though. Back in the bedroom, Sussanah says she is scared to go back to her life, saying she doesn’t want to pick up where she was. She starts crying, and Thomas says “You have to stop crying because I just feel like hugging you when you cry…and it’s killing me” Sussanah wonders what she has done with her life having turned 30. Thomas says that he is the opposite, saying he has stayed home for 6 years and been the good husband etc. Sussanah chimes in saying ‘a heap of cash, overseas properties…” Thomas comes back and says “but a broken heart, and all the cash in the world can’t change that.” Zoran enters and walks through and says “Stop making her cry Thomas!” Sussanah wonders quietly if Thomas thinks that Zoran is jealous. He says a little bit. Back outside, Rebecca says that her most constant companion in this house has been Jamie. She says he’s always willing to just listen to her and REALLY hear her. They share a hug and Jamie says “Yeh your alright.”

Day 35

9:02am: The lights come on in the bedroom, and fireworks and the countdown begin as housemates rush to celebrate the ‘New Year.” They don’t all make it to the mark before Big Brother finishes counting. After it ends they all try to get away with cleaning up the confetti. Finally Emma and Aleisha say they will do it. The girls complain they didn’t get any cuddles, Aleisha especially! The girls both laugh that they won’t even get $5 for this task. Emma says it’s too windy to clean up the confetti. In the chillout room Sussanah is worried about Thomas’s behaviour lately, and talk to Rebecca about it. She says that Thomas is close to crossing that line. Sussanah says that Zoran never crosses the line. On the couch, Emma and Billy both comment that Sussanah must be on holiday in here. Billy says that if he gets out of the house and he finds out he’s completely wrong then he wants to be put in a loony bin. He goes onto say that Rebecca and Daniela kept moving in and out of the bedroom till 4am last night. Sussanah tells Rebecca about the chat Zoran had with her the previous evening. On the couch Emma too hopes she isn’t losing it, saying ‘we might not be sain…”

11:18am: Andrew allocates the chores. He gives himself Shopper/Chef, Joel is the baker, Laura is kitchenhand, Billy has the job of cleaning the backyard, Zoran gets the farmhand, Daniela gets housekeeper and Rebecca gets the janitor. She actually seems thrilled at that. Laundry attendant is given to Sussanah. Nick volunteers to be her assistant. Inside, Andrew says that Billy is having a day where everything pisses him off. Outside Billy says he’s going to be a Nazi so they can get the gym better. Emma starts doing laps of the backyard, and Hoel starts chasing her, providing a few laughs. A bit later, Travis says that the place is looking spotless. Nick has meanwhile started doing the laundry. Big Brother tells Nick that he is not the laundry person, and has lost $1 for every person for the week. Sussanah lies in bed hearing this. Everyone says that they have just lost some more meat. Thomas talks to Sussanah, and she says that he has to be careful not to cross the line. Thomas apologises for his actions, and thanks her for bringing it up. Outside the girls are bitching about Nick because he didn’t even apologise, Nick does apologise to Sussanah in the bathroom though, saying he was only trying to help her out.

1:35pm: Emma is telling Laura and Daniela that any staples can be used to snack on throughout the day. Nick and Sussanah walk through to the bathroom with the washing water and once in the bathroom laugh at Emma. “Theres a soapbox you can stand on Emma” says Nick. Later, Zoran is washing up in the sink, and Laura comes and turns the tap right down, telling him he doesn’t need it on that much. Andrew is the shopper and it’s time to shop. He looks as if he was really trying and running etc, but still left $67 unspent. Back outside, he tells the housemates that he had $40 left.

6:09pm: Andrew is cooking dinner. Most of the girls, minus Emma and Aleisha, begin running outside and start an aerobics session. Emma and Aleisha are lying by the pool and laugh at the girls, who have been joined by Nick. Billy is washing the windows and asks “Is that Nick smiling?” Aleisha wonders if Emma said no to doing it. She says she wasn’t asked, “Does that mean they don’t like us?!” Aleisha laughs. Aleisha thinks that Sussanah has a great body, but Emma says she has big thighs and legs, and her body is a bit like a blokes.

8:34pm: Big Brother begins the new year countdown. They make it this time. Big Brother announces that the task is over. The results are also in. They ended up winning $10,000 of the $50,000 up on offer this week. Big Brother gives them a little fireworks spectatular as they celebrate.

9:02am: Laura is doing the dishes, or rather making music with them. Emma comes to the diary room. She says that she would rather bitch to Big Brother than the group. She says that the $10,000 was better than she thought. She says she would like the task back so Nick would stop talking to her. She says that Nick wouldn’t hug her so he couldn’t talk to her. A little later, Emma, Billy and Aleisha are lying on their beds. Aleisha gets something out, and they all look a bit secretive. Turns out to be a Starbust snake that Emma stole earlier in the week. Emma says over nad over that they can’t get caught. They all try to eat it as fast as possible. Travis wakes up so they throw him some. He is much appreciate. Out in the kitchen, Nick is talking to the intruders about who is up this weekend. He says that Demet would probably have saved Emma.

Day 34

9:46pm: Andrew and Thomas are in the rewards room. Thomas says it’s no wonder Andrew always ends up in here. Andrew asks him who he would be closest to in the house. Thomas says that Sussanah and Jamie are great for him, Rebecca at times. Andrew wonders about Zoran. Thomas says that he’s ok some of the time, but wonders if he gets a bit jealous because Thomas and Sussanah are very close. Andrew says he can definitely see that. Back in the house, Nick hugs Joel as part of the task. He says he is sick of losing the task. Billy wants to talk to him as well, so he goes over and hugs Nick as well. Nick says that it was just stupid things tonight that cost their group the game, blaming it all basically on Laura. They get up and wonder about dinner. Back in the rewards room the boys relax on their massage chairs. The boys says that they don’t have a problem with Emma, but can see why she gets nominated. Andrew says he really does try to nominate week to week, and not hold grudges. Thomas says that he would perhaps least want Emma in the house, and he’s at the stage where he’s ready to give up on her. Thomas says that he thinks Nick could be a good bloke but he has a bitterness aboutr him. Andrew says that if Nick is still in the house next week, Emma and Nick would probably be his two nominations. Andrew makes mention that Nick himself has said on numerous occassions that he’s had to bite his tongue.

In the chillout room, Nick is saying that he thought he might have received an invite into the rewards room tonight, but it wasn’t to be. Nick says he’s had a few times where he’s walked into a room and there is a conversation about him in progress, and they don’t stop. Nick does say that if he is still in the house after the eviction, he’ll be totally different. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Thomas gives Sussanah a huge bearhug and then asks him to walk her around the room, which he does. He goes outside to help clean up the kitchen. Sussanah sound comes back out, and then he picks her up again. They share a moment admiring themselves in the mirror.

12:52am: Joel is giving Sussanah’s feet a wash. She is struggling to let Joel touch her feet, saying it feels weird. She falls over. They somehw get through the first foot, and Zoran comes in to help out as she screams for them to stop!

1:05am: Zoran and Billy are in the backyard chatting. He says he knew who liked him in the first week. The boys are saying they seem to get on along with most, but some housemates are starting to nag at them. Billy says that he thinks Rebecca doesn’t care about anyone else in the house besides herself. Zoran tends to agree. Later, the girls are in the bedroom lying down as Billy enters. Meanwhile, Zoran takes Sussanah aside to chat with her. Zoran says “Don’t ask where his came from…”, and says that over the past couple of weeks shes been jumping into conversations and a few people have noticed. He continues saying that some think that she cares more about herself than anyone else in the house. Billy comes clean in the bedroom saying that he told Billy that Sussanah was the worst thing for her and he should stop hanging out with her. Back outside, Sussanah thanks her for the chat.

1:48am: The boys return to the bedroom from the rewards room, and Thomas lies down on top of Sussanah and then asks “Is this appropraite?!” Sussanah says it’s probably not, so he gets off and apologises, laughing. Thomas wonders if it was unwanted from her end. Sussanahs says “goodnight Thomas!” Nick and Andrew run into each other in the bathroom, and they laugh at how Thomas hasn’t stopped eating. Andrew wonders if everything has been alright in the house tonight. Nick nods. He says that he’s increasingly thinking about Sunday’s eviction. Andrew says you just have to be positive.

Day 32

9:36am: Daniella and Laura have woken up for their first morning in the Big Brother house. Thomas comes out and says Hi to Nick, and gives him a hug as part of the tasks requirements. Laura asks him if the tea bag is his, picking it up from the floor, and Nick approaches her and hugs her too. Once Laura has gone inside, Nick says to Thomas that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to pick up on people’s habits this early. Inside, Andrew thinks it’s weird being in the house today, having lost Hayley the previous evening. He says he just needs to adjust, but he promises he’ll have a ball anyway. Travis says that they both deserve to be in the house. In the bedroom, Aleisha is again reciting her lines she must utter before going outside. Once in the kitchen she says she doesn’t want to do that anymore. Jamie and Daniella are on the couch relaxing. Sussanah walks past to go to the diary room, and Daniella asks if her boobs are fake. Sussanah says they are fake. Daniella says they look good! Outside Laura and Travis are talking about Tassie. Laura says she intends to have her family grow up in Tassie. Travis wonders if people shower down there. Laura laughs. Andrew comes to the diary room and says that last night he struggled to talk to anyone, and even today he isn’t in the right frame of mind to talk to people. He says it’s a weird feeling, as if the relationship has ended. He says he doesn’t know when he’ll see her again, but when he does everything will be find, but in the meantime it’s a strange feeling.

