Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 37

27 May 2007

Posted by Dave

8:51am: Billy and Zoran are awake and realise that all their staples have been taken by Big Brother. They tell everyone back in the bedroom and Emma wonders what they did wrong. Out in the backyard Travis says “It’s all part of the fun!”. Big Brother tells the housemates that ingredients have been delivered for breakfast. They all laugh when they realise it’s going to be a disgusting meal. After cooking it up, Travis reckons Daniela will really struggle eating this. Rebecca says that she’ll be fine. Rebecca also says that if you apply the letter A with the value 1 and continue for the whole alphabet, Attitude is equal to 100. Travis doesn’t believe any of this nonsense, and says “Thats fine Rebecca, as long as you don’t walk around with your head in the clouds.” A bit later Daniela is trying out the breakfast and wants to put sugar on it, but is informed there isn’t any. Thomas says it’s porridge without the yum. Rebecca says she thinks it was good. Back outside, the guys are asking Travis if he attacked Rebecca. This starts a bit of a bitch session against Rebecca and then take the piss out of her with her alphabet theory.

11:35am: All housemates are called to the backyard. They come out of the bedroom to find an elephant sitting atop of a platform. It’s a task about Bollywood, and the housemates will be asked to perform a musical. If housemates pass the task, $100,000 will be added to the prizemoney fund. The housemates are then given instructions for the dancing involved in the task, and they have a practice session. Big Brother asks for a director, and Jamie sticks his hand up for that job, saying that he’ll save them $10,000 because he can’t dance to save himself. Meanwhile, inside, a sign has been placed next to the phone. “If the phone rings, it has to be answered, it can be good or bad news. Only one housemate may answer it.” They decide to take it in turns to answer the phone but they must figure out who gets to go first. Most want the chance to pick it up first. They decide to place their nametags in a hat and pull them out. Laura can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Meanwhile, Andrew is called to the diary room to collect this weeks staples. There seems to be a truckload of Indian type food for the housemates to enjoy over the course of the week. In the kitchen, Jamie says he loves hot food. They are all excited by all the food.

1:22pm: Housemates are still looking over all the food. Andrew says he is stoked he is the chef this week. Meanwhile, Daniela decides she is making something and says “if people complain thats too bad.” She then informs everyone that shes making something else because Andrew vetos her first choice, saying they should keep that meal for dinner. Laura wants her allotment taken out before chili is put into the food, and then walks away saying ‘this day just keeps getting better.’ Outside, Billy is talking to Aleisha. Aleisha says she wants Pizza. Travis is a bit concerned about this food, he doesn’t really know if he likes hot food. Billy reckons they’ll both like it. Outside Emma comes over to Andrew to bitch about Daniela about making a meal when Andrew was ready to make something. Emma says the intruders seem to be running the show and pissing everyone else off. She says they need to fit in. Andrew says they are both just in there for themselves. Emma is saying that Daniela has alligned with Sussanah because she knows that Sussanah doesn’t do any work. Andrew says that the new girls have to earn respect. Laura comes across so they stop talking. She says that she likes taking charge of group tasks and she couldn’t today, and that it’s just her down day and she’ll be fine. Lunch is ready and they all rush in. They all seem to enjoy it, Travis saying it’s good. Daniela says she is excited she got to cook. Aleisha says it’s better than pizza, but Laura doesn’t like it.

2:01pm: Emma and Aleisha are in the diary room. They say the intruders are annoying the hell out of them. Meanwhile, Laura is in the chillout room saying she is having a bad day. Daniela is listening to her. Laura thinks they have had their bad days so they are looking down at herself today. Daniela says that they are entitled to have bad days. Back in the diary room, Aleisha says that they are both ‘leadership’ material, and they can’t be like that in this house. Emma says they complain about everything. In the chillout room, they say they should stick together. Daniela says if she feels like cooking she will get up and cook.

8:34pm: Nominations have just finished. Emma can’t believe she isn’t up this week. She says it’s nice to have a break. They ask Zoran if he’s alright, having been nominated (Andrew took him off the block and put Sussanah up but this hasn’t been announced yet.) Outside, Jamie says he doesn’t want to be in the house without Rebecca. He says that she’ll be fine but he won’t be. Rebecca isn’t too sure. Jamie says he’ll go nuts, saying that he’ll have no one to talk to. SUssanah comes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother she feels funny about the nominations tonight. She says she doesn’t like nominating her friends, and she thinks that Andrew definitely picked her. She says that he can’t make eye contact with her since he came back out from the diary room. Rebecca and Jamie both commit to having a fun week and not sit around sulking.