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Big Brother airtime shrinks, again.

Friday's Big Brother dumped for Bond movie

Day 38

15 October 2014

Posted by marquisite

The Big Brother weekly schedule continues to shrink with the Friday daily show now out of the schedule. This comes not long after Big Brother: Sunday was dropped as of last weekend.

A James Bond film (Goldeneye) will take over Friday’s BB slot this week. This latest change sees the weekly schedule condensed down into a mere four episodes a week, Monday to Thursday. We’ve got a side-by-side before and after comparison of Nine Adelaide’s over the air guide:

2014 EPG Not On Friday

Like this article to dislike the cancellation of Big Brother on Friday night.

Without any online component this year (aside from catch up episodes), an entire week of Big Brother is now limited to just 5½ hours, less ads.

bbau9-2014-october-dblevictiongone-ticketboothInterestingly, next week’s second live eviction (on Wednesday October 22nd with an extended 2 hour runtime) has been taken down from audience ticketing provider ticketbooth, now accessible only from a direct link which says “online sales are currently paused”. This leaves the question of whether Wednesday nights will still have a live Big Brother show at all. UPDATED: Ticket sales have resumed, be as you were!

With three consecutive days without a new Big Brother episode (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), how will you ride out this Big Brother black hole? Pop on over to our discussion boards and let us know!

  • Chanel 9 are FU-CKED

  • I think channel 9 are killing big brother
    Shame :-(

  • The show is crap this year so the ratings are too low – hence loss of airtime.

  • alvar

    Big Brother will be cancelled. Channel Nine can get the similar ratings from Big Bang repeats, and current programming decisions don’t display confidence in the series.

  • Man that sux balls!!

  • Boo to channel 9 how tcan we watch a reality tv show if we can’t follow it everyday it was bad enough it wasn’t on Saturday then they caneled Sunday now Fri it’s crap big brother is one of my favourite shows

  • It’s time to go……. Big brother according to ch 9.

  • If they put the evictions back to Sunday nights so everyone knows when they are.
    It’s one big muddle at the moment. And nominations, who knows when they happen!

  • It’s clear with their programming this year they are trying to get rid of it …. It never starts on time and the times keep changing

  • I’ve got a feeling big brother won’t return next year

  • Maybe because big brother 2014 is boring as bat shit

  • It’s also because they choose such crap housemates this year

  • If they put it on at 6.30pm it would fit the demographic they are targeting. Its all about lets talk, what makes you sad, lets be happy families. oh Mike Goldman story telling, not narrating :( even BB USA is more entertaining and thats in a studio

  • Rip big brother

  • They need to stop flogging a dead horse at this point and let it die.. This years big brother has become so confused and just boring.. I’ve never felt so bored and not connected to the housemates this year.

  • I’m currently watching big brother 2003 I miss those days. Big brother has changed lots. It used to be fun.

  • Even with Ben back in the house I still find it quite boring Travis is just painful to watch

  • It’s silly, boring, painful and awkward to watch Ben and travis in the same room together and travis is sooo bogan, he’s not good to watch on TV

  • It’s sad because I am a massive fan of the show have been since way back when but this year is just not doing anything for me…

  • Erin

    It’s unsurprising considering the crap bunch of housemates.

  • good! take it off altogether (before you all have a go) i WAS an avid big brother watcher but this years just bored me to tears (everyone is a model wannabe) how about just the ‘normal people’ that used to be on the show

  • bloody much old james Bond can one nation stand :(

  • Id say thos be last season for it

  • It’s obviously not rating very well!

  • I love bb I have watch it since I was little they r just swapping and changing the times and days every week makes it difficult

  • Bring back Channel 10 and Gretel!

  • They screw up the show and then make *us* suffer :(

  • Damn, I enjoyed BB tonight, Channel 9 obviously don’t care about the show nor the audience anymore

  • No wonder people are losing interest and giving up :(

  • What a nightmare!!!! What are they doing to the show ?? And another fake eviction just like last year.