1:31pm: Laura comes outside and reveals her tan already. Sussanah can’t believe it, Zoran is checking her out as she walks over to talk to Sussanah. Big Brother gathers all housemates in the bedroom while they set up a task. Daniela reads out a message from Big Brother saying that they want the housemates to celebrate New Years Eve, and have to get to the “New Year deck” before Big Brother has finished counting down from 10. Fireworks sound and Big Brother begins counting down. Aleisha must still say her lines before leaving the room, then housemates gather confetti and run outside and just get to the deck. They then celebrate. Laura and Joel share a laugh while Travis begins cleaning up the confetti. Nick and Jamie both agree that this place is doing their heads in. Nick says he is about to lose it, saying that the family dinner better go nicely otherwise there could be some arguments. In the bedroom, Billy tells Emma that he had a good long talk to Jamie today about ‘nothing.’ Emma says she that because Jamie was adopted he always had to fight, fight for food and he’s been deprieved of a lot of things and because of this environment he has to share things again and has to compete again and thats why he is uncomfortable again. Emma says she doesn’t like it. Meanwhile Nick says he can’t ignore certain things about certain housemates and he can’t ignore it anymore. He again says he is ready to snap. He says he is appreciative of Andrew, Jamie, Thomas, Sussanah and Travis for the intelligent conversation.

7:21pm: Housemates are seating at the dining table for the weekly meeting. Emma reads out the first topic. “Food needs to be rationed.” Travis owns up and says this was his topic, and in particular Yougart is meant to be only 1 a day but some people seem to be having 3 or 4. Nick chimes in and says that what happened with the Pizza shapes the other night was disgusting, saying to wake up and find 2 or 3 people have eaten them all in inconsiderate. Emma reads the next one saying “Try to get along with everyone, not just the people that you generally hang out with.” A few people pass and have nothing to say on the issue, and Jamie says that people don’t have to chat and hang out with people they don’t necessarily like, but they should be civil to one another. The next one is “New housemates should understand the rules of the house before giving their opinions.” Laura says that everyone should feel comfortable to be approached about something. Nick says he thought he was clear with Laura this morning but both newbies look absolutely confused. He clarifies but Emma interrupts and says that they should tak about 1 on 1 issues by themselves, not with 14 people at a table. They move onto the last issue which is “People shouldn’t talk about others behind their backs.” Lots of people pass. Daniela says that people tend to bitch a lot should go outside their box and talk to others to try to get out of the bitching habit. After the meeting Nick hugs Rebecca as part of the task and Rebecca says that he didn’t look happy during the meeting. Jamie gets Emma alone and tries to tell her that when he stares he’s not staring as if he’s annoyed at Emma, but rather analysising etc. He apologies that she might feel uncomfortable. Aleisha pipes in and wonders if she is easy to read. Jamie laughs saying that she is easy to read. Jamie says that he would be dissapointed if he didn’t get to know everyone in the house, and perhaps he hasn’t got to know Emma as well, and says that he thinks they have more in common than you would think. Emma says she is willing to give it a crack. Jamie leaves the bathroom saying “Aleisha…i’m watching you.”

10:26pm: Joel’s task is to wash the feet of two different people a night. He has chosen new housemate Daniela, and says that she has much nicer feet than a lot of the guys, especially Zorans. Joel laughs, often wondering what he must look like washing peoples feet all the time. Daniela says she’ll repay the favour after the task. Joel dries her feet as well, saying that it’s the first one he’s dried too. Meanwhile in the chill out room, Billy says that he likes Laura, and Daniela is a nice girl but will voice her opinions pretty loudly. Andrew says that Laura was a sweety to him last night, and even again today. He says she is pretty full on with her greeny stuff though. In the bedroom, Emma and Aleisha are asking the new girls if they are attracted to anyone. Both girls say they aren’t. Daniela says that her boyfriend and herself have only been together for 6 months. Daniela says that Thomas is the usual guy she would go for, but he does nothing for her. Aleisha says that he is the most unattractive guy in the whole house. She says he loves his manners though. Thomas enters and Daniela asks if he’s ever had a gay encounter. He answers no after a bit of hesitation.

12:05am: Andrew is heading to bed and a few others are following. Rebecca says they need to shut the doors. Joel and Daniela are holding hands as they close the doors and joke it’s a bit like Sliding Doors.

Day 25

7:12am: Rebeccca and Jamie are lying in the bed in the backyard counting the sheep. Travis and Demet are also sleeping outside, and Jamie decides it’s time for everyone to get up, so he wakes up Travis, who goes and tells everyone in the bedroom. Zoran is struggling, as is Joel. The clock stops. Nick says he is getting to the stage where he would happily chuck in the $50,000 for some sleep. Suddenly all noises come on, and Zoran and Thomas race out to the backyard and press a button within 20 seconds. Thomas says “You suck Big Brother” and lies down outside the buzzer. Big Brother immediately tells the farmhard to feed the animals. Andrew and Nick go to do that. Andrew wonders if it’s the same cow. Rebecca says that she is having a few issues with Zoran. Jamie says that Nick is trying to asert his authority over him and he’s trying to put Jamie down. Jamie says he doesn’t appreciate it all. “He’s picked the wrong target with me.” Andrew is trying to collect the eggs, but is having a hard time because the chickens won’t move. He gives up on the last couple. Back inside, Joel has got a Yellow boxing outfit on. He says he feels better already now he’s in it. “See Big Brother, just when you think you have me, something else comes up.”

10:59am: Joel is asleep on the couch. Hayley quickly tells him. The clock stops. Emma tells Joel to come and help in the kitchen to keep him awake. He stares at Emma and makes her laugh. On the couch, Travis wonders how Nick is treating him. Jamie says he’s been very quiet towards him. Billy comes in and asks for some cheese or something, and Jamie says that he trusts Billy’s judgement so he goes away again. Jamie continues about Nick, saying that Nick was just saying insulting jokes to Jamie, even after he’s told him numerous times. Outside watching the sheep, Nick and Sussanah are counting sheep talking about the heat. Jamie says he has a temper, but it takes a hell of a lot to snap him. He says he is here for fun and not here for mindgames.

11:31am: Emma and Aleisha are almost snoozing on the bed in the backyard. A few sheep appear, Emma says “Yeh yeh” and Aleisha immediately wakes up and goes “What?!” Emma says that they saw 2.

12:41am: Joel and Billy are on the bed watching sheep. Big Brother calls Thomas to the diary room. Billy thinks the task is over, Joel is not convinced. They all head outside and Big Brother announces that the sheep counting task is now over. Thomas has an envelope. All housemates tell Big Brother that they counted 22 sheep. Thomas opens the letter, revealing that the correct number was 22! Big Brother asks them whether they would like a one hour ‘nana nap’ or a pot of freshly brewed coffee. They decide on the nana nap and all run inside very excited.

6:11pm: Everyone is sitting down eating dinner. Sussanah says that this is the best meal she has ever had. It’s time for their weekly meeting. Billy says that he’s noticed that it’s the same people offering to help with jobs that need to be done around the house. He says everyone needs to chip in and help. The camera pans to Sussanah a heap! Emma says they shouldn’t mention names, but says that everyone needs to help. Nick says that he has at times he struggles to fit into the group, but it’s turning around, so he appreciates it. Zoran says that he has sorted out his issues with Nick now, and he says that he really appreciates that they chatted. Thomas says that it’s easy for the loud ones like himself to talk over others. Jamie says that he’s probably looked like an ass as the chef because he hasn’t given people cheese etc because he has had plans with it for later in the week. Andrew agrees that they shouldn’t just be taking things. Thomas finally mentions that Emma gets up every single morning and makes the porridge, and lunches. He says thankyou, and Emma says she likes cooking.

7:05pm: Quite a few people out lounging by the pool. Inside Demete and Emma are in the kitchen. Demet says she can’t get over how dirty Zoran is. She says he reminds her of a typical guy who does nothing at home. Out by the pool, Aleisha says that Zoran burped in her direction, and it stank! Back in the kitchen, both girls talk about how Sussanah doesn’t lift a finger in the house. They laugh that back at the table she was nodding as if she was one of the ones that did do work. Emma starts rattling off names that think Sussanah does nothing, not realising that she has walked to the sink to wash a bottle?! She leaves saying “think i’ll relax now!”.

8:36pm: Jamie takes off his microphone for a practical joke, and walks out to the people at the pool but slips and falls into the pool as a practical joke. They all laugh when they realise he did it in purpose. Thomas helps him out, but then pushes him back in. Jamie says that it’s actually really warm in there. Andrew is trying to get Billy and Aleisha together and ‘live the dream.’ Later, Billy tries to get Aleisha to kiss him on the cheek, but she says ‘the tricks old. I know what you’re trying to do.’ Billy then kisses her! Aleisha is a bit stunned, and Rebecca says that she saw it, saying that Billy obviously needed to do it. Meanwhile Jamie is hoping that people aren’t pissed at him for falling in the pool. Jamie says that Thomas was ready to take his shirt off “surprise surprise!” Jamie says that his friends would watch that and say that that is actually Jamie, the real guy.

