Day 34

9:46pm: Andrew and Thomas are in the rewards room. Thomas says it’s no wonder Andrew always ends up in here. Andrew asks him who he would be closest to in the house. Thomas says that Sussanah and Jamie are great for him, Rebecca at times. Andrew wonders about Zoran. Thomas says that he’s ok some of the time, but wonders if he gets a bit jealous because Thomas and Sussanah are very close. Andrew says he can definitely see that. Back in the house, Nick hugs Joel as part of the task. He says he is sick of losing the task. Billy wants to talk to him as well, so he goes over and hugs Nick as well. Nick says that it was just stupid things tonight that cost their group the game, blaming it all basically on Laura. They get up and wonder about dinner. Back in the rewards room the boys relax on their massage chairs. The boys says that they don’t have a problem with Emma, but can see why she gets nominated. Andrew says he really does try to nominate week to week, and not hold grudges. Thomas says that he would perhaps least want Emma in the house, and he’s at the stage where he’s ready to give up on her. Thomas says that he thinks Nick could be a good bloke but he has a bitterness aboutr him. Andrew says that if Nick is still in the house next week, Emma and Nick would probably be his two nominations. Andrew makes mention that Nick himself has said on numerous occassions that he’s had to bite his tongue.

In the chillout room, Nick is saying that he thought he might have received an invite into the rewards room tonight, but it wasn’t to be. Nick says he’s had a few times where he’s walked into a room and there is a conversation about him in progress, and they don’t stop. Nick does say that if he is still in the house after the eviction, he’ll be totally different. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Thomas gives Sussanah a huge bearhug and then asks him to walk her around the room, which he does. He goes outside to help clean up the kitchen. Sussanah sound comes back out, and then he picks her up again. They share a moment admiring themselves in the mirror.

12:52am: Joel is giving Sussanah’s feet a wash. She is struggling to let Joel touch her feet, saying it feels weird. She falls over. They somehw get through the first foot, and Zoran comes in to help out as she screams for them to stop!

1:05am: Zoran and Billy are in the backyard chatting. He says he knew who liked him in the first week. The boys are saying they seem to get on along with most, but some housemates are starting to nag at them. Billy says that he thinks Rebecca doesn’t care about anyone else in the house besides herself. Zoran tends to agree. Later, the girls are in the bedroom lying down as Billy enters. Meanwhile, Zoran takes Sussanah aside to chat with her. Zoran says “Don’t ask where his came from…”, and says that over the past couple of weeks shes been jumping into conversations and a few people have noticed. He continues saying that some think that she cares more about herself than anyone else in the house. Billy comes clean in the bedroom saying that he told Billy that Sussanah was the worst thing for her and he should stop hanging out with her. Back outside, Sussanah thanks her for the chat.

1:48am: The boys return to the bedroom from the rewards room, and Thomas lies down on top of Sussanah and then asks “Is this appropraite?!” Sussanah says it’s probably not, so he gets off and apologises, laughing. Thomas wonders if it was unwanted from her end. Sussanahs says “goodnight Thomas!” Nick and Andrew run into each other in the bathroom, and they laugh at how Thomas hasn’t stopped eating. Andrew wonders if everything has been alright in the house tonight. Nick nods. He says that he’s increasingly thinking about Sunday’s eviction. Andrew says you just have to be positive.

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