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Nine’s BB replacement bombs in the ratings

Should have stuck with Big Brother

Day 41

18 October 2014

Posted by Tim

Channel Nine’s experiment to cancel Big Brother on Friday night has ended up being a huge ratings mistake, with the replacement 1995 movie ‘Goldeneye’ rating significantly lower than Big Brother did the friday before.

Big Brother: Heading for the Axe?

Get ready to roll your eyes: Goldeneye rated a paltry 345,000 in overnight figures, which is 144,000 lower than Friday Big Brother’s numbers the week before.

It’s been a tough week for TV figures across all channels, but Nine’s decision to shaft Friday Big Brother also cost them dearly in demographic rankings. Goldeneye didn’t make the top 5 in any demographic group whereas Big Brother on Friday last week was third in 18-49s and first in 16-39s.

And in the ultimate embarrassment, the Goldeneye screening caused Nine to bleed around 100,000 viewers to Channel 10’s ‘The Living Room’.

Nine cancelled yesterday’s Big Brother daily show earlier in the week and has not provided an explanation since.

There is speculation they simply pulled the plug on the Friday show because they wanted Travis’ sanctuary exit and return to the main house to be shown on Monday night when more people would be watching.

Normally Nine will contract a number of “Big Brother hours” from production company Endemol and these can be rearranged as needed – so often when a daily show is shortened or cancelled it means extra BB hours are added to the following week. In this case it hasn’t happened.

According to early guides Big Brother is scheduled to screen next Friday 24 October, but with Channel 9’s flippancy towards its own schedules the future of Friday Big Brother remains uncertain.

  • Bring back bb 3days without it is crap we are missing so much air time boo to channel 9

  • Suffer. So bring back BB.

  • good…channel 9 need to realise that theya re out of touch with the viewing audience and many people only tune in to nine to watch BB.

  • I think its the only time I do turn to 9 is for BB.

  • Good. What idiot schedules James Bond movies. So outdated!

  • Bring back BB friday night games :)

  • ScreamFace

    The problem is, that Bond film has been seen by everyone interested too many times. At least some of the older ones have a curiosity factor.

  • If Big Brother Australia bring back Friday Night Games, or Uncut/Uplate I’ll watch Channel 9 more, it’s the only thing I switch to 9 for!

  • Karma channel 9

  • GOOD!, maybe they will learn from the ratings, because they don’t seem listen to anything else

  • Blind feckin Freddy could have seen that coming!

  • Hate James Bond movies!!!! Bring back BB!

  • Friday Nite Games and Up Late cmon Channel 9

  • If BB ends up with low ratings they only got themselves to blame – put it on Sunday to Friday like it used to be.

  • DUH!!!!!

  • As if a Bond movie would over rank BB #Losers

  • OMG channel nine when are you going to take on board the viewers feedback.Get out of the bubble you are in:(

  • Ch9 will now bring back TBBT on fridays.

  • So is it back on Friday?

  • Tristan

    Totally agree. It was on the other were.

  • Are they totally stupid? I didn’t like the movie then I’m not going to watch the crappy thing now nearly 15 years later

  • Kevin

    Good I’m glad that happened it serves them right, sucked in to Channel 9

  • wats going on with channel 9 ????????????? people are gonna lose interest in BB if this keeps up idiots!

  • Bond movies get thrown at us once a year. We have seen them and had enough of them. Can’t see how they would expect high ratings. Harry Potter will be next. Bring back BB.

  • Channel 10 should have Big Brother back next year, Channel 9 obviously don’t care about it anymore.

  • nobody in their right mind watches a movie on tv!

  • John Alefounder

    This year will go down in history as the worst ever year for BB in Aus, no air time at all from Thursday to Monday. No online streaming, not even the miserable pittance of online material that was served up last year. Any excitement sooo predictable, scripted and totally efn boring. As a long term fan of BB I am sad to say that you have finally lost me ….this is my farewell speech.

    The one thing that set BB apart from all of the other, so called, reality shows was the fact that you could go online at any time and watch what was happening in the BB house, we used to be treated to a truly ‘Daily’ show with extras such as BB uplate and Friday night live and special eviction night shows on top, sadly now just about all of this has disappeared and, I suspect, that the shows ratings have disappeared with it. I doubt that we will see BB back on 9 next year, but if they try, they will need to really up their game as this year is shaping up as a complete flop.

  • Radhika11

    Im sorry to say channel 9 but it guys have made big borther boring …

  • Radhika11


  • Elizabeth

    Sad to think the end of the show will be blamed on poor HM or fans not interested. The blame will be solely laying at the feet of executives and programmers of Channel 9 who took a great product and fan based and destroyed it.

  • Jimmy

    Bring back the beer, the bum dance and the dancing doona. Then bring on the wowsers and the ratings… there.. back to normal :-)

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