Day 36

11:13am: Billy is cleaning the windows in the backyard. Aleisha says good morning to him and asks what kind of mood he’s in. Billy replies by saying he’s in a ‘fun mood.’ Aleisha walks inside and is immediately asked by Emma how Billy’s mood is. Daniela says she didn’t realise he was angry yesterday, so Emma informs her that he is pissed of a bit with a few people. Emma says she wants the old Billy to return. Meanwhile in the rewards room, Andrew and Thomas discuss nominations over breakfast. Andrew says his one pointeer would be Rebecca. Thomas says that Rebecca is a good friend, but it’s getting to the stage where he’ll have to start nominating people he likes. Andrew says that he thinks Sussanah does the least in the house. Thomas is a bit surprised to hear this. In the bathroom the girls are shaving legs and flossing. Billy comes in and says that he is fine. He says that if he doesn’t clean the backyard they won’t get the gym back, so he’s doing what he has to do.

8:04pm: Housemates are gathered on the couch for the eviction announcement. “It’s time to go Nick.” Hugs mostly all round. Zoran tries to shake his hand but Nick won’t, so Zoran says “Ooah…cold.” He hasn’t even left and Emma is already saying she didn’t get a hug. Afterwards, Sussanah and Thomas say they have lost a friend. Jamie walks around the spa by himself. The boys put his nametag on the eviction ‘wall’. Sussanah and Zoran share a hug. Jamie continues to walk. In the kitchen, Emma says she didn’t get a hug. She says she didn’t have a problem with him. Thomas and Sussanah say they are having a moment sitting on Nick’s bed. Sussanah wipes a few tears from her eyes, then asks “Hows my hair?!” They both continue to stare into the mirrors.

9:13pm: Daniela is asking Jamie about his family. He says he knows he has one sister, and explains that he spent the early part of his life in an orphanage. Daniela seems very interested. Jamie says his younger years weren’t fun at all. He says that nothing was ‘his’. He says because of that he is very protective of his possessions nowadays. Daniela says it’s inspiring because he’s turned out fine.

9:53pm: Thomas gives Sussanah a piggy back ride into the living room as they await Nick’s goodbye message. They have a discussion about how people think Emma is intimidating. Emma doesn’t think she is, but a few can see how some people could find it intimidating. Travis says that Nick never felt like he could be himself because he would seem like a harsh person. Travis goes onto say he hopes that Nick tells it like he feels in this speech tonight. Magically, Nick appears on the plasma. He tells Joel that he’s not as funny as Joel thinks thinks he is. He says that Thomas and Sussanah are like a brother and sister. He says he didn’t get to know Aleisha at all, and he didn’t really want to either. Emma, same deal. He tells her she should act like a nicer person and she won’t be up every week. Nick says that he struggle with Travis’s ocker sayings at times, but realises that under it all he’s a decent bloke. Travis says “can’t ask for anything more than that.” He tells Jamie that he believes in everything he does. He calls Rebecca an angel, and then departs. Emma says that he is clearly ‘paranoid.’ Aleisha says he should’ve bought it up in the house. Emma says he is weak. Rebecca tries to convince Travis that he wasn’t having a go at Travis, it was meant in a nice way. Thomas wonders how anyone could leave an awful message. Thomas says they weren’t really that close, but they never had any 1 on 1 conversations.

11:05pm: Sussanah and Thomas are in the bedroom. Thomas says that Sussanah is his favourite person in this house. Sussanah doesn’t repeat the complement to him though! Sussanah says that Zoran has the hots for her, but it’s totally fine. Rebecca is talking to Jamie out the back, saying that she doesn’t want to be a ‘popular person’ because she thinks they are all shallow. She says she doesn’t want to be a doormat either though. Back in the bedroom, Sussanah says she is scared to go back to her life, saying she doesn’t want to pick up where she was. She starts crying, and Thomas says “You have to stop crying because I just feel like hugging you when you cry…and it’s killing me” Sussanah wonders what she has done with her life having turned 30. Thomas says that he is the opposite, saying he has stayed home for 6 years and been the good husband etc. Sussanah chimes in saying ‘a heap of cash, overseas properties…” Thomas comes back and says “but a broken heart, and all the cash in the world can’t change that.” Zoran enters and walks through and says “Stop making her cry Thomas!” Sussanah wonders quietly if Thomas thinks that Zoran is jealous. He says a little bit. Back outside, Rebecca says that her most constant companion in this house has been Jamie. She says he’s always willing to just listen to her and REALLY hear her. They share a hug and Jamie says “Yeh your alright.”

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