An intruder, fake eviction and multiple cameos this week

Nine and Big Brother can't shake their addiction to stunts

Channel Nine may have broken their own record for ratings grabs – this week sees the highest number of stunts crammed into a Big Brother week so far. Here’s a day by day run down of what is happening this week. Spoiler alert!


Monday – intruder special

  • The housemates will wake to find new intruder Marina lying on a four poster bed in the backyard as “sleeping beauty”. Big Brother will ask one housemate to give her “true love’s kiss” to wake her up.
  • Marina is a 30 year old intensive care nurse from Adelaide. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine, moved to Kazakhstan aged four months, and then to New Zealand aged 10. She settled in Adelaide 10 years ago with her mother and grandmother who she still lives with.
  • Marina wants to “be the first Intruder to win Big Brother by playing the game and making Australia love me”.
  • Derryn Hinch will make a cameo to introduce the BB World Service Radio task where housemates are to transform into talkback radio jocks. Hinch is an ageing radio shock jock who has been jailed in the past for broadcasting details from court cases. No one really cares about him anymore though.
  • Skye will be announced as the new head of house.


Tuesday – Two evictions. One real, one fake.

  • The first person to be evicted will be ushered to the sanctuary and met by 2013 housemate Ben Zabel. The fake-evicted housemate will live in the sanctuary for the next week and Ben will be sent on a secret mission by Big Brother.
  • The second evictee is being evicted for real, and will join Sonia on stage.


Wednesday – Nominations

  • Skye will be given a new nominations superpower that hasn’t been seen before.
  • Sonia will read out the nominees live via video link, rather than have Big Brother announce them the day before, as usually happens.


Friday – Task results

  • Derryn Hinch will make another cameo to announce the task results.


Got enough stamina to last Channel 9’s stunt week? Don’t forget Big Brother is no longer on Sunday nights and from this week the show is on at a different time every night. Check out our previous article for all the details.

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28 Replies to “An intruder, fake eviction and multiple cameos this week”

  1. The time slot and we are given sleeping beauty? For God sake talk about sending a program to the wall.

  2. *no one really cares about Derrin Hinch* What a narrow minded comment. This man has done a lot for victims of child abuse. An inappropriate insult that I feel would offend many, including myself. Officially done with this site.

  3. I read his bio on Wikipedia. He was jailed for releasing information about a children’s camp where someone was being prosecuted for child abuse. He said he was worried that parents would unknowingly send their kids there.
    We don’t have laws like this in the U.S. We have open trials outside of the secret court related to government spying justified by terrorism, and most people object to that court.

  4. If need it gives a sending talked we going speech in seeping there about mere are to wall there you. I am happy I beauty? For god snake talk about

  5. If need given sending to big brother I want doing came really sleeping there Brisbane.Beauty for visiting here you yes I am happy it okay?

  6. Too many things going on at once, inconsistent scheduling of episodes, mostly boring housemates(with the exception of a few). The producers are killing the Big Brother brand

  7. Majority of you complain on this board, the vibe is, you don’t want it back to begin with. Channel 9 never needed BB as a major winner, it picked up scraps off the floor to fill empty spaces, what do you expect. the more you complain the less chance its coming back, then guess what ? ya’ll can complain some more.

  8. I’ve lost all hope for big brother. The live feed was what kept the show interesting and worth watching. Now that they’ve taken that away, fucked up the time slots and created ‘storylines’, the show has just sunken into a hole of boredom and crap

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