Day 32

9:36am: Daniella and Laura have woken up for their first morning in the Big Brother house. Thomas comes out and says Hi to Nick, and gives him a hug as part of the tasks requirements. Laura asks him if the tea bag is his, picking it up from the floor, and Nick approaches her and hugs her too. Once Laura has gone inside, Nick says to Thomas that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to pick up on people’s habits this early. Inside, Andrew thinks it’s weird being in the house today, having lost Hayley the previous evening. He says he just needs to adjust, but he promises he’ll have a ball anyway. Travis says that they both deserve to be in the house. In the bedroom, Aleisha is again reciting her lines she must utter before going outside. Once in the kitchen she says she doesn’t want to do that anymore. Jamie and Daniella are on the couch relaxing. Sussanah walks past to go to the diary room, and Daniella asks if her boobs are fake. Sussanah says they are fake. Daniella says they look good! Outside Laura and Travis are talking about Tassie. Laura says she intends to have her family grow up in Tassie. Travis wonders if people shower down there. Laura laughs. Andrew comes to the diary room and says that last night he struggled to talk to anyone, and even today he isn’t in the right frame of mind to talk to people. He says it’s a weird feeling, as if the relationship has ended. He says he doesn’t know when he’ll see her again, but when he does everything will be find, but in the meantime it’s a strange feeling.

1:31pm: Laura comes outside and reveals her tan already. Sussanah can’t believe it, Zoran is checking her out as she walks over to talk to Sussanah. Big Brother gathers all housemates in the bedroom while they set up a task. Daniela reads out a message from Big Brother saying that they want the housemates to celebrate New Years Eve, and have to get to the “New Year deck” before Big Brother has finished counting down from 10. Fireworks sound and Big Brother begins counting down. Aleisha must still say her lines before leaving the room, then housemates gather confetti and run outside and just get to the deck. They then celebrate. Laura and Joel share a laugh while Travis begins cleaning up the confetti. Nick and Jamie both agree that this place is doing their heads in. Nick says he is about to lose it, saying that the family dinner better go nicely otherwise there could be some arguments. In the bedroom, Billy tells Emma that he had a good long talk to Jamie today about ‘nothing.’ Emma says she that because Jamie was adopted he always had to fight, fight for food and he’s been deprieved of a lot of things and because of this environment he has to share things again and has to compete again and thats why he is uncomfortable again. Emma says she doesn’t like it. Meanwhile Nick says he can’t ignore certain things about certain housemates and he can’t ignore it anymore. He again says he is ready to snap. He says he is appreciative of Andrew, Jamie, Thomas, Sussanah and Travis for the intelligent conversation.

7:21pm: Housemates are seating at the dining table for the weekly meeting. Emma reads out the first topic. “Food needs to be rationed.” Travis owns up and says this was his topic, and in particular Yougart is meant to be only 1 a day but some people seem to be having 3 or 4. Nick chimes in and says that what happened with the Pizza shapes the other night was disgusting, saying to wake up and find 2 or 3 people have eaten them all in inconsiderate. Emma reads the next one saying “Try to get along with everyone, not just the people that you generally hang out with.” A few people pass and have nothing to say on the issue, and Jamie says that people don’t have to chat and hang out with people they don’t necessarily like, but they should be civil to one another. The next one is “New housemates should understand the rules of the house before giving their opinions.” Laura says that everyone should feel comfortable to be approached about something. Nick says he thought he was clear with Laura this morning but both newbies look absolutely confused. He clarifies but Emma interrupts and says that they should tak about 1 on 1 issues by themselves, not with 14 people at a table. They move onto the last issue which is “People shouldn’t talk about others behind their backs.” Lots of people pass. Daniela says that people tend to bitch a lot should go outside their box and talk to others to try to get out of the bitching habit. After the meeting Nick hugs Rebecca as part of the task and Rebecca says that he didn’t look happy during the meeting. Jamie gets Emma alone and tries to tell her that when he stares he’s not staring as if he’s annoyed at Emma, but rather analysising etc. He apologies that she might feel uncomfortable. Aleisha pipes in and wonders if she is easy to read. Jamie laughs saying that she is easy to read. Jamie says that he would be dissapointed if he didn’t get to know everyone in the house, and perhaps he hasn’t got to know Emma as well, and says that he thinks they have more in common than you would think. Emma says she is willing to give it a crack. Jamie leaves the bathroom saying “Aleisha…i’m watching you.”

10:26pm: Joel’s task is to wash the feet of two different people a night. He has chosen new housemate Daniela, and says that she has much nicer feet than a lot of the guys, especially Zorans. Joel laughs, often wondering what he must look like washing peoples feet all the time. Daniela says she’ll repay the favour after the task. Joel dries her feet as well, saying that it’s the first one he’s dried too. Meanwhile in the chill out room, Billy says that he likes Laura, and Daniela is a nice girl but will voice her opinions pretty loudly. Andrew says that Laura was a sweety to him last night, and even again today. He says she is pretty full on with her greeny stuff though. In the bedroom, Emma and Aleisha are asking the new girls if they are attracted to anyone. Both girls say they aren’t. Daniela says that her boyfriend and herself have only been together for 6 months. Daniela says that Thomas is the usual guy she would go for, but he does nothing for her. Aleisha says that he is the most unattractive guy in the whole house. She says he loves his manners though. Thomas enters and Daniela asks if he’s ever had a gay encounter. He answers no after a bit of hesitation.

12:05am: Andrew is heading to bed and a few others are following. Rebecca says they need to shut the doors. Joel and Daniela are holding hands as they close the doors and joke it’s a bit like Sliding Doors.

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