Behind Big Brother Radio: Week Five

Tune in live after 6:30pm AEST tonight for the only dedicated Big Brother radio show around.

Tonight we have the usual suspects (Dave, ASHiE, zyrorl and TiGS) back in the hosting seats.

Tonight on the show:
– Your emails, shoutouts and opinions from the forums
– Plenty of cool music
– A complete rundown of this week in the house
– Live callers
– An in-depth look at “Almost Famous” night last night on FNL
– Dave and TiGS go head to head on the “Discussing Nominations” issue
– And we chat exclusively to someone close to Big Brother

There are a lot of ways you can get involved so make yourself heard!

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It's usually pretty awkward when I tell strangers I run a website about Big Brother. I swear it's a healthy obsession.

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