12:04am: It’s almost bedtime. They decide it’s time to get a few hours of sleep. An alarm sounds and Joel and Billy get up and hit the snooze button out in the yard.

Day 22

Day 22, 8:05pm. Gretel appears to the house and reveals that TJ has been evicted. After hugs and kisses to everyone, she strikes a pose and departs through the front door. The HMs all go outside to listen to the live audience’s reaction. Bodie is certain that there’s going to be another eviction.

In the bedroom, Emma asks Aleisha if she’s happy to be here for another week. “Hell yeah. We’re all still together.” Emma happy proclaims, “They can’t break us!”. Emma isn’t surprised that Hayley exercised the nominations power on her; she says it was going to be someone she got along with – either her or TJ.

8:30pm. BB orders HMs to return to the lounge. Travis suggests that it’s TJ’s message from the grave, but is quickly proven wrong. Gretel announces that it’s time to go… “Bodie!”. Several HMs take this hard. Emma is in tears. They applaud him right out the door. Hayley hugs Emma, saying it’ll be okay. Several other HMs try to comfort her as she escapes to the bedroom.


8:33pm. Outside, they listen for the crowd reaction to Bodie. Travis tells Andrew and Thomas that “that group’s going to struggle without their ring leader.” Aleisha tells Emma that they have to stick together now. They’re both in disbelief. Aleisha says the whole TJ thing “had him buggered.” Emma says she’s angry. She thinks all the other HMs (outside of their group) don’t actually care. “So fake…” Emma and Aleisha run off back indoors to hang up Bodie’s drink tag with the other evicted HMs.

Meanwhile, Hayley tells Nick she was “so depressed when TJ went”. But now she’s “rapt, I’m so happy.” Nick sort of agrees, saying he’s hurt for [Bodie], but happy for the house. Hayley says Nick’s going to meet “14 new people”. They’ll all be relaxed, they can be themselves. She then says they should go join the group so it doesn’t look like they’ve been bitching. “I just want to smile”.

A teary Emma tells Aleisha and Billy that she just doesn’t have many friends in here. She can’t believe she wasn’t taken out and he was. Billy says she’s stayed for a reason. They lover her, that’s all that matters.

8:57pm. It’s raining. Zoran, Billy, Thomas, Rebecca, Demet, Emma, and Aleisha are under cover. Zoran says he’s tempted to “do a Bodie” and go and lie in the rain. They all agree to go do it. They take off their mics and go lie down on the astro turf, laughing and stretching. Zoran stays down the longest.


10:42pm. TJ’s eviction message is playing. She loves them all and hopes they all have a “phat” time, and that they all come visit her. Everyone cheers for her, and then even louder when Bodie appears on the screen. He focuses on the four people that are “most important” to him. Billy & Joel, thanks for theit mateship and friendship. Aleisha – “you are a massive cute-head.” Demet aswell, she’s an amazing girl. He tells Andrew and Hayley (who laugh and wave) to “keep playing the game, I suppose”. He wishes he had four hands so he could give them “four thumbs down right now”. (Almost) everyone laughs and cheers at that. Emma has definitely been his rock in this place, she made it easier to be here. He thanks everyone. Hopefully he’ll see some of them soon. Hayley: “Not me, buddy.”

Andrew points out that he and Hayley aren’t fake and he thinks most people here know that they’re not, and despite what Demet has expressed, despite not knowing what was really expressed in that room… Demet interrupts, happy to have this discussion. Travis says he spent two days in the RR with Andrew and thinks he’s a good bloke. Demet tells him they’re genuine to your face but not behind your back. Hayley and Andrew take exception to that and challenge Demet to justify what she said. Zoran says he’s been hearing things and felt kind of “stabbed” when Andrew not only didn’t take him into the RR but today gave him the janitor role. As they talk, many of the other HMs get up and leave. Andrew says the RR decision was made ages ago and that janitor is probably the easiest chore.

Zoran says there’s a pattern here – he’s upset, Bodie was upset, Demet’s upset, obviously there’s a bit of a pattern going on. Andrew says a lot of what they’re going on about is hearsay. He did not say anything bad about him in the RR. Zoran challenges Andrew to look at Demet and say that she’s been lying. Demet shakes her head. Outside, Hayley can’t believe what’s going on in there. Travis says he doesn’t like this sort of stuff. Aleisha giggles.

Back in the lounge, Andrew says they don’t have a game plan, but they are here to play the game. And that’s the only way he can explain it. He says Hayley keeps getting upset about it, and he has to tell her that “it’s just a game, just a game.” Everyone in this house has to play the game. Hayley is back in the room now. Andrew says Demet has been gutless, just sitting back and listening to what she wants to hear, not bothering to clarify with him. Demet brings up Nick and how Hayley and Andrew have tried to recruit him. She just warned him when he came in that she thinks they’re really playing the game. Andrew reiterates his point about her not confronting him – “you are possibly the most fake person in here!”

Nick has escaped outside and fills in Aleisha, Thomas, and Travis about what’s going on. Thomas says this place bring out the best and the worst [in you].

Hayley tells Demet to say who else is being fake. Demet doesn’t want to share that with her, she’s told them straight to their face. Andrew doesn’t believe her. “You’re an absolute joke, you’re an absolute joke. You will sit there, and you’ll listen to whatever’s heard, to make little judgements, to calculate…” Hayley says she’s upset people like Emma for no reason. Why would she have chosen to save someone she hated?

Andrew leaves the room shaking his head. Demet says she has nothing to say to them now.


12:14am. In the bedroom, Demet calls herself the “new Bodie”. In the lounge, Zoran and Andrew apologise to each other and shake hands.

Jamie and Nick enter the spa. Nick says that from the moment he came through the door, the sh*t has just hit the fan. Jamie agrees but says it’s not about Nick, it’s just the timing. After the first few weeks, “the honeymoon’s over, and now we’re into marriage. And it’s not nice.”

In the kitchen, Emma tells Billy and Demet that there’s non doubt in her mind that Hayley & Andrew are playing the game. Some people are here to win the game, that’s all they have on their mind. In the spa, Nick agrees that he completely misread Demet. Jamie doesn’t know what to make of the whole mess. Nick says Demet has completely set Zoran up to be pissed off about Hayley & Andrew.

In the kitchen, Emma apologises to Zoran for him being roped into all this. She says everything’s gotten nasty in here because they have nothing better to do than talk about each other. Outside, Jamie questions the whole thing about Hayley and Andrew filling Nick with “crap” and getting him on their side. Nick has no idea where that came from, the only HM they talked about in the RR was Bodie. Nick says he will make up his own mind about people. In the kitchen Emma says they should appreciate Demet being so honest to all of them.

Nick confirms with Jamie that Demet is Muslin. He hesitantly wonders about whether or not young Muslin girls are allowed to show as much skin as Demet does, and bellydance etc. Jamie explains that by saying there are many different types of Muslims, and she’s of a more liberal following. But he doesn’t understand completely.

In their bed, Andrew tells Hayley that Demet’s a nobody in this place, don’t worry about her. They can’t believe how fake she’s been to them, and is glad Zoran understands them now. They kiss and decide to go to sleep as the show ends.

Day 19

9.33am – Jamie is swimming around in the pool, not very well. Brodie says he’s going to put the porridge on because “I never do anything around here”. Demet suggests he puts a packet of lollies through the porridge as a joke. Bodie runs with it and says its the best idea she’s had since she’s been in the house. Lights are coming on in the bedroom. Bodie suggests they put sultanas and almonds in with the lollies. They put the lollies in while the porridge is cooking on the stove… oh and some juice. Bodie says “people don’t realise how much improvisation is in cooking… after this they’re going to make me shopper chef”. Travis emerges from the bedroom and says breakfast looks good. Demet takes the first taste… its like bubblegum and they can taste the juice as well. Bodie and Demet jump around in excitement.

Bodie gets Emma to come out of the bedroom and taste the porridge. She says its good – “best in the world”. Bodie reveals theres lollies in it, and Emma says “oh thats good”. Bodie calls it hyper-porridge and dances around some more. Thomas is the next to try it.

Emma goes into the bedroom and tells the housemates still in bed whats in this morning’s porridge. Susannah asks why Bodie wasted on that food. Hayley says its child-like behaviour, and TJ adds if you looked in the dictionary under irrational it would have Bodie. Hayley is angry – saying he always mucks up and every time she builds a bridge and gets over him, he does something else wrong and she goes “URGH!”. The girls all share their anger and Emma suggests they have a meeting or group chat about sharing food. Hayley says theres a time for fun and a time for … not wasting food.


