Ex-housemate says Lawson’s girlfriend will enter the house

Meanwhile Lawson leaves their relationship up to Candice

Ex housemate Ryan Buckingham (2012) has said Lawson’s girlfriend Candice will be entering the house.

In what he called the “inside word”, Ryan posted on his private Facebook page that Candice will “walk inside the BBAU house this week”. The account is for his personal friends only and you can’t send friend requests to it.


While it’s not yet confirmed to be going ahead, given how much this season has relied on ratings stunts and guest appearances it’s certainly possible.

Lawson and Candice have been together for five years but following Lawson’s cringeworthy pash with Cat on Monday night’s show it’s anticipated the relationship is over.

Possibly vying to claim the title of “biggest dog” from The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey, Lawson later declared to his housemates he knew he was cheating but it was up to Candice to end the relationship.


Meanwhile Candice has been keeping her silence online. She recently joined Twitter but only has one tweet left which urges people to leave her alone:

Lawson and Candice broke up and then got back together a few days before Lawson entered the Big Brother house so it’s not known how solid the relationship was.

All of the housemates are asked to nominate three outside events they wish to be told about if they occur. They’re normally saved for emergencies, but Lawson nominated Candice breaking up with him as one of his events, which casts doubts on whether he was confident the relationship would survive his time in the house.

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41 Replies to “Ex-housemate says Lawson’s girlfriend will enter the house”

  1. throw her in the house and get her to dump his arse, Candice should keep her head up high when she does it as she has done nothing wrong in this situation. or she could just start hooking up with travis

  2. Look, here’s the honest truth. She actually cheated on him previously in this relationship – except she SLEPT with another bloke. Can you all stop acting like she’s such a victim, she was lucky he took her back in the first place.

  3. put her in the house, it will definitely give lawson a wake up call!! but in his defence, atleast he has admitted that he knows it is cheating

  4. You’re pathetic. For starters we have no idea if this is true or some Lawson / Cat apologist lie.

    Secondly even if it is, she did not put herself on national TV to have her dirty laundry posted out there for the world to see.

  5. Everyone should mind there own business instead of getting involved in someone’s realtionship you know nothing about. So keep your negative comments to yourself .

  6. Why would it even matter if she has cheated on him. If they got back together after she cheated (if thats even the truth) then they have both agreed to move on and he has forgiven her. That doesn’t mean he can then go onto cheat on her as pay back. Thats the most ridiculous excuse ever. Cheating is wrong full stop.

  7. Well they should of thought of that before entering big brother of course they would know everything will become public and it’s there own fault we can talk about watever we want

  8. I think his girlfriend or ex idk what’s going on but I’m on her side he is being doing wrong by her ever since he got into the house…. My heart goes to her I don’t know how she can still have her head up I would be getting so upset and angry and thinking why did I put 5 years into him and thinking he said he would take cat over you that’s really low hunny do what’s right ???????????? your a beautiful girl any guy would be lucky to have you

  9. Don’t think this comes close to what Blake on the bachelor did lol least Lawson is only cheating with one girl and not 30 odd lol

  10. So many “facts” floating around. Before today, I had been reading that they had been together for 3 years. Today it has nudged up to five. Who cares! All parties knew what they were getting into when they signed their contracts. This fodder is exactly what the media execs want when they air this drivvle. If people don’t like it, don’t watch it. Use that rectangular device that came with your idiot box….and turn it off!

  11. Did you all forget that most were rooting for Marty when he cheated on his partner with Jess in 2002? Get of your high horses you hypocrites.

  12. Guys they have not done anything wrong, as adults accept that sometimes someone else comes along and you connect and it lead the way. Let them be who they are!!! how could you have so much hate when all that is happened is 2 people have a spark and they want to both progress. I know it is hard for the girlfriend but really, get over it somethings don’t last. MOVE ON!!!!!!!

  13. I’m pretty sure I remember Lawson saying it was five years, then he said they were on the rocks before he went in, then in last night’s ep Jason said 3 years. A lot of changing stories..

