Which housemates have connections?

And which current housemate attacked a former housemate on social media?

A handful of this year’s housemates have some eyebrow-raising connections with previous housemates, personalities on other reality TV shows and even Channel Nine employees.

Last week we revealed Jake is real life housemates with Tim Dorner (winner in 2013). Both had also worked as steet team members for Nova radio stations.

But who else? Not surprisingly details are starting to come out of the woodwork…

Gemma is also familiar with Tim Dormer, the two first met during the 2013 auditions where Gemma didn’t make the final cut.


Sam is very close friends with Ryan Buckingham (2012) and Alex ‘Boog’ Roe (2013). Both Sam and Ryan went to school together and Sam’s girlfriend is friends with Boog. A picture of Sam and Boog together is above.

Lisa is friends with Tully Smyth (2013) and also good friends with Channel Nine employee and A Current Affair reporter Caroline Marcus.


Ryan is good friends with Matthew Filippi (2013)

ryannathanRyan is also room mates with Nathan Jolliffe, who has made appearances in reality TV circles. Not only did Nathan win the first season of Amazing Race Australia, he also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, which aired on Channel 9.

The moral of the story? If you want to get onto Big Brother it pays to be friends with an ex-housemate, or even a contestant on another reality TV show.

But there’s a rumoured connection of a slightly more sinister nature. After Layla Subritzky was evicted from the house in 2012 she faced a torrent of abuse via social media from one girl in particular. Layla has been hinting her online bully was Skye:


Layla’s brother was less subtle about who he thinks the “head case” is… (this tweet has since been deleted)


As a Behind Big Brother member recalled:

If it’s the same girl that was starting on Layla then that would be sooo goood! The girl was actually crazy, I think she also commented on their facebook page “Keeping up with the subritzkys” or something. I can’t remember too much but I remember Layla saying something like she was stalking all her family and sending her, her sister and brother weird messages

It’s a weird world of reality TV connections.

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9 Replies to “Which housemates have connections?”

  1. well I find it interesting that Sam has just put a book out and next minute he’s in the BB house

  2. There’s no authenticity to this show anymore. Everyone is shocked when I spread the info around to different people. Shame, really. Used to be a really interesting psychological experiment.

  3. Skye doesn’t bully people…it is not in her nature and I know for a fact she would never waste her time with targeting a celebrity. Skye liked Kayla. Skye’s previous facebook was hacked into and she was never able to retrieve it. Also, she found someone was posing as her on one of the social media sites at some time over the past years. This comment about Skye is defamatory. You should remove it.

  4. When the audition process has separate applications to ‘nominate a mate’ (specifically this year), why are people so surprised about the results? It makes sense, as a producer of a Tv show, to cast friends of friends of past Big Brother contestants. Past contestants already have a base group of Twitter fans (from their own seasons) who will post, support and regurgitate similar tweets. If I was trying to sell the idea of success to a network I would definitely be using the ‘social media’ argument and state how many times #BBAU was trending world wide. It makes sense to use new social media strategies in a changing and evolving Tv market. The only thing I don’t agree on is the transparency of how contestants are chosen for the show. Surely in the past the process of picking contestants has always been able talent and who you know, but we had no way of finding out about it. But nowadays with modern technology, we the audience, can connect our own dots. Surely this article should be about how modern technology has revealed that contestants auditions are somewhat of a facade, but I guess they just haven’t let themselves realise it yet.

  5. I know Skye through association with her family and there is absolutely no truth to these allegations.Not only does she not have the personality that would get a kick out of stalking someone on social media but I just don’t think she could be bothered. Skye may not be everybody’s cup of tea but she is not performing or putting on an act in the BB house. What you see (heavily edited) is the real deal – kind, generous, loving, loyal, loud, funny, sometimes ditzy and sometimes displaying a clarity, maturity and spirituality beyond her years. How about we give her a fair go without this sort of unsubstantiated trash talk.

  6. they do this in bb in the us with usually 1 person you know im not to fused about 1 person but when the whole house is friends with someone famous it destroys the whole purpose of this show. Why cant they have 14 -16 people that are complete randoms with no fan base just family

  7. Skye is beautiful inside and out!!! My partner is not the biggest fan and it’s the first thing we disagree on, I love Skye!!! She is amazing!!! I would love to meet her one day!! She’s the type of girl I would just click with :-)

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