Bookies pick Gemma or Jake to be evicted first

Plus a surprise winner is picked in early odds

Bookies have picked either Gemma or Jake to be the first housemate to be booted from the Bee-Bee House. Revised odds released today by Sportsbet show they are favourite to receive the least number of save votes, but it’s a close race with David and Sandra.


At the time of publishing this article, the odds for eviction 1 were… (a lower number means more likely to happen)

  • Gemma or Jake – 2.10
  • David or Sandra – 2.50
  • Cat or Travis – 5.00
  • Skye or Lisa – 9.00

Based on the fact housemates will have the final say on who is evicted, our pick is Gemma to go. But David is still a strong contender.

Right now no other betting agencies have released figures and are waiting for confirmation on how the evictions will work. Previous odds assumed housemates would be evicted in pairs but after Big Brother scrapped that idea the odds had to be changed.

In the overall winner odds there’s a somewhat surprising pick for the 2014 house champion. In early odds Sportsbet say Skye is currently most likely to win the season, although Jason’s odds are close as well:

  • Skye – 4.50
  • Jason – 4.75
  • Ryan – 7.00
  • Dion – 8.00
  • Travis – 8.00
  • Cat – 10.00
  • Sandra – 11.00
  • Sam – 12.00
  • Aisha – 13.00
  • Katie – 15.00
  • Lawson – 15.00
  • Lisa – 17.00
  • Jake – 21.00
  • David – 26.00
  • Gemma – 41.00
  • Priya – 51.00

The winner odds are interesting because it’s rare for a female to win Big Brother Australia. Typically the young male housemates are picked as the favourites of the season (which would explain why Ryan and Dion are coming 3rd and 4th). Most female housemates are in the bottom half of the winner list and bookies have decided the Big Brother audience does not like Priya at all.

It’s still early days though and these figures could change drastically throughout the season due to how ‘vote to save’ works.

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8 Replies to “Bookies pick Gemma or Jake to be evicted first”

  1. *Priya is WAY too low. She has fans and is well-liked by people.

    *Ryan is too high. He’s not shown much and is a typical blokey-bloke who’d get the boot earlier in the game. He’s another Caleb/Matthew, who also didn’t go far in the game.

    *Cat is also too high. She’s another Sharon/Jasmine – Older and mature housemates don’t go that far. Don’t people realize that?

    *Travis is another Dino and Michael’06. Australia doesn’t like those. He’ll never be in the top 10, let alone 5.

    *Lawson is well-liked and he will definitely go further than Sam and even Aisha.

    *Katie and Lisa would definitely be in the top 10, especially over Sam & Cat.

    *Skye won’t win. She’s another Bridgette’08. She might go as far as top 5 or be “Tahan-ed” at third stop. Jason should be first, maybe with Sandra following him.

    Anyway, these bets are plain ridiculous.

  2. They always make a mistake early on at not understanding vote to save. People get apathetic and not vote if someone is popular.

  3. Bb Aus house mate has a good way to tackle racism. Last year they accused Rohan was a spy so all of them voted him out. This year they are after Priya. And as I see the episode Priya doesn’t get enough TV time like others

  4. The pair that receives the lowest amount of save votes from the public, that will be the pair the HMs will vote upon who gets the boot.

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