  14. Jessica you are right, people let these beautiful people be. Don’t judge them find the love within you to let them and other be. Sometimes things are not to be even after 5 years. I wish the negative people a surge of positivity and more love and an openness to the mind. Even though you are negative and say hateful things, you are still people and i think that if you stop for a minute and think but more about the good you will contribute better to our world. mea may you find all these great things for ever!

  15. David a good point but revenge is not the answer (i felt that you might be thinking that but i would not hate on you in any case matey). They are all great people no one is less then the other. The situation is that she may have had a fling at one stage and that is ok as at the time there was something that sparked it with the guy she did it with. Let’s not judge him or her. None are in the wrong these things happen for a reason and sometimes it is just not meant to be no matter how hard you try. Love to you all please find happiness and focus as much as you can on the good of people in situations like this. Forgive people and keep moving and do what you can in your control to be a good person. x

  16. Kez, I sense a bit of sarcasim but i see your point, find the good as much as you can though in people and life in general don’t hate the haters if you do. May you get more happiness and beautiful things in life

  17. Mick i agree, they are cute but so is Candice. Candice love don’t think to much about the last part of the comment above. Mick means he hopes you hurt less and less if you are hurting and want’s you to move like we all have to in life to find another perfect man for you. Mick i wish you love and cuteness with someone special! Candice you are strong, it is within every person find it and let it carry you to greater things in life still waiting for you :)

  18. I agree Jessica – we don’t know anything about their relationship before he went into the house. We know snippets. I’m a firm believer in “if the relationship is solid – then neither party would stray”….but the problem is “we” – the viewers – have been dragged into this sordid mess by Channel 9 and this program. I would love to say “who cares”? But the constant bombardment of the actual cheating (posts, shared posts, social media discussing it) – “we” end up involved. I feel for all 3 actually. Yes he got tempted – he’s a dick. She kept coming on and tempting him – she’s also a dick. Poor GF sitting at home having to watch all this and being unable to actually face him down and say WTF? But maybe, just maybe – she’s sitting at home saying good riddance? We don’t know – we don’t know anything except what this Reality TV Show wants to show us. Add alcohol, get cheating, add sunlight the next day – we get remorse and tears. There are people in there who know exactly which buttons to press to get the reactions they want. Pretty sad really.

  19. It takes two too tango … and if that’s correct about the Candice cheating well once a Cheater always a Cheater like Lawson at the moment as we speak in the house and people need too realize, two rongs don’t make a right ! If she goes it the house it would be a big wake up call for Lawson and cat …

  20. Lawson is scum for putting it out here for the world to see……… he is the one who admitted he was in a relationship then why start anything, and cat is a mole for knowing he is in one and still pursuing it…. Candice may have done wrong but they obviously worked it out and got back together, who cares how fresh and strong it was, the facts are he is with her……. cat is nothing but a tart and well he will just do the same to her with someone else anyway so karma is a bitch….
    Candice I hope her life isn’t being affected to much imagine her family and everything who can see this unfold.
    so so wrong.

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  22. Omg, this whole thing is such a joke. First of all, is that the only picture of Lawson and Candice?? And second, if he listed her breaking up with him as an outside emergency event then it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that this entire “cheating scandal” was planned. Nice try BB but people aren’t stupid. We can fill in the blanks.

  23. SO WHAT DAVID!! Cat is a grown, divorced woman that should know better. She’s taking it as though it’s a 12 year old relationship, it’s not if she hasn’t realised… I can’t express my anger towards Cat and Lawson

  24. Lawson is known to be an actor, and BB for some reason lets him bring in all of his magic props and gives him basically a full episode almost weekly to show off his tricks?
    BB’s hand-picked representative (Tim) gives him the first HoH with no public vote.
    Then this whole lawson cheating storyline dominates the show to where there is practically nothing else shown on the broadcasts.
    If his girlfriend really doesn’t want the public attention , WHY would she go on the show to be further embarassed? I’ll tell you why, she is probably an actor just like Lawson and this whole thing was scripted and planned ahead of time

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