12.13pm – Everyone has been called to the living room for the meeting. Thomas guesses the meeting is because of the porridge this morning. Andrew starts, directing at Bodie that with every day people are getting more and more pissed off with the things he does. Bodie says its not like he made the porridge for himself, he thought it was a good idea for the group. Bodie then calls for a group vote on who liked the porridge, counting the number of hands that go up. Emma says its not the point – they need to talk about rationing food and treats among the group. Bodie says this discussion was directed at him, claiming Andrew is just using it to vent at his problems with Bodie. Andrew responds saying he can live side by side with Bodie and not get pissed off but there are people in the house that see things in the house that Bodie does as irresponsible and not decisions that would be made by…. inconsiderate of other people. Hayley interrupts – there have been constant breaches of the rules in the house by Bodie, like not making people feel bad. She knows she’s being called the fun police but she is bringing it up so everyone in the house can have fun and not just one seperate group.

Bodie is hurt there are not more people speaking out on this… he thought there were more people who thought the same as him and the fact they’re not ball-sey enough to say it how it is.

Bodie: This is how it is – if there are people in this house you don’t get along with you shouldn’t have to.

TJ: Don’t get defensive we’re just airing stuff. Yes its uncomfortable.. but we have to be mature and nip it in the butt otherwise things will fester in each and everyone one of us.

Bodie: I accept and understand… but I’m not going to change. Sorry.

Bodie then gets people who have had fines to raise their hands with the number of fines indicated. Bodie makes the point that almost everyone has had fines but everyone needs to take it on board. Hayley says they’re not talking about geniune mistakes but the blatant disregard of the rules Bodie has been showing, and when people find it amusing. Bodie then questions when he’s found a fine amusing.. Hayley says there are many times.

Bodie: Two! I’ve got two [fines] .. are you blind?

Hayley: There’s no need to be rude Bodie, I’m trying to be constructive. Does anybody not feel, as though Bodie perhaps has given a little bit more of a disregard for the rules…

Bodie asks then why doesn’t he have more fines? Yelling breaks out and Hayley says “you do it every fucking day!”. Zoran yells and stops and clarifies that everyone is trying to says it doesn’t matter how many fines people have … at the end of the day when this meeting ends we’re still going to hold a grudge. Thomas asks if anyone else has anything to say.

Rebecca: Can I just say that I’m not a very confronational person and I do not find it easy to discuss my feelings with people, especially if they have hurt me. (she starts crying) and I understand if people don’t get along with me thats fine, but as a person I’m really a non-exclusive person and I value everybody and I want to get to know everybody.

Everyone claps. Demet laughs. Hayley continues that Rebecca was petrified to come out with that because she was scared she would be shut down and excluded from the group because she’s different on so many levels. “Do you understand how brave it is to say that when no one understands her? I don’t even understand her! but she put herself out there and put herself in here so we could learn”. Hayley gets teary and tells everyone to make her feel secure in her own home.

Bodie: I never intentionally go out of my way to hurt some one’s feelings and if there are people who I am upsetting I’m sorry. Thats just me.

Aleisha says if everyone makes an effort, it should be rosey. Emma is silent.


12.56pm – Andrew walks up to Bodie and apologises for the conversation before but says he said it straight out how it was. Meanwhile Emma is in the lounge room saying sorry to Rebecca if she upset her. She thinks they have meshed the least but its not her intention to upset people – if they don’t get along they just purely not get along. She doesn’t think they have been nasty in any way. “It’s not in me to be cruel”. If she has upset Rebecca its not her intention.

Andrew is now defending Hayley saying people look at her as a mother figure. Bodie says maybe the problem is he hasn’t seen her as a mother figure.

Since the meeting started Bodie has not taken off his sunglasses, and there is a waver in his voice as if he’s trying to hold back tears.

Rebecca hopes from now on people will make an effort with everything. She feels better… “we can smile again”.

2.18pm – Apparently Demet has a psychic sixth sense… so she says. She asks Emma and Aleisha to give her names of people and she will give them a psychic reading about them. Emma imemdiately says “Rebecca” and Demet says “likes you”.

Bodie.. “likes you”

Zoran… “mmmrm… doesn’t know”

Thomas… “fake”. (They’re being fake with her). Emma says “Yeah I reckon that too”

Hayley… “fake”

Andrew joins them on the bed and the discussion turns to hair products and how they have to wait until shopping time. The girl talk turns Andrew away and they immediately ask Demet for her take on Andrew. Demet says “they’re [him and Hayley] are in it together”. They agree they’ve got a strategy and they are really competitive, especially when there is money involved. They are “definately here to play”. They ask Billy what he thinks – he finds it hard because he already knew Hayley before entering the house, then goes to answer but Hayley enters the bedroom. Billy is lying on the bed and can’t see Hayley enter so Emma loudly interrupts Billy with a “Hellooo!” to Hayley to get him to stop talking. Billy says he didn’t think he would last in the house, but as soon as Hayley leaves the room he says the couple are definately playing the game.


9.52pm – Nick tells the housemates he has a few extra priviledges as the golden key winner. He can pick three other housemates into the rewards room for a celebratory party of his entrance. He choses Hayley, Andrew and Demet. He says those three have made him feel extremely comfortable and welcome since he arrived. They go into the rewards room with is full of balloons and food. Demet says its amazing and hugs Nick. The revealing window is opened and the other housemates crowd to watch. All of the food is kids party food like rainbow bread. Zoel and Bodie can’t watch and leave the bedroom. Thomas says its ok because he’ll be in there on the weekend. The party housemates toast with champagne.

Bodie and Emma run into the diary room to talk to Big Brother. TJ and Joel follow them behind. Emma sits down in the diary room chair with Bodie, turns to see TJ has come in and says “oh god”. They ask BB if they can have party pies. Bodie says he’s not happy for some of the people in the rewards room but Demet they are. TJ feels Andrew and Hayley aren’t the best choice because they’ve already been in that house, plus “Bodie hates Hayley”.

Bodie: She feels like a very domineering character, and I think her and Andrew at times are a little bit like this (he puts his thumb up to his forehead).

In the rewards room Hayley thanks Nick for inviting them in. He says there are a couple of people he really would have like to bring in, but he gestures to suggest he wasn’t able to because of the current politics of the house. The revealing window is then frosted. Nick says he’s a good judge of character and picked the right three to join him.

1.14am – Bodie is putting shaving cream on Billy’s hand while he sleeps. He then gets a piece of string and tickles Billy’s face. Aleisha, Thomas and Joel are watching on. Billy naturally goes to scratch his face, smearing shaving cream all over his eye. It wakes him up but he’s still half asleep and doesn’t do anything about it, but smiles. It’s obvious who was responsible – they’re all giggling louldy under their bed covers.

Day 18

10.08am – Demet can’t bring herself to each porridge for breakcast. The other girls suggest putting fruit or blueberry into it to change the flavour. Emma made breakfast and watches unimpressed as Demet complains about the porridge and then eventually eats something else.

The boys are working out in the gym. In the bedroom Emma is bitching about Rebecca to Aleisha and Bodie. She says Rebecca isn’t representative of a proper mormon and just sucks up and is overly nice to everyone in the house. Emma doesn’t think she would be like that on out outside but in this house is over the top and sits on all the boys laps. It drives Emma crazy. Meanwhile in the chill out room Rebecca is chatting with Demet and Jamie about how she doesn’t flirt with anyone. Demet disagrees, saying Rebecca does know how to flirt just doesn’t realise she’s doing that. Demet explains that even touching a guy on the arm can be flirting, much to the amazement of Rebecca.

Emma explains Rebecca hates nuts, so this morning she made porridge with extra nuts. “I can’t stand her, I hate when she talks to me”. Rebecca says Emma’s got a hot body but is really bitchy: when nominations happened Emma thought everyone is so fake, saying “people were coming up to me hugging me and I was thinking get off me you fucking bitch you were probebly the one who nominated me”. Rebecca thought “who says that! That is probably the bitchiest thing anyone can say”.

It’s revealed in the kitchen Andrew had said how great it would be if the house was full of guys, and each time a girl came in they could all “upgrade” to a better girl in the house. Hayley is not impressed at all, calls him an idiot and goes to walk away, but Andrew pulls him back. Hayley lets rip about what he said. Andrew explains he meant to say “more compatible” women in the house. Hayley won’t have a bar of that and says “so I’m not compatible?”. She then annouces to the house “if I was never known to you, you wouldn’t be here, because I make you the man you are”. Thomas hugs Hayley infront of Andrew, and then jokes she has upgraded her man.


Rebecca has come to the diary room, teary eyed. She says she is so used to her friends being wonderful and never had a geniune conflict before. It’s foreign to her – according to people she knows she’s easy to get along and is not judgemental and people say that of all people she would be the least deserving of this sort of treatment. Am I really that weird? she asks. She doesn’t know if she’s that different that it causes problems. She doesn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable but is confused – she was confident in who she was but now feels like such a sook.

Emma is bitching about Rebecca again. She says its bizarre that Rebecca hit it off with everyone in the house – according to Emma you’re only supposed to hit it off with one or two people. Emma doesn’t feel she’s meshed with Rebecca and she doesn’t need to mesh with her now. Billy in all his empty-headedness just nods along and says yes. Emma then immitates Rebecca whining and says “just get a life, build a bridge… I don’t care”.

