BB leaping over the shark

It was only a few weeks ago that I was writing my first blog for BBBA. I was still excited, thinking that maybe this year would be a great year. I was buoyed by Rilly’s fist blog and decided that, rather than support Brekkie Boy’s negative outlook on the new season I’d trust in Rilly. Even going so far as to make that my new sig on the forums.

I remember talking to them both in the chat room about those blogs. Rilly insisted that it was going to be the best ever, and I wanted to believe him. I decided that Rilly was going to be right and that this was definitely going to be the one that rocked. Brekkie tried to convince me that it would be great in its first couple of weeks, but it would slide into it’s boring predictable self. I didn’t want to believe Brekkie. I thought, no this year he’s got to be wrong. Rilly is going to prevail. He will be right; this one will be the best ever.

And I have to admit that as the show started he seemed to be right. I was pleased to have my Trust in Rilly sig. I put my faith in him and I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Then the Haydrew show began to rear its ugly head, but that was saved by the Haydrew/Bodie conflict. The White Room was a disaster. BB could’ve used that situation so much better.

That seems to be the problem with BBAU’s production team. They have some fantastic ideas (most borrowed from overseas, but they do try to add their own twist), but they just don’t seem to be able to execute them fully. They panic, as they seemed to do with the White Room, and rather than leave them in their and begin some torturous routine to make them break, BB offered them $750 and one hapless near housemate took it. Then as we launched into another BB specialty (the special) we witnessed the White Room housemate chosen through the good old ball dropping into a cylinder system. There was no other way for the housemate to be decided? We couldn’t keep them in a week longer? The special had to be then and there. And it’s not like BB has used the room since. I thought that perhaps there was a use for the room and they needed to get the WR housemates out but no such wonder has yet occurred.

And then we come to yet another special and I fear that this is where BB jumped that proverbial shark and began to leap a dolphin and whale simultaneously. The oh so anticipated Golden Key contestants. SO far the only highlight to this debacle has been Rilly’s avatar which keeps on amusing me every time I look at it. The whole episode was a set up from start to finish. How can these four, out of the countless others we saw represent the Australian public? And to be chosen by searching through a container of lollies? My mind has been boggling so much it’s beginning to spin itself out of existence.
I often wonder whether Gretel sees the idiocy in the things that BB does and whether she has any say at all. I’ve often thought her to be an intelligent woman but feel that her voice just doesn’t get heard. She can’t seriously be happy with the wasted chances and opportunities that seem to slip through the production teams fingers.

And now we have a new set of intruder’s set to enter on Tuesday night. Puhleaze!! We have only had three evictees so far and they are going for another ratings grab by bringing in new people. Nick has only just begun to feel comfortable in the house and we still haven’t seen enough of Jamie, Rebecca, Joel etc thanks to the Haydrew show. We don’t know the housemates at all. My first blog asked BB to concentrate on the housemates, give us ones we loved to hate and plain and simply loved. I actually believe that BB has done that this year. This more than any other year has given us some truly interesting situations. We have seen arguments come on at the drop of a hat, conflict like never before and some really side splitting moments like Bodies ninja act. Yet BB is pushing the specials and seems to believe that just watching people interact is not enough. It is BB it is! The housemates provide us with the entertainment. We will watch them on the couches, bitching in the chill out room, cooking the dinner. The basic pared back BB is what we all seem to be longing for. The days of yore seem to be talked about more and more these days. The first BB where we watched them doing nothing and then the third series where we watched housemates enter alone and deal with the fallout from joining houses together.

It’s time for a change. Time for a complete overhaul of the production team. Time to say goodbye to Kris Noble and his entourage forever. I unfortunately have lost my faith in Rilly, as he seems to have done with himself. I have now jumped on the Brekkie Boy bandwagon as I had an inkling I should’ve done from the beginning. I wish I could say that I believe that the show will be able to redeem itself but I really don’t hold out much hope sadly.

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