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Channel Nine cancels Friday Big Brother… again!

BB becomes a sinking ship

Day 45

22 October 2014

Posted by Tim

Nine continue to throw the Big Brother schedule into disarray after cancelling the Friday daily show for the second week in a row.

After last week’s unexplained cancellation Big Brother reappeared on schedules for this Friday 24 October but Nine have suddenly pulled the plug yet again. The daily show will be replaced by repeats of The Big Bang Theory. (groan!)


Like this article to dislike what Channel Nine are doing to Big Brother.

As we reported earlier, last week’s Friday night replacement movie Goldeneye failed to attract the same ratings an episode of Big Brother would.

At the time there was speculation the Friday show had been canned to provide extra “Big Brother hours” to the Travis re-entry and Lawson/Cat kiss episodes the following week, but those extra hours failed to materialise.

The second Friday cancellation is seen as a nail in the coffin for Big Brother Australia. With Nine cancelling episodes and replacing them with repeats it doesn’t give a strong sense they’re interested in maintaining the show. Television blog TV Tonight agrees.

After The Block finished Nine also failed to give Big Brother a consistent timeslot which has caused havoc for viewers who are trying to keep up with the show.

Channel Nine signed a three year contract to televise Big Brother and this is the final year of that contract.

Given Nine’s lack of respect towards Big Brother and its audience there’s a chance we’re about to enter a period of mass-evictions to end the show as soon as possible. If Travis and Aisha evict themselves for cash on Wednesday’s show, that will be three housemates gone in just one week.

  • max king

    I think they should tell the housemates how the public have given them a miss .. No 15 min of fame for them.

  • Annoyed

    This can’t be the end of BB :(

  • Candice

    usually when evicted from BB you’d expect a housemate to be a little bitter about their experience ending.

    I wonder if this year, when the contestants come out and see how poor the show has been managed, they are grateful to have been saved from the sinking ship

  • PainToad

    I would honestly rather BB just finish, rather than Channel 9 continue raping literally every aspect of the show’s core concepts. This is the first BB season I have not watched.

  • Cassie

    Are you sure about that?? It says BB is on friday at 7.30 – half an hour show.

  • Miki

    Good riddance!

  • Daniel

    If we got some kind of answer from Ch.9 on what is actually going on, I might be a little more relaxed about this, but dropping shows without any reasoning is total disrespect to us the audience.

  • Bob

    Yeah my guide still says bb on at 7.30pm and big bang on at 8pm

  • ScreamFace

    It’ll suck if this is the end of BB on Australian TV.

    However this season has been a mess from a production stand point.

    Too much of the show is gimmicks and the editing has been horrible. They are also using the internet to a lesser extent than the original series. Look at the Cat and Lawson thing blowing up on social media. Yet the whole season they have provided nothing extra for social media or on the internet. Except as an echo chamber for what has been in the shows after the fact.

    Way to fail NINE. Way to fail.

  • Gus Warde

    Maybe this is Nines Plan to Wind this Years Show Up Quickly . Maybe they will next have a Auction and keep raising the money until someone takes it . while the winners prize pool will keep decreasing .. I always thought the nine would kill big brother

  • Ross

    This season is worst than last year

  • Ross

    I agree nine f***ed it up this year,to manny blow up,most of the housemate are starting to get annoying,no live feeds :( I dobt that nine (or one of my friends said) it won’t be renued next year

  • Tara Maree Hughes

    This season is the worst one ever… they are more than half way through and there is no games, all the housemates are boring apart from a few and now they are cancelling episodes.

  • Yah-Tez

    Nup, This is THE END of Big Brother!

  • Marianna

    how about showing it on the other ‘9’ channels i.e. 94 instead of infomercials which are on 3 different channels. I don’t think anyone watches them anyway!

  • fatlaurie

    Give it back to channel 10 next year and put it on for half hour each night with the exception of nominations night, have evictions on Sunday and sack whoever chose the housemates this year most of whom have been boring.
    And why would channel 9 expect high ratings after changing the times around, putting it on late and showing some episodes on 99. Viewers like to have a routine.
    And on eviction night, bring back the 10 questions and show the evictee a video of who nominated them.
    Sonia Kruger has been the best thing about it this year.

  • Amy

    I really enjoy watching the show. However It’s starting to become irritating Channels nines ignorance to their viewers. It’s just plan rude to plan a show in their TV guides/times slots then remove it with out warning. Viewers like myself wait for the show to come on and its doesn’t show So I change the channel out of annoyance. Please sort yourselves out channel nine. It’s a good show don’t destroy it with incompetence.

  • SJ

    Channel 9 need to realise that if a show running on their station isn’t doing well they need to fund a way to keep the show alive and pull ratings instead of punishing the show by pulling its time slots.

  • aviv

    If the housemates are smart they by now should have noticed the constant changes in eviction days and formats and numbers and more intruders – and can guess that their season is a ratings disaster and should be smart enough to take some cash from BB if offered and evict themselves from this nightmare season.

  • boogster

    The housemates are the worst. This coupling. Lawson. Leo. Sky. No games, no psychology. Sitting in my backyard is better than this season

  • Misty

    yes boring because to many lovers and the bull crap of kiss kiss. get outside and have the love crap.
    bring on more fun games for challenge nights. bring on more party nights,and penalties. bring on power plays.

  • Misty

    EVICT EVICT Cat, Travis in one go, then another 2 house mates, maybe 2 new house mates..
    Evict Leo, Sky. so over Sky and a dizzy ways. then 1 at a time for the rest of bigbrother

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