Emma: Seriously, if I see Rebecca going into the diary room on nominations crying again, I’m going to throw a bucket of water over her. When you signed the dotted line did you not know you are going to nominate people?

Big Brother calls it’s pantimime time.

8.31pm – The housemates are performing their pantimime. At the end of the performance Big Brother steers from the script, confusing Joel who goes back to try and find it in the script. Big Brother then introduces new housemate Nick as Goldilocks. He is dressed in a Goldilocks costume. Everyone welcomes him.


8.36pm – Nick is getting the house tour by Hayley. Nick asks which bed is his – its next to Bodie. The boys offer Nick some clothes as his suitcase hasn’t been delivered yet. All the other housemates get dressed out of their costumes.

Travis: Are you a gay bloke Nick?

Nick: aaaaahh…. yep.

Hayley laughs.

Travis: aah hey oh.. ah I was just asking and you gave me an answer and good on ya mate.

Travis extends his hand to shake but Nick is a little confronted by the situation. Word instantly spreads around the bedroom and Emma says “is he gay? I knew it! I knew it!”. Everyone assures Nick that its just Travis’ way and he will get to know him. Nick reveals he is “very much single”. Emma shows him the toilets and showers. Aleisha explains 2 minute showers.

Travis has already figued out that this week will be a double eviction, since they are already back up to 16 housemates. Emma cheers there is a gay boy in the house – she wanted a gay boy in the house. Zoran is getting stressed about the possibility of a double eviction. Hayley and Andrew tell him not to stress out.

Big Brother says HMs are free to leave the bedroom, and everyone does except for Bodie and TJ. Bodie tells her she’s “really gotten to me in these last few days”. They start bickering about cuddling in bed again. He says it was a mistake to start cuddling with her in the first place. Things get heated and the yelling begins. TJ says of course but she didn’t expect to be ignored the day after their last fight. Bodie doesn’t think he ignored her but she replies “YOU DID, BODIE, YOU DID”.

Bodie: You scare the hell out of me sometimes.

TJ: And you’re perfect are you?

Bodie: You’re making me feel like just grabbing my shit and leaving here

TJ: And you’re making me feel exactly the same way. We…

Bodie interupts with the excuse he has to leave to find his pig ears from the pantimime task, and Big Brother could call for them to perform at any time. He says the pig ears can’t wait. TJ says “exactly my point… no respect. At the end of the day I like you”.

Bodie: What do you want from me?

TJ: (laughs) Its really not a hard question, I want to get to know you.

Outside Rebecca and Jamie have pulled Nick away from the main group of housemates who are sitting around the pool. Nick jokes they should give the others a chance to talk about him and Rebecca continues the joke saying “yeah give them a chance to bitch about you behind your back”. Nick replies “oh cos it wasn’t like you guys weren’t just walking along here talking about me”. Rebecca and Jamie halt and say “well no actually we weren’t”. Jamie was telling Rebecca how he thinks she’s his favourite mormon. Nick explains shes the second mormon he’s met he hasn’t slammed the door on. Rebecca says “well apparently I’m everyones favourite mormon.. we’re not all that bad!”. Nick asks whats up with TJ… she hasn’t spoken to him and is hiding in the bedroom. Rebecca explains there are layers but once you get past it she’s a nice person.

Back in the bedroom TJ says she didn’t want to be full on or serious about their relationship. They both agree to leave and get more drink.

TJ: On a second note do you really want him (Nick) sleeping next to you?

Bodie: Yeah, I do

TJ: Really? what about when you realise how ridiculously hot I am?

Bodie: Hrrmm I think all this (he gestures to mean the fight they just had) goes against that.

TJ: Really?

Bodie: Do we have to go back and talk about what we just said again? All this stuff we just had sorta makes it…hmph.

TJ: And the way you’ve been has certainly made me feel like… hrmph.

Bodie walks away and joins the other housemates. TJ strolls outside where some of the HMs are questioning Nick with personal stats. Nick notes TJ has finally emerged but she doesn’t come over to talk. Rebecca explains even though everyone says they are going to be a group its quite split and they all have to move past that. Nick says “build a bridge”. Rebecca says her bridge is a “giant one” and its fallen down but its alright. She starts to spin out a bit with her conversation, going a mile a minute with sentences merging into each other.

Rebecca: No but I’m not a very confrontational person

Nick: Oh thats a shame because I’m mighty confrontational. Screw others.. [I stick up for] myself.

Jamie and Rebecca both laugh overly-friendly saying “oh thats honest, thats tops”. Nick turns away and takes a swig of his drink looking extremely uncomfortable.


11.28pm – The boys are playing bongo drums on some bins while Demet belly dances by the pool. She’s a proffesional belly dancer. She dances over the boys one by one.

In the bathroom Nick asks who the hairdresser is in the house. Of course he already knows its Aleisha. The others ask “how did you know there was a hairdresser in here?”. And stumbling for an answer Nick says “oh I just assumed”. Nick isn’t allowed to let the others know he has been watching the show. They tell him theres a stripper as well and he asks who. Right infront of her Nick says the only person he would guess is Emma, who says “no I’m not a stripper”. TJ starts laughing saying “Emma you stripper you”. Nick says “oh she could be.. she has the body for it”.

Emma: No I’m not a stripper.. no thankyou

Nick: Thats ok I’ll call you a stripper any time you like

Outside Hayley says she loves Nick and will attach herself to him. She loves nice boys. Rebecca says “well if he likes us then hopefully everyone else likes us”. Hayley suggests he might be warm to them “for a reason”. Aleisha finds Emma who explains what happened just before with the ‘stripper’ comment. Aleisha notes Nick is pretty upfront. Emma has also noted he’s been hanging out with Jamie and Rebecca.

Emma: Is it just me, am I living in a completely warped world but is Jamie … and Rebecca… odd. Like… am I a bitch? Cos I honestly think that they are weird. I think they’re weirdos.

Billy and Aleisha don’t have an answer. Billy suggest eccentric. Emma says but Jamie is quiest, and Rebecca is just annoying.

12.50am – Rebecca goes to the chill out room on her own, upset.

Nick is getting into bed.

Joel has spied Rebecca in the chillout room. She says she just needs some time on her own, and doesn’t like to pray infront of everyone.

Over Nick, Bodie says goodnight to TJ. The lights go out but TJ stays sitting up in bed looking unimpressed. Nick puts on a blindfold to go to sleep between the bickering couple.

Day 17

9.22am – Housemates are practicing for their fairytale pantimime. They get up to the part with the three pigs, who are played by Thomas, Zoran and Billy. The big bad wolf – Travis attempts to blow down the pig’s house. When the practice finishes BB annouces the hot water is now on. Emma is showering and must use a timer – they can only shower for 4 minutes per person per day. Outside Bodie asks Joel if there is anything exciting to do today. TJ is washing Bodie’s clothes and he says “get my whites white woman”. TJ jokes she doesn’t want to put Bodie’s mum out of a job. Bodie says his mum does all his cooking and cleaning and sometimes even cleans his room. TJ says “aren’t you an independent mature man?”.

Bodie: I’m not a mummies boy because I’ve lived out of home since I was 17 and only just returned last year.

TJ: Really? I’ve lived out of home since I was 16 and I’ve never looked back.

Bodie: Well… …. thats because you’re a bogan.

TJ: No it’s because I’m Territory Tough.

Bodie says he is very family orientated and important. TJ is the same but just not as close to her family as Bodie. Susannah is taking coffee orders from all the housemates. Bodie is amazed some one is making him coffee and says “this place is amazing”. Inside Jamie asks Susannah why she asked everyone in the house if they wanted a coffee… except him. Susannah says she shouldn’t find him. Jamie doesn’t want a coffee but would have liked her to ask him. She apologises. Jamie watches Demet “feed” Joel while hugging him… Jamie sits alone on his kitchen stool.


12.02pm – Rebecca and Jamie are in the chill out room together. Rebecca says she’s totally stuggling with Emma. Jamie has completely given – “can’t people just pretend to like people?”. Meanwhile in the bedroom Emma is saying just because people reveal deep down stories they expect to be friends… “its like blah blah blah”. Rebecca can’t understand what she can do to resolve her problems with Emma and the other so their hearts can be a little more open and they can be accepting and communicate. Emma on the other hand is explaining she will never change for everyone and thinks people are just jumping around to network and make bonds. Maybe it works for them but Emma smells fake. Jamie explains to Rebecca he has had a similar upbringing to Emma so they should get along but maybe its the reason she isn’t attempting to be friends with them.

Travis comes into the chill out room so he can clean the windows, and tells them to continue what they were talking about. Obviously they don’t.

1.18pm – Bodie and Zoran are joking around in the pool – slow motion action fighting. In the kitchen Thomas is having a go at Rebecca because of her religion so it seems. Rebecca tells him that people think every mormon is like her – but everyone is individual. Rebecca asks how she is different to Thomas’ friends – he says she is more bubbly and energetic and more weird (jokingly).

