Day 35

9:02am: The lights come on in the bedroom, and fireworks and the countdown begin as housemates rush to celebrate the ‘New Year.” They don’t all make it to the mark before Big Brother finishes counting. After it ends they all try to get away with cleaning up the confetti. Finally Emma and Aleisha say they will do it. The girls complain they didn’t get any cuddles, Aleisha especially! The girls both laugh that they won’t even get $5 for this task. Emma says it’s too windy to clean up the confetti. In the chillout room Sussanah is worried about Thomas’s behaviour lately, and talk to Rebecca about it. She says that Thomas is close to crossing that line. Sussanah says that Zoran never crosses the line. On the couch, Emma and Billy both comment that Sussanah must be on holiday in here. Billy says that if he gets out of the house and he finds out he’s completely wrong then he wants to be put in a loony bin. He goes onto say that Rebecca and Daniela kept moving in and out of the bedroom till 4am last night. Sussanah tells Rebecca about the chat Zoran had with her the previous evening. On the couch Emma too hopes she isn’t losing it, saying ‘we might not be sain…”

11:18am: Andrew allocates the chores. He gives himself Shopper/Chef, Joel is the baker, Laura is kitchenhand, Billy has the job of cleaning the backyard, Zoran gets the farmhand, Daniela gets housekeeper and Rebecca gets the janitor. She actually seems thrilled at that. Laundry attendant is given to Sussanah. Nick volunteers to be her assistant. Inside, Andrew says that Billy is having a day where everything pisses him off. Outside Billy says he’s going to be a Nazi so they can get the gym better. Emma starts doing laps of the backyard, and Hoel starts chasing her, providing a few laughs. A bit later, Travis says that the place is looking spotless. Nick has meanwhile started doing the laundry. Big Brother tells Nick that he is not the laundry person, and has lost $1 for every person for the week. Sussanah lies in bed hearing this. Everyone says that they have just lost some more meat. Thomas talks to Sussanah, and she says that he has to be careful not to cross the line. Thomas apologises for his actions, and thanks her for bringing it up. Outside the girls are bitching about Nick because he didn’t even apologise, Nick does apologise to Sussanah in the bathroom though, saying he was only trying to help her out.

1:35pm: Emma is telling Laura and Daniela that any staples can be used to snack on throughout the day. Nick and Sussanah walk through to the bathroom with the washing water and once in the bathroom laugh at Emma. “Theres a soapbox you can stand on Emma” says Nick. Later, Zoran is washing up in the sink, and Laura comes and turns the tap right down, telling him he doesn’t need it on that much. Andrew is the shopper and it’s time to shop. He looks as if he was really trying and running etc, but still left $67 unspent. Back outside, he tells the housemates that he had $40 left.

6:09pm: Andrew is cooking dinner. Most of the girls, minus Emma and Aleisha, begin running outside and start an aerobics session. Emma and Aleisha are lying by the pool and laugh at the girls, who have been joined by Nick. Billy is washing the windows and asks “Is that Nick smiling?” Aleisha wonders if Emma said no to doing it. She says she wasn’t asked, “Does that mean they don’t like us?!” Aleisha laughs. Aleisha thinks that Sussanah has a great body, but Emma says she has big thighs and legs, and her body is a bit like a blokes.

8:34pm: Big Brother begins the new year countdown. They make it this time. Big Brother announces that the task is over. The results are also in. They ended up winning $10,000 of the $50,000 up on offer this week. Big Brother gives them a little fireworks spectatular as they celebrate.

9:02am: Laura is doing the dishes, or rather making music with them. Emma comes to the diary room. She says that she would rather bitch to Big Brother than the group. She says that the $10,000 was better than she thought. She says she would like the task back so Nick would stop talking to her. She says that Nick wouldn’t hug her so he couldn’t talk to her. A little later, Emma, Billy and Aleisha are lying on their beds. Aleisha gets something out, and they all look a bit secretive. Turns out to be a Starbust snake that Emma stole earlier in the week. Emma says over nad over that they can’t get caught. They all try to eat it as fast as possible. Travis wakes up so they throw him some. He is much appreciate. Out in the kitchen, Nick is talking to the intruders about who is up this weekend. He says that Demet would probably have saved Emma.

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