Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 38

28 May 2007

Posted by Dave

1:27pm: Jamie is giving out the roles for the musical as he is the producer. Rebecca, Joel, Aleisha, Andrew, Travis and Daniela all get roles. Big Brother then tells Jamie to open the envelope. Jamie says that the producer and the six Bollywood actors are now stars, and as such, will receive star treatment. He continues saying that the housemates not chosen as extras, and as such must serve the actors and attend to all their needs. The stars must ring a bell if they want something and must start their sentences by saying “I want…” Zoran really wants to succeed at this task. Andrew and Travis check out the backyard, which now has off limit areas for the extras. Stars are permitted anywhere, but extras can’t use the spa, swimming pool, gym or sauna. Inside, Laura says that it’s slavery and that shouldn’t be depicted in this world. Thomas doesn’t agree with her. Big Brother calls Billy and Thomas to the diary room. Back outside, Jamie is trying to justify who he gave the roles to. Laura still thinks it’s slavery. The boys come out with trays of fruit and meat. Billy brings Travis some grapes. Jamie jokes that they should get Billy to take the pips out. Thomas comes out and Joel wants a water, Jamie wants a water, and Andrew wants him to put a shirt on.

2:51pm: Emma and Laura are wondering if the task will swap roles at some point. Emma doesn’t think it will. Inside, Jamie wants to know from Thomas if his water is hygenic. He proves it is by drinking some. Laura says they should make their food really really spicy tonight! Joel says he loves the task and the area by the pool. Laura says that this task will crack her. She says she doesn’t want to run away though. Practice for the musical commences and goes for an hour. Meanwhile all the extras decide to put heaps of curry in the dinner meal. Emma says she is willing to make it.

5:53pm: Extras are making the dinner. They are making the curry ‘super hot.’ Travis says the meal looks incredible. They all say they don’t like it! Rebecca rings her bell and asks for a glass of milk. Emma, sitting outside, mimicks her and says “how about a kick in the head.” Billy comes back laughing saying that they all think it’s too hot. Emma says they’ll put more chilli in it tomorrow night. They get up from the table so the extras can eat. Aleisha says they are already divided, so she goes inside and says to Billy and Emma, who are talking on the couch ‘you can keep bitching, I don’t care.” Emma says that this task is just too hard for everyone to sit together and hang out though. In the kitchen, Daniela suggests that less chilli goes into the meal tomorrow night. The girls keep a straight face saying they wouldn’t deliberately make the meal hot.

10:49pm: Daniela, Sussanah and Thomas are in the chillout room. Thomas has hidden some nuts in his pockets for snacking and he eats some. Meanwhile, Travis and Adnrew play with Billy asking him to say “I love you” to Aleisha, and then to sit down next to her in her underwear. He does this. Aleisha tells him to put his pants back on. Daniela says that she finds Emma a bitch, and says that Aleisha is a clueless follower. Big Brother calls Thomas to the diary room. Big Brother tells him to empty the contents of his jacket onto the table in the diary room. He confesses that he stole some nuts from the extras meal, and instead of throwing them out, he kept them in his jacket. Big Brother tells him that extras cannot snack between meals. He is sent to the diary room to seperate 10,000 staples from each other. Meanwhile, Billy and Aleisha share a kiss in the bedroom. Rebecca wonders how the day has progressed for the ‘slaves’. Zoran says that he felt it was heated at some points, and that the actors we’re perhaps a bit demanding. Thomas continues working in the punishment room as everyone else heads to bed.