Zoran asks Billy whats going on between him and Aleisha. He says nothing and Zoran replies “what a load of crap”. Billy explains its nothing serious just some cuddling. Zoran jokes he’s not a serious guy – “do you want to cuddle me?”. Billy says he would love to. Aleisha is inside proding Bodie for an update with whats going on with him and TJ. Bodie asks if its a bad thing that if they weren’t in the house he probably wouldn’t be with her. Aleisha says no because she wouldn’t be with Billy otherwise. TJ is the opposite to what Bodie would go for outside of the house… and he’s confused. Aleisha has the same attitude as Billy with their relationship: its just a cuddle at night.

Bodie says they’ve got the “perfect little thing”.


3.56pm – The boys are going into the sauna – Travis’ first time. They talk about farting in the sauna. Bodie puts some water on the coals and Travis says “oh you’re kidding” to the heat. He asks if sucking in the hot water is good for him – apparently it is. Travis feels like he’s in an iron. Thomas says to duck forward if he’s feeling hot because the cooler air is at the bottom of the sauna. Travis doesn’t really like it he’s never been in a sauna before. Thomas notes the temperature is 75 degrees. Travis suggests they put the bed him here during the day. Obviously the boys know nothing about cooking bread because they think its a good idea.

Emma and Aleisha come to the diary room. Aleisha says its only 13 days until her birthday. They think TJ and Bodie have made up.

Travis says the sauna is “bloody torchure mate” and has to leave.

The girls in the diary room are angry Zoran ate some of Aleisha’s bread, even though he did ask. It’s hard to turn him down. They have named him the seagull because he’s always talking food: “he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care about the rules or is just very hungry”. He eats everyone’s food – they laugh.

5.52pm – Despite Aleisha telling the other housemates not to touch her expensive hairdressing scissors, Zoran is using them in the bedroom while no one else is around. Emma walks in and he quickly hides the scissors again. Once they leave again he says “problem solved” while he does his hair up. Emma has already seen whats happening though and reports back to Aleisha who gasps really loudly “are you kidding!?”. She runs into the bedroom to tell him off. Emma says “oh ow I just got him in trouble”.

Aleisha asks Zoran if he was using her scissors… he says nervously yes it was just for one snip. She educates him that they are really expensive and if you drop them they are wrecked – he’s gotta ask her. She goes back into the kitchen and updates Emma on what he said. Andrew says its a bit harsh but Aleisha can’t afford to buy a new pair if they’re broken.. she says to Andrew it would be like if some one “grabbed your hose” (he’s a firefighter) and laughs at the double meaning. Aleisha is so angry she wasn’t asked.

Zoran comes out to the living room and apologises again for the scissors. Aleisha says “just ask”. TJ says “ah mah! You don’t ever touch a hairdresser’s scissors without asking, thats death”. Thomas hopes Zoran sleeps with one eye open tonight… he’ll wake up with no hair.


8.52pm – Emma is freaking out about her pimples on her chest. Aleisha says its not that bad. Emma shows her boobs under the covers about how they naturally point out. Aleisha says “oh my god they look cool – they’re so big, so heavily… they look good”.They then move on to talking about Hayley and Andrew and they are so competitive they jsut want to win. Aleisha would be like “oh my god” if she won this. Emma says she couldn’t care less if Hayley won. The two don’t realise Hayley is fast approaching them and and goes to lie down with them. The conversation ceases immediately without Hayley hearing anything. They tell Hayley to join them on the bed and talk about Emma’s fake boobs.

10.47pm – The housemates are playing a new game invented by Demet – one person is blindfolded and must feel a certain parts of three different housemates and then guess who the housemates are in order. Andrew is blindfolded first and must touch Zoran’s butt. Zoran seems to really enjoy it and has to keep himself from laughing. No one else is amused. He then touch’s Hayley’s hair. He then touches Aleish’a hand and arm. Andrew says “you have really nice hands Joel”, almost causing Aleisha to laugh out loud. The blindfold is removed and Andrew guesses Aleisha for the hand, Rebecca for the hair and Hayley’s bum. Everyone laughs. Thomas says can the bum stand up – and Zoran stands up with his pants down. Andrew gets Hayley to stand up too to compare bums – he says they are quite similar. Hayley gives Andrew the finger.

Joel and Aleisha decide to steal some biscuits from the kitchen. Billly follows and when he opens the bedroom door Aleisha and Joel run off laughing, but releived when they find out its Billy. Rebecca is in the bathroom resting her hand on the padded bench. The three biscuit theives take their loot into the chill out room. Rebecca goes to bed before Aleisha, Joel and Billy go back to bed.

Day 16

Housemates are still talking about Bodie and TJ. Over breakfast Aleisha and Emma discuss how TJ wanted to be one on one all the time with Bodie.

11.32am – Susannah asks Bodie if TJ has woken yet. He doesn’t care.

Outside Jamie tells Joel he is still bummed about Kate being evicted last night, although he is now feeling good he’s still in the house. In the house Jamie explains you have to talk over other people but where he comes from thats pretty rude. He waits for a break to talk but it never comes. Joel is different and explains he just talks, but has his ups and downs.

BB calls all housemates to the bedroom. The new weekly task is set up in the backyard – it’s Fairy Tale Island. Aleisha says she will be the troll under the bridge. Bodie runs back into the house and grabs a half asleep TJ to come outside. Bodie runs ahead and TJ says behind his back “this is it, moron!”. Joel reads out the task details – BB wants them to return to the happy care-free days of their childhood. They have to perform a fairytale pantimime when BB calls, and each housemate has their own section triggered by music. They must deliver their lines with oomph. They must all pick which characters to play.

Emma is the evil queen
Demet is Little red riding hood
Rebecca is Repunzel
(other housemates are not shown)

Joel is called to the diary room. BB says a captivating performance requires a good storyteller. He has been chosen as the narrator. Joel says its going to be a performance with charisma and character.


1.49pm – The housemates are practicing their pantimime. They all laugh as Joel narrates the story, and cheer when they finish. Later in the living room TJ apologises to Emma about the trouble she’s been causing between Emma and TJ. TJ explains she was told Bodie had the hots for Emma, which is why she got annoyed at her, and TJ felt like the second option. Emma says thats ok but doesn’t seem all that into it. Bodie joins them and TJ fills him in on whats going on. Apparently last night Rebecca “onion peeled” TJ, causing her to realise things about herself. Emma doesn’t seem amused in the slighest.

4.02pm – Demet, Hayley and Aleisha are doing some belly dancing(?) or hip shaking. Rebecca joins them and they all dance together. In the living room Emma tells Aleisha she can’t stand Rebecca, who has an obnoxious personality. Bodie joins them and Emma explains the details of what TJ said in her apology (about feeling like second best). Aleisha can’t beleive that and says some people are crazy. Aleisha can’t stand people saying “today will be the new me”. Emma says TJ was starting to go “coo coo”.


8.31pm – Nominations have just finished. Bodie, Emma, TJ and Zoran have been nominated. Hayley is called to the diary room and choses to save Emma and nominate Joel, even though she is already satisfied with who was nominated – BB says she must do it. BB won’t tell them who is now nominated until later. Hayley feels guilty and looks distressed. Some housemates console her and Hayley gets very distraught when Joel talks about losing Friday Night Games. In the bathroom Travis tells Aleisha he doesn’t even think about nominations – but it’s weird. Aleisha jokes she won’t bother unpacking her suitcase this week. Emma tells Hayley not to worry about the nomination twist, as does Demet who doens’t see why Hayley is stressing out. Hayley doesn’t want to be responsible for an eviction, but Demet reminds her its part of the game and everyone will leave the house with no regrets. Andrew and Thomas have a chat in the lounge room – Andrew explains its crap because there is nothing he can do right now to make Hayley feel better.

Hayley walks outside to be on her own. Bodie is in the pool and TJ sits by the side. Bodie tells her it was cool hanging out with her today… but just as friends? TJ is glad she’s not worried about nominations this week. She’s at a good place in her life right now. Bodie splashes around and TJ tells him off for not paying attention to what she was saying. TJ says “its just good” the place she’s in right now. Bodie says he feels they are drifting away from each other and drifts away under the water. TJ forces a laugh for the lame joke.


12.03am – Joel asks Zoran who he thinks Hayley would have taken out and put in for nominations. Zoran really isn’t sure but says the thing that sucks is the first four nominees will be stressing about it. Joel is worried and doesn’t feel comfortable about this. “No ones safe”. In the bedroom Hayley tells Andrew she wishes they had talked more in the rewards room (about nominations?), but Andrew thinks she shouldn’t be stressing about the past. Bodie, Zoran and Joel are testing themselves about taking biscuits – saying if they take a long hard look at themselves in the mirrors they can resist the temptation to take them. They can’t resist and move to the kitchen to sneak some food, to the protest of Joel who goes along with it anyway.

12.44am – Lights out in the bedroom. The food boys are now smelling mustard and thinking of cheese burgers. Zoran and Bodie open a packet of biscuits and Joel tries to grab it off them to stop. The other housemates are asleep. Bodie contemplates what would happen if some one came out of the bedroom while they were taking biscuits. Joel says “enough is enough” and moves to the bedroom to tell the other housemates but Bodie jokes “what are you going to do?” and then rips Joel’s shirt off. Joel says “that was a perfectly good top”. Bodie replies “well you should have thought about that… see what you’ve done”.