  • woohoo

    Why don’t they stick to a format that *works*?? They screwed the show up. Who cares about “theme” dinners? (not me) Bring back the Friday Night Games of old … and other things that made the old seasons so much fun.

  • I’m really over channel 9 and their bullshit with regard to bbau. First of all they start it 6 weeks later than last year, then they stuff around with the time slot and now even though the block and the footy have finished they still rehash big bang theory repeats and now a movie that was made how freaking long ago. We got spoilt because last years hm’s gave us a good show and the shit they are dishing up this year doesn’t give us any real insight into what’s happening. It’s no wonder viewers are going awol and considering there’s not a whole lot else to watch that’s pretty bad.

  • Channel 9 COME ON! I love BB and dislike Bond movies! I have watched every year of BB Australia and this year the way it is being presented is the worst. I want to see more not less. This sucks! Not happy Jan!

  • I have been an unashamed fan since day 1. I’m now beginning to care less. I actually think, even though they’re all related to BB in some shape or form, that this years housemates are a really good mix. But they put it on too late, they change times, they change channels without telling anyone, they just don’t seem to care, which in turn is affecting my time in the house. And I’m secretly hoping Ch 9 don’t renew it next year, because they’ve ruined it this year.

  • Top work producers… Could you have picked less appealing characters? So many stereotypes!

  • I stopped watching it in the second week when Tim went in..
    I prefer it when they have absolutely no contact with the outside world..
    This year is too Hollywood..

  • Its as entertaining as a nun in a brothel… Everyone ‘knows’ they’re on TV n its about as real as Santa… Good thing with their acting is they’ll get a start on home n away… Oh wait that’s been done also…:-/

  • Dissapointed with BB this year. I’ve always loved it but this year it’s just crap

  • This year has been disappointing in many ways. Now Sam has gone it’s not worth worrying about. Bring on the Cricket!

  • Thank god for BBUk on youtube

  • Channel 10 pls take it back !!!

  • It’s shit now

  • koolaid

    They stopped listening to the actual fans for a while now, this is the product of doing that. Hopefully other shows learn from this drastic mistake and channel 10 gets it back next year.

  • BAD NEWS CH 9… YOU’RE KILLING IT!!! :( DISLIKE! You change times, you change channels, how bout you change YOUR attitude and fix the bloody show before you loose every viewer in Australia! The fans are trying to tell you what they want, but you’re not listening :/
    1. No more supermodels, we want every day Aussies that are older.
    2. Get some decent new intruders in there and shake that place up!
    3. We want minimum 6 days a week with Uplate, Rated M and Friday Night Live shows.
    4. Stop changing the timeslot and channel. If you don’t want it on prime time, finish the season on GO, just don’t chop and change all the time.
    5. Stop editing it to within an inch of it’s life so that we feel we are watching scripted tv not reality tv.
    HONESTLY! Who’s running this show :/

  • I want to love BB! Channel 9 needs to give it a chance. The block ruined BB this year.

  • They are kikling it off wednesday night had 17 minutes of stuff we saw tuesday a joke. People have been asking for friday games, tgst is wgat viewers want but execs dont

  • BB jumped the shark years ago.

  • No surprise, never had any interest for this series!
    The cast is just boring!

  • Oh good I can watch goldeneye. It’s probably less scripted than that “reality” shite.

  • Because it’s BORING!

  • Not happy

  • Cancel the whole bloody show, it’s shit.

  • Its cause this years BB is SHIT!!! Simple as that and it nedds to go!!!!

  • Wtf they can always put it on after

  • Big Brother is overdone. Full of people trying to promote themselves. B O R I N G!

  • Start putting it on at a standard time every night! So annoying being on at different times all through the week

  • The first 2 years were good when Ben won and with Lisa’s bum dance was a big hit and Gretel hosting the show. After this didn’t watch can’t believe it’s still on air. Big brother oh boy put a descent show or movie on T.V instead C9. ITS TIME TO GO Big Brother what a boring reality programme get of the air axe it C9.

