Cricket sends Big Brother to the Channel 9 sideline

But not out, instead moving to GO

It is week 8 and despite being past the half-way point, Big Brother’s schedule has yet to settle down into a consistent pattern. Next week sees Wednesday’s show on November 5 bumped due to a Twenty20 cricket match.

But fear not! Channel 9’s action doesn’t involve the axe this time around. The solution sees Big Brother move over to GO! at its usual time of 8:30 for one night only in all state, except for Western Australia where it will remain on Channel Nine at the usual time.

Cricket takes prime position

The future format of the Wednesday show is a mystery at this stage, with tickets now only available to once-weekly eviction shows each Tuesday via audience ticketing provider ticketbooth. One theory is that Wednesday will revert to a daily show with nominations also returning to “daily show mode”.



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  1. Thats It I’m Going to Record Big Brother and Bump it to when I want to watch (Without the ad’s) There are better shows I can watch live on the other networks

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