Bodie and Zoran take biscuits with pickle relish while Joel watches on in disaproval. They say it tastes just like cheeseburgers. Joel resists the biscuits even after Zoran offers some. Afterwards the boys move into the bedroom and try not to laugh. Bodie crawls into bed and tells TJ he’s confused because she’s been the “TJ I like” today – really good and fun and easy going. TJ says if he wants to cuddle then he’s thinking too much into it. With that Bodie replies “get here”, and they cuddle.

Day 15

10.29am – Bodie and TJ are in the bathroom, she asks if he got any sleep. The response is “a little bit”. They slept in different beds last night after a tiff. Bodie quickly leaves the room and TJ throws towels at the door just as he leaves, calling him a “fuckhead”. Later in the kitchen Bodie makes a meal and Thomas says he heard the lovers had a tiff last night. Bodie says “as if I would want to have anything series in here, I just wanna have some fun”.

Emma has come to the diary room to ask about toilet paper. She didn’t realise she was supposed to grab it in the shop yesterday and thought it was included in the staples. BB says it was made clear the shopper chef (Emma) was in charge of getting toilet paper. To get toilet paper from BB they will have to sacrifice chocolate and meat. The housemates aren’t pleased when they hear about this. Joel and Bodie both do everything they can to stop Emma from returning the bacon. Emma runs outside with the bacon and the boys grab it off her. Emma stops the shenanigans in all seriousness they must sacrifice the bacon, but Bodie still won’t let up. After the other housemates intervene he gives it up. Emma goes back to the diary room and asks if she can sacrifice something else – the coffee instead of the bacon. Big Brother says no. They are given enough toilet paper for the week as deemed by Big Brother.

Outside Bodie apologises to Hayley for their argument earlier in the week. They wish each other good luck for the eviction. In the bedroom Emma reveals she hid a roll of toilet paper under her top “for the girls” incase the rest runs out. She lets TJ know where she’s hiding it in the bedroom.


2.47pm – Bodie and TJ are lying on a bed together, and he say she wants to steal a monty carlo biscuit. Outside Andrew tells a group of housemates it would be exciting to leave the house tonight. Travis doesn’t really think so. Meanwhile Bodie has put a bandana over his face and crawls into the kitchen to steal monty carlo biscuits from the pantry. He takes them into the bedroom for TJ, Emma, Aleisha, Joel and himself to eat. Joel makes a big deal about eating the biscuit – he doesn’t feel right about it. Bodie says Joel is either with them or against them. Aleisha can’t eat the biscuit either. The housemates outside are talking about how from now on some one will be leaving each week. Joel has surcummed to eating the monty carlo.

7.17pm – Jamie does his hair in the mirror and sings. Everyone is getting dressed up. BB calls all housemates to the lounge and then gets Emma to explain what her FNL power was – and that Jamie was picked to replace her in being nominated. Jamie says its no problem, Rebecca looks sad. Kate and Hayley go to help Jamie to pack his bag incase he is evicted. Emma starts crying.


8.04pm – It’s time to go… Kate. She hugs everyone before leaving through the inside door. The housemates all go outside to cheer goodbye over the wall. Jamie gets upset over the eviction but Bodie is all smiles. He says he feels so good he’s not the first. Emma agrees, but is worried now that she explained she put Jamie up for nomination there will be about 8 housemates wanting to kill her. TJ tells her not to worry about it. Bodie goes and sits by himself for a moment, then lies down.

In the bedroom Jamie explains he feels more bad for Kate than relieved for not being evicted. Aleisha says Kate was ready to go though. Emma apologises again to Jamie for the nomination twist but Jamie again tells her its not a problem.

10.51pm – It’s revealed around the poolside that a few nights ago Billy and Aleisha kissed in their bed. Everyone makes a big deal about it, and chants for them to kiss again. They do.

12.15am – Susannah wants to know what the sleeping arrangements are now that Kate has gone. She wants to know if TJ and Bodie are going to be sleeping together, and TJ screams that nothing is going on and she shouldn’t assume that, but adds she is just kidding. TJ and Bodie bicker over sleeping arrangements.

In the bathroom Hayley and Emma swap notes on the bickering between the dysfunctional couple. While talking Hayley slips over on the floor and says “thats what I get for being a bitch”.


12.28am – TJ tells Bodie its hard for her to watch how well Bodie gets along with his friends and she wishes that she got along like that with Bodie. Bodie thinks it might be because they rushed into things. Bodies goes directly over to Emma and lies down next to her. TJ says “I’m over it” and leaves the bedroom, Susannah goes running after her. Bodie looks annoyed at himself. Aleisha and Emma tell Bodie off for coming over knowing TJ will lose the plot. They laugh at him. TJ is talking with Susannah in the living room about the situation. Aleisha and Emma continue to tell Bodie off for not treating TJ right, and getting them in trouble with TJ.

Bodie: There’s now way in hell anyone is going to tell me off for hanging out with who I want to

Bodie decides he’s going to go out and fix this once and for all, kicking everyone out of the living room except for TJ. He says he’s not dealing with the whole thing and he feels like whatever happens she will have harsh feelings towards him. TJ says he’s going to hurt her either way. Bodie just wants to be friends, and TJ words it as admitting he “made a mistake”. Bodie thinks TJ is being “full on” but TJ disagrees. Bodie can only offer TJ friendship right now. TJ wants to know who told him to give this advice considering he kissed her just minutes ago. Bodie goes to walk away. TJ isn’t trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Bodie isn’t comfortable with being around her right now and if she doesn’t want his friendship tell him now. TJ pauses.

The housemates in the bedroom predict this isn’t going to end well.

TJ confronts Bodie about him liking Emma… maybe too much. He says at first he had the hots for her but eventually it evolved into a friendship and he has respect and admiration for her. TJ thinks he doesn’t have the same respect and admiration for her. Bodie doesn’t want to have this on his concience. TJ says this is because he can’t deal with this reponsibility. Bodie then crawls under the coffee table in the fetal position while TJ continues to talk. He doesn’t care what she says except love is a “double edged sword”. Bodie shoulds like he’s crying under the coffee table.

In the bedroom the housemates all start laughing about how one pash could turn into so much drama.

Bodie and TJ agree they will talk about it tomorrow.

TJ: “dumped on national television… argh how embarassing!”

Day 14

7.29am – Zoran and Susanna are doing thier shift at the fishing task. They discuss TJ and Bodie’s relationship – Zoran doesn’t think its real and the two hope TJ doesn’t get hurt because she’s a nice girl. Zoran noticed a huge change because Bodie like TJ so much at the begining and now he’s giving her the cold shoulder. In the rewards room Hayley and Andrew are enjoying their breakfast of scrambled eggs. When they sit down the bedroom window is revealed, but there are no housemates awake to look into the reward room. Outside Kate is in the pool and Jamie tells her he’s so glad Hayley got the FNL prize… so happy. Kate thinks its good but not great. She does note though its really good Andrew and Hayley have each other in the house – its a massive advantage for them. Jamie does say however they only get one nomination vote between them… there are pros and cons.

Andrew speculates to Hayley that there is “some one out to get us”. And they both immediately suspect Bodie. Andrew wonders why Bodie is so inconsiderate to them, maybe its a mission from Big Brother. Hayley says he’s being as irritating as possible to the other housemates… “he’s just … stupid”. Andrew says Bodie is used to having his mum do everything for him.

11.46am – A fish flys out of the well and Demet quickly springs up and catches it with one hand, falling over. Bodie cheers that was the best catch ever. They both kiss the fish and throw it back in. Big Brother annouces the fishing task is over and everyone cheers. BB says this task was worth $50 000 to the prize pool. Housemates caught 47 fish, however they dropped 3 fish. Each fish that got away was worth $5000. On two occasions Bodie failed to kiss the fish as set in the rule, so BB is deducting a further $5000. The housemates have won $30 000 for the task, bringing their total prize money to $80 000.

12.02pm – Housemates are enjoying themselves around the pool, except Bodie who is sitting in a sunchair looking sorry for himself. TJ sits opposite him about 5 metres away. There is a short pause and then Bodie says to her “maybe we should talk later on and I could come around and see your point of view”. TJ says “maybe…. maybe”. He tells her not to be short with him. TJ isn’t impressed and says “telling me what to do again huh?”. Bodie just wants them to be on good terms. He says the reason he didn’t rush into anything is because he has “oldschool morals”. TJ say she’s saying one thing and doing another however. Bodie thinks maybe he’s going against… “don’t worry then”.


1.23pm – Hayley is issuing house chores for the week. She gives environmental watchdog to Susannah. Baker is Thomas. Housekeeper Travis. Chef Emma (she is excited). Kitchenhand Joel. Farmhand to herself. Laundry TJ. Janitor Brodie. Everyone cheers extra loud when Brodie is called and he bows infront of everyone. A little later Hayley is with the animals and she’s brought Jamie with her. They pat Rosy the cow.

