Lawson still in the running to be a finalist

Cat doesn't have so much luck - has Lawson got a way with it?

Lawson’s cheating ways haven’t affected his odds of being a finalist of Big Brother 2014. Betting agencies still have him as a strong contender to land somewhere in the final 3 – 5 housemates.

Cat on the other hand has bombed out completely. She’s only coming out in front of the intruders (who never win) and Sandra (who is favourite to be evicted tonight).


Right now Lawson is coming fifth place but doesn’t stand a chance to be the grand prize winner. That honour will likely be taken out by either Skye or Jason.

As of posting this article, the odds for the winner of Big Brother from Sportsbet are: (lower number means more likely to win)

  • Skye – 3.25
  • Jason – 5.00
  • Ryan – 6.50
  • Travis – 7.00
  • Lawson – 8.00
  • Priya – 11.00
  • Aisha – 13.00
  • David – 14.00
  • Cat – 15.00
  • Leo – 17.00
  • Sandra – 21.00
  • Marina – 24.00

If the season used the traditional ‘vote to evict’ system Lawson would stand no chance and be booted out at the nearest opportunity. But ‘vote to save’ causes some unusual eviction patterns and it will depend on who Lawson is nominated against as to when he is kicked out of the house.

Attitudes on social media towards the scandalous couple are mostly against Lawson although there is a small portion of viewers who think Cat is mostly to blame, and this too may affect voting.

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12 Replies to “Lawson still in the running to be a finalist”

  1. Beats me Ryan has never been my favourite to stay long. What does he actually do in the house??? Not a great deal except talk giving his 2 bobs worth in and that sums up Ryan

  2. Hard to find big brother -on at a different time each night then reduced to four nights. Last night it was on late after two Big Bang repeats. Half the bb show is repeats from the last Ep anyway, little new content-surely even boring old Ryan must be doing something

  3. If Lawson was a female and Cat was a male – I bet it would be the opposite. Female Lawson would be a favourite to leave with Male Cat likely to be there towards the end.

  4. This year’s selection of housemates aren’t so strong. Ryan’s definitely a much better housemate than over half of them. I mean, come one, you want Skye, Travis and Aisha in top 3? What makes THEM better than him?

    At least Ryan is good with his wisecracks and wittiness.

  5. travis or skye will win, sorry ryan is boring and jason shows he wants to win too much which is always bad unless your very special like tim was. yes skye is popular but what does she really bring, travis has been himself and doesnt care what people think.

  6. I’m so over Skye. It was cute for a couple of weeks but she doesn’t deserve to win and she takes up way too much airtime. This whole BB thing is rigged.
    P.S. Cat and Lawson were CLEARLY chosen by BB crew to have this years “cheating scandal” because last years Drully scandal got the ratings. Lawson was over his GF before he went into the house anyway.

  7. Out of 11 he was saved by over 30%. Maybe your stoned, I don’t see why you’d laugh at this suggestion otherwise.

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