  • Anthony

    Where did the good old Daily show disappear to? All we see now is twists, stunts and a lot of repetitive content. I just want to see the housemates living! That’s also what was good about Uplate, seeing the housemates live and unscripted doing their own thing!!

  • People that dislike bb why even comment!!! Channel nine sucks!

  • if SBS took on BB then it could get interesting

  • Hope another chancel will pick it up if it’s canceled and also new peolpe to run and edit the show we need it more like chancel 10 was.

  • is it back on?…never seen anything about it…which is good as I always felt it was done in poor taste and a put off for dreamworld….in my opinion…not Trolling and not looking for any

  • WTF!!!!!!

  • Wtf! Friday nights I can deal with but Sundays too? Laaaame! Not to mention they don’t even do uncut or up late these days Mj

  • Hales ?

    We are missing so much ugh

  • Hales ?

    this. the last episode was trash.

  • Thank god… Just need to cut the other 4 time slots…

  • What the actual fuck. Brittney Smith

  • Are you people for real, bin big brother, losers

  • Yay, as boring as goldeneye is, I would rather watch a James Bond marathon than big brother!

  • OMG I am GUTTED BUGGER OFF Golden eye!!!!!!

  • Fuck big brother, shit fucking show.

  • Good.. big brother is a well whiped dead horse that needs to be axed all together..

  • Will be surprised if it lasts to the end of the season. Critical error made when they decided to run it in such a late timeslot. It was doomed from the start.

  • Boring as john movie, skye on bb is so much more entertaining, glad l’ll be at work.

  • Probs because its shit and everyones over the whole reality tv bullshit. But, I guess some people are into it, I don’t even own a tv. Don’t see the point when I can stream anything online. No marketing being forced down my throat in the form of ads either.

    But seriously. Goldeneye is far more entertaining.

  • I wish they played Goldeneye every night instead of Big Brother

  • Fantastic. Best news of 2014

  • It should be back on Sunday nights

  • Truth

    Big Brother, a experiment in putting a bunch of strangers in a house and multiple cameras watch them.
    That was the idea for BB until now its basically Big Brother, a opportunity for upcoming actors and actresses to practice their acting and get some exposure while messing with the heads of the other people who aren’t actors and get their 15 mins of fame.
    Just like no-one will remember music artists of today with their pop songs in 5-10 years but they do remember the classics of years before. The same applies here, no-one will remember these housemates or want to remember them but everyone will remember Sara Marie, Fitzy, Trevor, even the Logan brothers. *Cough Friday Night Live* Cough.

    It’s not a case of just going back to basics because as it was said before, if you screened BB 2001 today in 2014, it would be cancelled because it wouldn’t work today. True, but if this is what BB has to be like to not get cancelled, its not worth the effort and should be retired.

  • Good no big brother and their nonsense . Can’t abide it. Mind I wouldn’t mind the price at the end. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Obviously not rating

  • I think you need to get a regular time slot its very confusing with all the different times.

  • Robert Mathews

    stuff big bang and the movies.kepp BB on.

  • Y is everyone on here following this page if they clearly hate the show so much lol ironic much …

  • I’ll admit this year isn’t the best but this does suck.

  • Michelle Katt

    They use to have live webcams streaming 24/7 in the house and you could pay a 3 month fee ( it got cheaper as the end got closer) I think it was like $60 or something and you had unlimited access, also uncut. You had to pay by credit card so the younger ones did not have access which would be good for all the holier then thou people whinging. They should do that again and they would make more money

  • Patty M

    yep i have a strong feeling channel 10 will pick it up

  • Yah-Tez

    I dont know about that, but then again I couldn’t really see Channel 7 or SBS picking it up so who else would? I’m sure it would be popular on 10 but I don’t think they would risk it again.

  • It’s back on fridays

  • check your tv guide

  • Moomin

    Worst Cast Ever! Only a few interesting Housemates, the rest are useless and horny. They should’ve applied to THE BACHELOR!

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  • Seumas

    well u folks in oz ought to write to channel 9 petition and show them that they do have an audience. the only thing that saves anything is outcry…not apathy.

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