Katie caught out using homophobic language

Lisa and Jake also in the sin bin

Sometimes you don’t really get to know a housemate until they’ve been evicted. And some evictees need some serious lessons in using social media.

Dumped housemate Katie has been caught out throwing around some casual homophobic language in a Vine video posted by fellow ex-housemate Lisa.


Like this article to dislike the ex-housemates’ behaviour.

The pair were driving to a Miley Cyrus concert Friday night accompanied by ex-HM Jake and decided to post some Vine videos of “paparazzi” following them.

The “paparazzi” was actually just one guy on a scooter who didn’t have a camera and wasn’t taking photos, but the HMs decided to be obnoxious anyway. After he drives off Katie faces the phone and says “look at his poofy little scooter” as Lisa and Jake laugh on.

Update: Lisa has deleted her videos, but we recorded them. Neither Katie, Lisa or Jake have issued an apology.

Just moments earlier the three evictees were throwing sarcastic comments at the same man:

Katie also posted photos of the scooter driver on Instagram:


Naturally the response has been scathing on Twitter and our forums:


And on our forums:

I’m not surprised she did that. It matches the other stuff we’ve seen. And Paparazzi? They wish. What bullshit. Who are the ones holding the cameras? Not the guy on the bike that’s for sure. Up themselves much?

So if on first view I could not tell that whether it was a bike or scooter I think using the word poofy to describe it is wrong… Also who uses that word these days? Did we just travel back in time to the early to mid 90s?

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26 Replies to “Katie caught out using homophobic language”

  1. Clearly, none of you is gay! The term “poofy” and any term like it has always been a homophobic slur. If she said “this scooter is gay” it would be just as bad! I bet if I said “Katie, you are wearing a “slutty” dress”, she would be offended!

  2. its like she trying to get publicity for being (intentionally) controversial. Lara Bingle does that and I have seen a few of Laras (would be if they could be) model friends do the same on FB. either way I doubt I will ever be a fan of Katie.

  3. How can it be anything but a derogatory term? Especially when there are thousands of other descriptive words in the English language! It really says something about Katie’s limited vocabulary.

  4. Yeah sorry to burst all your collective bubbles, but using that kind of language is homophobic. It’s the same as me saying that Katie dresses like a slut. There is a loaded history behind certain words.

  5. I worked on the door of a gay club on the goldie for almost 2 years, my profile pic was taken there , most of them openly used the term ‘poof’, on the other hand the word ‘faggot’ is derogatory, where as ‘poof’ is light hearted…im certainly not a homophobe.

  6. Thats a load of shite! Poofy scooter?? its not even close to homophobic. All you people that have a problem with that need a vacation at Hitlers barbecue retreat!

  7. Using the word “poofy” is a non issue and people who make a fuss over this are devaluing their opinions when people make truly offense slurs. Nonetheless they are making fools of themselves, they should be begging to be followed by paparazzi. It takes some ego to act like that.

  8. I’m all for gay rights and I hate homophobia, but let’s be fair and remember that she called an inanimate object “poofy”. It’s not like she called the man riding it one.

    Not to mention, “faggot” is a much worse word. “Poofy” has been appropriated a little and people would usually use it for non-gay stuff.

    Trivially, on the show she did say, “ew this looks like gay porn”, when referring to Travis and Jake’s shirtless dancing.

  9. LMFAOOOOO they ended up being the paparazzi ’cause not only were they the ones photographing the so-called “pap,” the man didn’t even know who they were and how could he possibly photograph them on his “poofy little scooter.”

  10. Not sure if you’re aware of this, but Hitler in general wasn’t to fond of, or kind to gay people. But that was a nice attempt to put people you disagree with into the “Hitler” demographic. Cheap way to try to win an argument.

  11. Oh yeah he hated em, prob because he knew that when they sucked a penis and put it in their bottoms it would render their sense of humour dead. you boring poofters can’t take a joke

  12. Paparazzi!? Haha they wish! I’ve forgotten the fat girls’ name already… and Lisa always looks tired or as if she’s been balling her eyes out for hours, Under-eye-bags much? Jake wow such a MAN… Hanging out with bitches!

  13. Get the fuck over it. Leave them alone. Poofy, gay and faggot are used by a lot of people everyday and it isn’t meant to be derogatory. In primary school people were called gay lords if they wore the “non cool” hats. Those words are just the new slang for lame. People need to not take everything so fucken seriously.

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