Tonight’s nominated pairs leaked

Spoiler alert - nominations leaked online!

Tonight’s nominated pairs have been leaked online by a user who says she has “connections to Channel 9”. Spoiler alert! Do not look at this image if you don’t want to know!

The image, which has come from Snapchat shows that Jake and Gemma, David and Sandra, Travis and Cat and Skye and Lisa are all nominated.


Housemates nominated yesterday and the footage is supposed to be premiered on Channel 9 tonight.

We’ve had independent confirmation that the image is authentic.

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11 Replies to “Tonight’s nominated pairs leaked”

  1. Ryan and Trav annoy me because they think they are top shit. Hope Trav and Cat go to prove them they aren’t invisible. Can’t stand the ‘cool kids’

  2. People will leave those who put tension in the house (David).

    Gemma doesn’t add anything, so it will be her.

  3. If Trav goes I will be so happy, it’s so obvious how highly he thinks of himself. It’s just like high school and he’s the cool kid in school. Seeing him evicted first would def wipe that dumb grin off his face.

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