2.17pm – Bodie is getting advice about his relationship with TJ. Aleisha says TJ told her she doesn’t start anything unless she’s full blown committed. Aleisha finds this hilarious, as does Bodie. Bodie doesn’t want to be seen as the asshole here but “things are moving a bit too quickly for the ol janitor”. Aleisha and Emma both say he has to do something quick or he’ll be whipped. Billy jokes TJ will expect a proposal on stage after they leave the house. Bodie gets Aleisha to pretent to be TJ so he can practice his speech: “Look, cleaning the toilets has really given me a lot of time by myself to think”. Aleisha then jokes “you don’t have to say anything I’ll still feel the same”. The group of housemates all laugh. While this happens TJ is doing the laundry. Housemates are now encouraging Bodie to just go through with it and tell her how he feels.

Hayley and Jamie emerge from the farm area and alert the housemates they didn’t get a full bottle of milk – they suspect they are only given the amount of milk they can get from Rosy the cow, and lately Rosy hasn’t been giving much.

Bodie decides he’s “going in”. Just randomly Aleisha tells Billy his toes are all “random lengths and stuff” but Billy already knows. Bodie goes over to TJ wearing what can only be described as speedos with suspenders. Bodie tells TJ he has been speaking to Emma and things have been put into perspective. He doesn’t want to start anything because they could be leaving soon to different corners of the country – TJ in Darwin and Bodie in Perth. Bodie isn’t very articulate with his words. TJ doesn’t particularly care – she doesn’t plan anything she says. Bodie doesn’t think he’s dressed for a serious talk, but TJ doesn’t find the joke funny. Bodie doesn’t want TJ to be hurt in this whole thing. TJ replies she won’t get sad. Bodie likes kissing her and cuddling her but… (he doesn’t want to go any further right now). TJ doesn’t want him to think she wants to get married or anything. Bodie doesn’t want to be seen as the asshole in the relationship. TJ thinks Bodie shouldn’t care about what other people think. Just as Bodie goes to clean the toilets he kisses her on the lips, and TJ laughs.

TJ then hums “two faced bitches… in the whole world… fake fake fake”.

“You’re an idiot TJ, you need to smarten up” she says to herself.

On his way to the bathrooms Bodie runs into Emma and fills her in on what the conversation was about. Emma asks suspicously “are you ok with that?”.


3.01pm – Hayley and Andrew are having lunch in the rewards room. She asks Andrew what he thinks of her issuing of chores – he doesn’t really have a response, but says “well done” to giving Bodie the janitor task. Hayley is worried it was a cheap shot, but Andrew doesn’t think so. She was aiming for a “reality checkpoint”. Kate is in the bathroom with Bodie and she tells him she isn’t surprised he was given his chore. She says that people in the house don’t like her and Bodie. Talk moves to nominations and Bodie says he’s not that annoyed about being nominated – its rather exciting.

Later Emma is given an annoucement to read to the housemates – it’s shopping time. This weeks shopping budget is $274. The shop will be open for 5 minutes and Emma is immediately called there by Big Brother. She runs there followed by the other housemates. She goes inside while the others watch through the glass door. She grabs everything she can and checks them through, having to pack them in environmental green bags afterwards. BB annouces the shop is closed and she brings everything outside. The housemates all cheer and thank her, then move into the living room to go over what they have to use this week. The most popular items are M&Ms, bacon and butter. Andrew predicts this food will test relationships in the house and will throw that extra bit into the mix.

Kate responds to Andrew comment by saying “nooooooo” to it.

Andrew says to Kate “you won’t Kate, because you don’t give a fuck, but other people will”.

Susannah says no they should just be considerate and ask before taking. Joel says no one should go off and try to dip in. While the other housemates sort through the shopping Kate says to Jamie “oh my god I just got yelled at”. She is in shock, and repeats the conversation that just happened before. Jamie doesn’t think it was yelling, it was just Andrew trying to talk over other people.

Later in the night the girls are dressing up as drags in long socks, mismatching outfits and too much makeup. They are supposed to be 80s girls and parade themselves for the housemates before coming into the diary room. They all pout, and Kate explains they are explaining Demet is now here in “full colour” and is no longer locked in her white shell (the white room). It’s a celebration having Demet here. The girls have a dance for Big Brother, and perform it in teh diary room. TJ leads the booty shaking.


8.59pm – Bodie comes into the kitchen where TJ is. TJ says it sucks to be Joel right now (he’s kitchen hand). Bodie and TJ hug and he explains he was worried because Aleisha said it seemed he was ignoring her. TJ says he doesn’t need to “deposit” love throughout the day, and he’s smarter than worrying about what others think. Emma interupts them with a dare for Bodie from a game they were playing in the bedroom – he must walk past the pool with Rebecca and do an erotic dance like a sandwich. Bodie has to finish the conversation with TJ first, Emma is really annoyed. TJ explains she is annoyed Bodie is so close with Aleisha and his “awesome foursome” and she’s just the girl he comes to when he feels like it. TJ is having a hard time with him, and lays down the law: if anyone wants to know about their relationship they should come and talk to her.

Joel walks over and TJ asks him to “guide” Bodie as to what he’s doing wrong in the relationship. Joel laughs and wants to stay out of it while he does the dishes.

A little later the housemates are gathered in the living room. The awesome foursome – Bodie, Aleisha, Emma and Billy – decide to go outside and TJ tells Bodie off. Emma asks TJ if they can have a private conversation in the bedroom. Emma kicks some of the housemates out of the bedroom so they can talk. Bodie joins them, much to the annoyance of Emma. He won’t leave and says he just wants everyone to get along. Emma clarifies they have talked about the relationship with TJ but she has never relayed any information given to her in confidence, and then leaves.

TJ says she won’t join the others because she doesn’t sanction groups and doesn’t want to be an awesome sixsome. Bodie is worried he is leaving the house tomorrow night and wants to have a good time. TJ tells him to go have a good time then. Bodie gets annoyed and storms out of the room.

TJ: “Child!”.

Day 13

9.31pm – Hayley and Andrew enter the rewards room, all laughs and smiles and hugs. The rest of the housemates are in the living room, and Thomas explains how different the tasks were during Friday Night Live. The tasks ranged in difficulty in a huge way. BB calls all housemates to the bedroom, and when they are in there the glass screen is revealed. Everyone sees the food Hayley and Andrew get to eat, and the glass is quickly shut again. Andrew tells Hayley he was almost in tears when she won, he asks if she feels bad for the others – she doesn’t… kinda… no. Hayley says it would be far more enjoyable for them too then another combination of two housemates. Back in the living room Travis explains anyone can win FNL now. Bodie seems to have a different theory – there is a large element of luck (is this because he didn’t win?). In the bathroom the girls all say its great the females are winning the games, and that the boys are still having problems they can’t cut it.

Hayley and Andrew are in the rewards room bathtub kissing. Hayley says “we are so good, we are so good”. Meanwhile outside the housemates are around the pool and convince Bodie and TJ to pash infront of everyone else. The rewards room couple say they are so proud of Jamie beating Travis during the games – he proved its all in the head. She thinks not enough housemates give him the time, and apparently Jamie has a crush on Rebecca. Apparently Zoran has a crush on Susannah. The housemates outside are next chanting for Aleisha to kiss Billy. She screams noo…. and it doesn’t happen.


11.17pm – The reward room housemates are in the diary room. Big Brother announces they are allowed to discuss nominations when in the rewards room. Neither of them can tell the other housemates they have been given this power. Andrew is relieved he thought it would be another task. They are dismissed. Rebecca is off to bed and kisses goodnight the housemates around the pool. She jokes there was a “turn in there” when Jamie kisses her.

11.56pm – Andrew tells Hayley right now he would nominate Kate and Bodie – Kate is pissing him off. They start to list Joel – no. Rebecca can get on your nerves but no. Jamie awesome.

Jamie and Rebecca are lying in bed together. She tells him she can be proud she didn’t change herself at all to fit in this house. Jamie says she needs to understand that as much as she fits in the house, he doesn’t. And they are outsiders in the house. He clarifies he didn’t try to turn when they kissed, Rebecca says its fine and that it was quite funny. As Jamie leaves the bedroom Joel walks passed and gives him a suspicious smile. Bodie is going to bed and must give TJ a kiss doonight. Actually it turns into a pull on pash in the kitchen. She follows him into the bedroom.

Back in the rewards room they’ve narrowed down the top three to nominate – Bodie, TJ and Kate. Hayley hopes Bodies goes on the weekend – he just holds so many people back.

Speak of the devil – Bodie is in bed with TJ and she strokes his head. They cuddle each other and have puppydog pillow chat. TJ seems to want to kiss and make out but Bodie only wants to cuddle, which annoys TJ. She rolls back the other way and Bodie starts asking what the matter is. Bodie says “what you say influences me as well, you understand what I’m saying”. TJ responds angrily with “I’m not going to change who I am for anyone and you need to realise whats going on around you… your life”. She angrily gets out of Bodie’s bed and moves to her own spot.

The rewards room couple get into their own bed and test out the bed elevator… they joke they could squash themselves in the bed and have a long giggle.

Aleisha asks TJ if she is ok and why she’s sleeping away from Bodie. TJ says.. (leans over to Aleisha) “because Bodie is being a pig, he’s too worried about what we say and do and how it looks to his friends and family”. Joel is evesdropping from his bed.